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A letter to Baby Noah on Halloween

October 31

Sweet little Noah,

I typically don’t sit down to blog so late. I’ve just walked in the door from seeing you at your Grammy and Grampy’s house and am feeling compelled to write you. I don’t want to forget tonight, ever.

Today was Halloween. The weather was gorgeous and the sun shined all day. Somebody knew it was your first Halloween and wanted to make it extra special for you! I wasn’t having the best day to start. There were many things throughout the day that left me feeling stressed. I prayed about it and asked God for some clarity. It’s often easy to lose sight of what matters most when it seems like life is coming at you full speed from every direction.

One thing remained the same all day long and that was my excitement to see YOU!

Your parents kept your costume a surprise. When your Mama and Daddy pulled up on Pennsylvania Street with you in that gray van, Grammy and I squealed with excitement from the house.  We called your Grampy and Uncle Colin down to see you. The four of us were completely giddy as they carried you up the long driveway.

Everyone affectionately calls you Bugs. I asked your mama about it tonight Рshe says it started as Lovebug, which then became Buggy and now Bugs. You celebrated your first Halloween dressed as the cutest green buggy with yellow polka dots. Your parents crafted pinchers made out of styrofoam and gave you two bug humps on your back. You had the most adorable antlers and even wore tights, baby Noah! Super sexy.  : )

Noah – I am so so so so so so so so so thankful for you. You know that?! Please, please know that. Please never forget it either. There were no fireworks and no parade tonight. It was a day much like any other. But that’s just it, Bugs! You make the ordinary days special and memorable. You have this ability to completely morph my perspective on life and oftentimes when I need it the most. You are pure sunshine in my life and my most favorite little man in town. I hope some day to bring just as much happiness to your life as you do mine! Thanks for being you, Bugs, and truly brightening this world.

Off to bed now for sweet dreams. Hope to see you in them….


Auntie Caity

PUBLISHED: Southern Weddings V4 Magazine

October 27

I am so proud and so honored to have my work featured in the new Southern Weddings V4 magazine. A huge, sparkly Congratulations to all the pretty ladies over at Southern Weddings for bringing this piece of art to life. It is gorgeous and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it! So much love for you ladies.

Life is too short to play small. Get out there and do what makes you happiest! I will be out of the office until Monday, 10/31 and will respond to emails at that time.

Happy weekend, pretty people!

So much love and excitement,


Britni & Phil

October 26

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this sweet couple on my blog today.

When I first met Britni and Phil on a rainy day months ago, we hit it off instantly. Within minutes of meeting it felt like we were old friends. Please let me sidetrack for a moment and talk about just how much this means to me. I don’t market towards potential clients. I market towards potential friendships. When we work together, I sincerely care about you. You’ll tell by my squeaks – a sign of affection from me. I feel so blessed to call my clients my friends – over the years and throughout my rebranding process, this has always been a priority for me.

Britni and Phil married at Conner Prairie beneath a red barn and the golden hour light. Their vows seriously made me weak in the knees. We moved on over to Rick’s Boat Yard for their reception. It was pretty chilly out but put no damper on the night. None at all, whatsoever.

B&P – What really is there to say other than I love you guys?! That always seems to sum my feelings up appropriately. You’ve made me more thankful to do what I do than ever before. Thanks for being you and for having ice cream at your reception. Megan and I really enjoyed that! ¬†: )

Lots of love and thankfulness,


Many thanks to the lovely Megan Wynn for second shooting!

The Carrico’s: Josh, Jaymie, Trent & Ryan

October 24

I am loving photographing families more and more these days. It fills my heart up so much.

Every family has their own story to tell. Showing up to photograph a family, I never quite know what I’m in for and I actually love the surprise and challenge of it all. I typically know how many kids there will be and sometimes their names and ages, but aside from that I know nothing else. What I love most is when I’ve got one (and even better, when there is more than one) kiddo that is 5 years or younger in the mix. Those first five years are so impressionable to a child and I love to see personalities forming. I often ask the parents before starting what it is that gets their kids giggling. I so wish I could show you all some absurdities that have ensued to create and capture a funny moment. I promise I’d win major cool points in your book.

I photographed the Carrico’s a few Sundays back on the most perfect day. We wandered around Holcomb gardens, finding nooks with pretty light and doing what we could to keep sweet little Ryan entertained. As a side note, I think I will start bringing goldfish with me on my family shoots. Those things have saved the day on more than one occasion.

J, J, T & R – Thank you for keeping my heart young. I’m so happy to know you and even more excited to keep in touch. You have brightened my world.

Big hugs,



Please Support Me! DONATE to B.R.A.V.E.

