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The Smith Family: Brian, Sarah, Emily & Connor

September 28

I am so excited that fall is here! SO. EXCITED!!! Photographing families in the fall is one of my most favorite things ever. I love the the light, the clothes, the crisp air and all the happy colors. I photographed the Smith family on a chilly Saturday morning. While it wasn’t technically fall yet, everything about this session put me in the mood for the best season of the year.

Brian, Sarah, Emily, sweet little Connor and I went to downtown Zionsville to take these photos. I love the brick streets and the charm and it is even better when you throw a cute family into the mix! We wandered over to Lions Park where I learned of Emily’s affinity for swings. Hello! This girls LOVES swings and when we put her in one at the park, it felt like I had found the golden ticket. Little Connor is super precious and was such a trooper. He’s only weeks old but did an awesome job for us.

Smith family – You guys were my favorite part about that Saturday morning! I feel blessed to now call you friends and I really can’t wait to watch the kiddos grow up. Thank you for inviting me into your lives for a short bit. You all left me smiling!



Emily & Crecencio

September 26

These two are the kind of people I’d be overjoyed to spend any and all downtime with – they’re up for anything, kind, funny and grateful people. Emily, Crecencio and I went to Fort Benjamin for these photos and had so much fun exploring the park. It is seriously beautiful out there and I imagine it will only get better as we move on into October.

Emily & Crecencio – I love you both and your easy going vibes. Thanks for bringing my new pal, Doodles, along with you to our shoot. I always love when I get to meet the kids! Give him hugs for me, please?! Looking forward to witnessing your future light up…because it has and will continue to do so.



There really is so much more to come. This is only the beginning. Happy week to you! I appreciate you so much.

Making Your Mark

September 22

It’s never too late to be who you might have been. -George Eliot

Begin anywhere. Try something new. Mess up. Fall down. Pick yourself back up. Forgive yourself. Refocus. Rinse and repeat.

Every day you have the opportunity to do what you might have done or say what you might have said. It is never too late. Ever. Each day the possibilities are endless. The second you forget this is the second you are doing yourself a gigantic disservice. The only limitations to your potential are the ugly, scary ones you’ve made up in your head.

That’s just it. You’ve created them.

HOWEVER, the minute you realize you are worth tapping into all of that opportunity is the second in which you make your mark.

So, begin anywhere. Try something new. Mess up. Fall down. Pick yourself back up. Forgive yourself. Refocus. Rinse and repeat. Make your mark proudly.

Love More, Worry Less

September 20

We all have those¬†days. The kind of day where we’d rather wrap ourselves tightly in a down comforter cocoon than bother with stepping out of bed. ¬†Yesterday was one of those days for me. I’d like to preliminarily blame it on the rain that lasted THE ENTIRE DAY, but I know when it comes down to it, my heart simply wasn’t lining up with my head.

Everything felt like trudging through mud. Breathing was heavy and laborious. What on most days I’d consider very menial tasks seemed almost insurmountable yesterday. I was a worry bug – worrying so much about many things I don’t even have control over.

I know full well these days come and they go. They serve a purpose and though it’s hard to remember in the thick of a rough day, all of that heavy work I’m going through is work that realigns my heart and makes me a better person, friend, artist, sister, Aunt and daughter. That work brings me back to Caitlin.

Yesterday I started my marathon training. I put my running clothes on early in the day and waited for the rain to pass to get my run in. I waited, waited and waited some more. Finally, the sun crept out and I had my chance.

At that point I was ready to call it a night but instead I chose to dig deep. The tougher days are really opportunities in disguise and a chance to surprise even yourself.

Dig. Deep. Dig deep today.

Love harder than you ever have. Make that call. Open up. ¬†Say those words you’ve been meaning to say.¬†

When you do, I promise your heart will bounce back…


Miss Rumphius: The Sweetest Gift I’ve Ever Been Given

September 15

I met Caitlin (yes, same spelling and all!) my Freshman year of college at IU. We met in Mrs. Raymer’s photo class and little did I know this girl would become one of my closest friends I would make in college. Over the course of my years in college, I took a handful of photo classes with Caitlin. Alphabetically, Caitlin fell before me in the roster for every class we took together and we started going by Numba 1 and Numba 2 – myself, Numba 2 as I was the second Caitlin on the roster. What started as a joke just sort of stuck.

I love so much when friendships can endure time and distance. Though I graduated from college 2 years ago now and we have gone our separate ways, Caitlin and I remain close and she will always hold a special little corner in my heart. When I see her, we simply pick up where we left off. She recently married and my heart beams for her and her future.

Lucky me to find this happy package on my doorstep with the most thoughtful and sweetest birthday gift I’ve ever been given inside. Caitlin explains to me that Miss Rumphius was her favorite book as a child and I remind her of Miss Rumphius. I sit in my bedroom and flip through the pages and my eyes fill with happy tears.

My favorite passage from the book and a rule of thumb I try to live by every day:

Miss Rumphius: But there is still one more thing I have to do, I have to do something to make the world more beautiful…

Caitlin (#1) – Oh my stars! You’ve made my heart soar. I love you to pieces. Thank you so much for being so darn thoughtful. Amen and the end. So so so grateful for you, my friend.

Here’s to making this world a brighter place today and every day. So much love,


Happy Birthday, Pappy!

September 14


You know that story? The one where you proposed to Mama? I love to hear you and Mom relive that. I could listen to it every day. You swept her off of her feet in a parking lot, twirled her and her long, dark hair around in circles and said, “Marry Me!”.

