Emily & Dax

November 3

I am so thankful to have photographed this wedding and even more excited to share this story with you. I am so proud of these images.

I believe – no, I know God put Emily & Dax in my life right when I needed them. I met Emily just months ago through my wonderful friend and photographer Molly Connor. Molly is a friend of Emily’s and she thoughtfully sent Emily my way when she was searching for a wedding photographer. When Emily and I first met over fro-yo, it was right in the thick of my rebrand and I was in the beginning stages of styling a shoot with the lovely and talented April Foster. I wanted to put together a colorful and energetic shoot to fire everyone up about my new brand and site. I met with Emily initially to discuss only photographing her wedding. We sat outside and chatted like old friends. Emily is a teacher at St. Thomas where I went to grade school and, coincidentally, where my mother works as a science lab teacher. Before we even met, I felt in a small way like I had known her for some time.

I met Emily and simultaneously found the model I had envisioned for this shoot. God might as well have wrapped sweet Emily in a sparkly red bow and sent her my way that day because what happened after has and continues to be a gift and a blessing in my life. I briefly told Emily about my ideas for my styled shoot and without hesitation she hopped on board! Emily and Dax agreed to be my models and then WE MADE THIS MAGIC HAPPEN. I’m still ecstatic with the turnout and still so very thankful for every talent that contributed and, of course, for Emily and Dax for bringing my photos to life.  I was so thrilled when they hired me to photograph their wedding.

Emily & Dax’s wedding was a dream. They had the most charming and heartfelt backyard wedding at Dax’s house. I love backyard weddings but this one was taken to an entirely new level when I heard of the house’s history and sentimental value. Emily used to live across the street from Dax. When they met and fell in love, they had their first kiss on the back deck of Dax’s (and now Emily’s, too) home. Dax even proposed on the front porch. Knowing all of this before the wedding, I was already so invested in the location. The weather was perfect as the leaves were changing to fiery reds and oranges and the light glowed. When I hugged Emily and Dax goodbye at the end of the night, I found myself more thankful than ever to call this my job.

E&D- I very much mean it when I saw you two are blessings in my life. You’ve added nothing but sunshine and happiness to my days and for that I am grateful. Thank you for choosing me to capture your day. It was an honor and I’m so, so happy to call you friends!

Lots of love and happiness,


Special thanks to Micah Bell for assisting! I appreciate you!

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  1. Emilia Jane says:

    Caitlin. These are PHENOMENAL! Seriously I think I’ve scrolled up and down three times at least now. Positively stunning images all around.

  2. Betsy King says:

    Beautiful!!! Perfect!

  3. G says:

    What a beautiful wedding!!! Full of love and fun!!!! Love the final shot.. Beautiful.

  4. Liz says:

    This backyard wedding will make everyone want a backyard wedding!! Beautiful wedding + fantastic photos!

  5. Emily says:

    I absolutely love how you captured this day for us, Caitlin. And I’m so thankful to be able to relive so many moments through your pictures. Thank you!

  6. Amy Paulson says:

    So…I’m in love with this post. Their joy and especially the way you captured it. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. April says:

    Amazing wedding! Amazing photos!

  8. Ben says:

    These photos are some of your best. Great job C!

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