October 23


I recently spearheaded B.R.A.V.E. – Biking and Running for the Advancement of Vision and Eduction – an effort through which I am raising money in the name of my second Walt Disney marathon I will run in January – all proceeds will be given directly to the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI) to fund the technology and assistive device needs of its students.

 Please read more about B.R.A.V.E. and DONATE here:

I am entering week 5 of my training and I’m getting stronger and stronger. It feels amazing to train and have this greater cause to run for each time I hit the pavement. Please, please open your hearts and help us make a difference in the lives of ISBVI students.

So much love and appreciation,


Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

October 20

It had been on my heart for a few weeks. Over the past month it had been setting up shop, ready to stay for the long haul. It was comfortably cozy, warm and ever so lovely. The‘it’ ¬†I speak of is a dream of mine. One of those dreams that you’re scared to vocalize because of the capacity, the power and the sheer potential behind that dream. It was complacent and immobile. It was happy where it remained unseen.

Today, that all changed when I bulldozed through my fear of vocalizing that dream – I sprinted through the high blood pressure that came with the thought of sharing it with others – and I put my dream into words and shared that dream aloud.

I’m so thrilled that I did.

We weren’t put here to blend in. No sir. You are doing yourself a disservice when you ignore what it is you want most. Does your dream feel scary and foreign? Great. That’s how you know it’s right for you. ¬†What significant growth ever came from doing the same thing every day? Step outside of your comfort zone and watch yourself soar. When you give yourself permission to dream aloud, you are limitless.



The Macabees: Emma, Nate, Johnathan & Claire

October 19

I’ve got a special place in my heart for this family.

The Macabees were one of the first families I ever photographed under my business. I started out photographing families and when Lynn contacted me to take photos of her four kids a little over 3 years ago, I was so nervous and excited. I photographed the Macabees back in 2008 at the IMA. (Can I get a quick AMEN to growth? God is so good!)

The Macabee children are about the nicest I’ve ever come by. They showed up all smiles and ready to go. Lynn pulled out my first ever business card and I almost died. I had completely forgotten about that flimsy, green square – my name in cursive at the top and a flower I so artistically drew (sarcasm) myself in the middle. Wow! It was so humbling. I’ve come so far in 3 years.

This family makes me happy for many more reasons than one but mostly because I’m reminded of my family when I am with them. I am one of four – 2 boys and 2 girls just like the Macabees. The kids are kind, happy and perhaps best of all is that they really love each other. That’s pretty wonderful to see.

L, E, N, J & C – Aside from being so easy to photograph, thank you for reminding me what matters most. I am a better person because of you guys.

Lots of love,


Aaron & Mallory

October 18

I really love this sweet couple. A whole lot.

Remember¬†their engagement photos? I went out to Danville, IN to the home of Mallory’s parents. Wanda, Mallory’s mother, has an adorable home with beautiful surrounding land. I remember rounding a corner at one point and upon seeing an old vintage, Volkswagen Beetle that was run down and abandoned ..I squealed. That’s what I do when I’m excited. Did I mention the bug was yellow, one of my all time favorite colors? I knew then that I’d have fun with these two and I knew after taking photos of them together that they’ve got a bright and fun filled future.

Aaron & Mallory married in downtown Zionsville. Their ceremony took place just outside of the Brick Street Inn on Main Street. I’ve said this before but I so love this little town. With it’s cobblestone streets, fun shops and bright colors, Zionsville is artsy and charming. It was so dark out during their ceremony as grey clouds were suggesting torrential downpour. Luckily, Aaron & Mallory sealed their marriage with a kiss and we made it inside before the skies opened. Their ceremony was warm and cozy and you better believe I stuffed my face with a red velvet cupcake to help celebrate.

A&M – I feel blessed to know you. It’s amazing the way God brings people into your lives as blessings. I wouldn’t know you two if it weren’t for Marcus and Beth and because of that I am grateful. I look forward to keeping in touch with you both though you live in NY. Kudos to you for making things happen out there. Life is too short! I can’t wait to visit sometime.



The groom’s brother is in the Army Reserve and stationed at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. We were able to FaceTime him in after the ceremony to say hello and congrats!


October 13

Happy Thursday, friends! I am so excited to announce this effort to you all today. It has been a long time coming and I am ecstatic at the thought of making a real difference together

I’ve been a runner since high school. I’m not fast but I love how running makes me feel. Running empowers me¬†and makes me feel strong. This past January, I ran my first ever marathon.¬†I ran a Disney marathon with my big sister and it was one of the best experiences of my life. B and I ran the entirety of the race together and crossed the finish line hand in hand. Training for that day taught me more than I could have ever imagined or anticipated. ¬†I knew going into training that it would be challenging to say the least, but what I didn’t expect was the growth that would take place in my heart.