You are always quick to sell yourself short with this story. You never give yourself enough credit. You say it wasn’t romantic and maybe even a dud of a proposal. ¬†Mama on the other hand, she recounts it each time with a grin as big as Texas. It was perfect for her.

What I love so much about this story is how it demonstrates so perfectly what I love so much about you: You are a man of simple means. It doesn’t take much to make you truly happy – a quality I do my best to live out each and every day. With you there is no frill. You love simply, fully and straight forwardly.

Words can’t begin to tap into the depths of my adoration of you, but please know that just as it was perfect for Mama – you are perfect for me. For us. For our family. You fill our lives and all who are blessed to know you with so much light and I am so thankful for you.

I can’t wait to celebrate wonderful you today. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

So much love,


26.2 : How Monical’s Changed My Life (Kind Of)

September 9

You’re right – it’s just a pizza joint. How did it change your life?

It was like any other typical outing among the Sullivan family. Around a year ago now, I was out to dinner with my sister and my parents at Monical’s pizza. ¬†We were sitting in a big, round booth and somehow Disney World came into our topic of discussion. I say somehow as though I’m not sure how this happened when really I know full well and it’s because – my family loves¬†Disney World. We made many trips there growing up and for me some of my happiest memories as a little girl are my dad holding me as we watched the fireworks at Magic Kingdom or the rock candy we’d always buy that came in a plastic, chunky case the shape of Goofy’s head. We of course reminisced about past trips and running quickly surfaced in our conversation. Before you knew it we were looking up details about the Disney Marathon on our phones. We found it took place in January. That would give us 4 months to train.

This whole conversation was so completely fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants…I can’t begin to say. Still on a high from the thought of it all, B and I went back to her place after dinner and were sitting outside on her front porch with the Indy skyline before us.¬†We’ve got to sign up now. If we wait until tomorrow, there’s no way we’re following through.

Signing up for the Disney marathon was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Training taught me more about myself than I ever thought imaginable. I learned my strength more than anything and I learned what can really happen when I apply myself to a goal no matter how extreme it may be. ¬† Training 3-5 times a week and working on myself and my heart gave me the confidence to dream bigger. Even today I will hear a song that takes me back to my training last fall and I’m right there in my run with my heart pumping and my breath filling the cold air- powerful, determined and focused.

I can’t help but draw a parallel to all other opportunities in life when I think of this story. What started as a whimsical idea – one that is so easy to let roll off of your back because the sound of it is so heavy – quickly became a happy reality when a heaping dose of will and determination mixed with a dash of crazy and a sprinkle of spontaneity.

What if?

What if you acted on one of those whimsical thoughts? One of those opportunities that is literally at your feet every day waiting to be tapped into? Where would that put you tomorrow?

Perhaps this very instant is your time. -Louise Bogan

As a toast to our training for our second marathon (which starts very soon!), B and I went back to that booth in Monical’s – the one where we playfully joked about running a marathon. The one where we let our hearts take the lead…

My wish for you today and always is that you let your heart lead and ACT.¬†There are so many beautiful opportunities that await us every day and it’s up to us to make them a reality.

I am so stoked to share with you some exciting details about running my second marathon. Please stay tuned to hear more! In the meantime, have a happy weekend with lots of rest. Maybe eat some pizza, too.

So much love,


Heather & Paul

September 8

Rockville, IN

Sometimes all I need is to get out of the city and see fresh scenery. I so love shooting in new places and when Heather suggested we check out Mansfield Рa ghost like town in Rockville with rustic charm РI was so excited! When I pulled up to this small town the day of the shoot, I could already feel my creative battery filling right back up. Then, sweet Heather hopped out of a truck in a cute dress and  and cowboy boots and I knew this would be an amazing engagement shoot.

Heather & Paul – Thank you! For being you and for trusting me with my ideas. I can appreciate¬†when a couple is down for anything and whose main priority is to enjoy each other. I’m happy to have finally met you and so excited for your wedding next September…

So many hugs,

xo Caitlin


2011 Fall Mini Sessions

September 7

My favorite time of the year is upon us! I say without reservation that I’ve never been more excited for fall to officially arrive. Please join me as we capture some happy memories with your family or your sweet baby-to-come. Use this opportunity to get those Christmas card photos done and, even better, taken at the prettiest time of the year.

Here’s the scoop…

Spaces are limited and they are first come first serve. Reserve your spot by emailing me at with your first and second preference of times listed below. As spots are reserved, I will update this post.

What are the details? What is included in my mini session?

$225 ($100 deposit due at booking)
25 minute session, Indianapolis location TBD
editing of images
complimentary styling consult
25-40 high resolution images on disc with printing rights to your images


Happy leaf stompin’, my friends! Much love today!


Annabelle is 2!

September 6

Sweet Annabelle is 2 big years old!

The big day was on Saturday but I was lucky to join her and her sweet Mama at Belle’s birthday party a couple weekends ago. Really though, is there anything better than a birthday party for a two year old? I love that age so much and Belle melts my heart every time I see her.

A message to AB:

I love you, sweet girl. I love you because you always put a smile on my face and you are constantly reminding me of what matters most in life. I hope you grow up to do whatever it is that makes your little heart happy. I hope you decide early on that you are worth everything you could ever dream for yourself. I hope you eat lots of cupcakes. I hope you hug your Mama often and tell her you love her even more. She is such a great Mama, AB. You are so blessed to have her…

I have got your back, girl. Forever and always.