I promised myself that if ever I ran another marathon, I would raise money for a cause. When I signed up to run my second Disney marathon just months ago, the reality of choosing a cause to fight for became much more real. Everywhere you look there is a noble cause. In the weeks leading up to training, I became a little heavy hearted about finding the right cause for me. It was nothing I lost sleep over, but I just wanted it to feel right.

I was out for a run one day and saw a couple groups of kids from a distance walking ahead of me, paired off in groups of 2-4. They were linked at the arms. As I passed the group in the back, one boy reached out for me. It startled me in all honesty. He had thick glasses and walked with his knees bowed in. He smiled at me. I then noticed walking canes and within seconds I realized these children are blind or, at the least, visually impaired. I run past the remaining groups of children, each of them smiling with one another and helping each other along. The sun was shining brightly as I continued to run.

I believe in signs. I think God sends them when you’re ready to see them.

The thing is: My passion simply would not exist¬†without my vision. I couldn’t be a photographer without my vision and the thought of losing my eyesight is heartbreaking. Each day I get up and go about my business, completely taking for granted that I can actually see this world with clarity. I can see a baby crawling or a bride tearing up. I can see my brother dance with his little boy and see how it always makes him smile. I can see the keyboard beneath my nose and a teeny tiny hot air balloon in the sky from a distance. I might even be able to make out what color it is. It is so easy to take these visions for granted when in reality, I am beyond blessed to be able to experience these details every day.

I’m grateful for that run because it was the catalyst for bringing B.R.A.V.E. to life.

Biking and Running for the Advancement of Vision and Education

Biking? Who is biking? ¬†B.R.A.V.E. is actually a team effort! I’ll be doing the running and Kyle will be riding a century (100 miles) in May. Together we have been working with a wonderful woman by the name of Theresa Brun with the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired¬†(ISBVI). The ISBVI is one of Indiana’s hidden gems. I’ve grown up in Indianapolis and had never set foot on the school’s campus prior to a little over a month ago. The school is beautiful and the difference it makes in its students’ lives is truly inspiring. Not only has Theresa been such a joy to get to know, but also I’ve been inspired by her deep compassion for the ISBVI’s mission. When Kyle and I first met with Theresa, she explained to us that students either come to the ISBVI for a “week or a lifetime” – with the majority of those students staying for a lifetime. The students, at every age, love it there and feel at home.

After meeting with Theresa a handful of times, seeing the school, and learning more about its mission and its students, we have decided to raise funds for the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation and more specifically the technological needs of its students. ¬†I had absolutely no concept ¬†of the complex and expensive technological needs for a blind or visually impaired student. For example, a Braillenote Apex – the equivalent to an iPad ($500) to a person with vision, which allows a blind or visually impaired student to store texts, record notes, surf the web, send e-mail, and create documents is $6500 and the school needs 30 of them! Or there is also the Victor Reader Stream – a device that holds audio versions of textbooks. Braille and large print textbooks are, as you can imagine, quite thick after being translated into Braille and thus frustrating for any person, visually impaired or not, to transport. The VRS is a portable solution to the problem. Each one costs $350. Simply put, it is very expensive for a blind or visually impaired student to have the same tools you and I had in school or maybe your children have today, right now, at their exposure. These numbers are daunting but I know in my heart that B.R.A.V.E. can make a real difference.

Our goal with B.R.A.V.E. is to raise $6500! 

How can you support our cause? CLICK HERE to visit B.R.A.V.E.’s donation link and contribute!!!

You can make a donation by clicking Sponsor Our Team (located under the progress thermometer) or by clicking Sponsor Me within our personal pages. Every dollar, every dime, every penny helps. No donation is too small and every donation is so appreciated. I will be posting here on my blog about our progress and tweeting about it as well. Make sure to keep up with Kyle’s tweets, too! Please help spread the word by sharing our donation link at will.

I am so excited about shedding light on this foundation’s cause and spearheading a positive movement towards making a real difference in these awesome kids’ lives. I am ecstatic (gigantic understatement) about seeing the difference we will make together.

So much love and excitement!!!

Caitlin : )

Savannah & Lola Jean

October 12

These are sweet. They make my heart happy.

Savannah, Lola Jean, our friend Rares and I went to Holiday Park to take these photos. It was my first time meeting Lola Jean and this girl is a firecracker – she is on a mission, has her own agenda, and all the while is super adorable with her blonde hair and blue eyes. I got my cardio in with this shoot. Some kiddos make you work harder for your shots but in the end I am so much more proud of the images I was able to capture.

S & LJ – You are each lovely on your own but paired together you’re the prettiest bunch. I’m so happy for you guys and that you have each other. Thanks for spending an afternoon with me and reminding me why I love love and why I love what I do.

Lots of hugs,