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Melissa + Demetri

June 28

Happy Thursday! I’m so happy and excited to share Melissa and Demetri’s gorgeous wedding with you guys today.

I met these two, well really just Demetri at the time, when I photographed their friends Chris and Katie’s wedding back in December of 2010 down at Purdue. Demetri was one of Chris’ groomsmen. When Melissa contacted me shortly after they were engaged, I was so happy at the thought of working with them. Melissa has an incredibly fun personality and it showed through right from the start when we first began emailing one another. What I didn’t know was how witty and hilarious she was, too. When I took their engagement photos last summer, we laughed. A lot. Demetri and Melissa are the life of the party and love to simply have fun. It’s one of my most favorite qualities about them as a couple. They were my first engagement posted here on my new blog last summer. How has it been that long already?! There is just so much to be grateful for all. of. the. time.

Their wedding this past Saturday was nothing short of amazing. Melissa is a planner and is studying Event Management. Needless to say, not a detail was overlooked. They married at Hawthorns Golf and Country Club. Special thanks to Stephanie Rice for helping Melissa and Demetri’s wedding flow effortlessly.

M&D – Lots of love to you! I respect you so much as a couple and it’s been so fun getting to know you over the past few years. I count myself blessed by your friendship and look forward to staying in touch. Thanks for the honor of capturing your big day. It really was spectacular. Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Miami!



Melissa’s dress was unlike any I’ve seen. So gorgeous!

Big thanks to Jama Finney with Cake Zen for making one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve seen in quite some time. Seriously! And so nice meeting you as well.

Melissa’s older sister, Vanessa, and her little nephew. I’m biased – but nephews are fun : )

Melissa and Demetri chose to see each other before their ceremony. Below are the moments leading up to and following that awesome moment.

Really enjoyed this bunch.

Fairly certain this was around the time Melissa vowed to love Demetri for always. Even if he decided to drop out of Med school after all this time ; )

Melissa and Demetri did the dance of Isaiah during their reception – a celebratory dance where the bride and groom make a triple procession (three counterclockwise turns) as the Best Man and Maid of Honor follow behind holding their crowns above their head.


Loved Melissa’s fun and upbeat dance with her Dad  : )

I’ll leave you with this photo. I was able to sneak Melissa and Demetri away from the dance floor for a few shots outside at night. So happy I did.

Special thanks to Esther Boston (her site is brand new, go check it out!) for all of your help. Have a wonderful weekend!!! : )


Back to Me

June 27


I’ve prayed briefly that I have the clarity to write this post today. Sometimes it feels like my life is running laps around me and I’m trying to keep up. While I love being busy so very much, it’s nice to slow down and breathe deeply. To be. To get back to Caitlin in the moments where I feel like she’s hiding.

Growing up, I didn’t have all of the confidence in the world in myself. I struggled with my identity and believing in myself. Of course, you might argue every child struggles with these issues. I think there’s a certain level of truth to that. As the youngest of 4, I desperately wanted a niche of my own.  I longed for a way to shine in my own light. Every person in my family is spectacular and growing up, I worried I didn’t live up to the same standard. Finding out who we are and what we aspire to be is no walk in the park. At times, the hardest part of it all has been accepting that there is no end in sight. I won’t wake up one day and have it figured out and as it turns out, that simultaneously happens to be the most beautiful, rewarding part.

When my journey as a photographer and business owner started years ago, my life changed. I’m a romantic at heart and unafraid to speak from even the most fragile corners of my heart in such a way for everyone to see, but I very much mean that photography changed me. It’s changing me. I found a passion that has the potential to change lives, something I’m pretty good at and above all – something that sets my heart on fire. After all, what’s a life without passion?

Photography has shined a light on my heart for people and story telling. I care so much and when I care, I give 1000%. I give and I give – sometimes forgetting to leave a little for myself. One of the harder parts of owning my business has been learning to take time for myself. There’s a pin that surfaces every once in a while on Pinterest: Taking time to live life will only inspire your work. Yes! And, to take this a step further, taking time for yourself isn’t selfish.

I’ve thought a lot lately about what it is to give your best. I like results. I love to see hard work come to fruition. Once in high school, I assessed my personality using the Enneagram model in Mrs. Crawford’s Relationships class. I was a cross between Perfectionist and Romantic. Yowza! The particular model we used had a character from Winnie the Pooh associated with each personality to further demonstrate your type and Eeyore was matched with the Romantic. How fitting! And funny. Little Eeyore-Caitlin. We’d totally be friends. I’d hug him and tell him everything will be alright!  While the perfectionist in me fuels me to do my absolute best, it also is a hindrance at times. I’ve  had to learn that there is no such thing as a perfect picture, perfect post processing, perfect communication. There just isn’t. All I can do is do my very best and always, always take pride in my work.

What are you without your prized possessions? Without your things? Who am I without my cameras, my friends, my family, my car, my phone, my apartment? In two weeks I’ll be vacationing with my family in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I look forward to unplugging. To doing some work on my heart. To breathing in the ocean air and soaking up Noah’s smiles. To sharing a room with my sister. To hugging my parents every morning. To feeling the sand between my toes. To watching the sun rise and set. To dreaming big and getting back to Caitlin.

Life is a dance. We give and we take. We succeed and we fall short. But through it all, we must not forget: the joy is in the journey. 

Colin + Lesley

June 21

We met over YoguLatte. The moment we met we clicked. There are just those people that you vibe with you so well when you meet. Colin and Lesley are 1000% those kind of people. I loved chatting with them and hearing more about their plans to wed in March.

The three of us were blessed with sunny, HOT weather to take their engagement photos this past weekend. I love downtown Indianapolis more and more now that I live down here. There’s just somethin’ special about capturing city love.

C+L – I had such a blast with you guys! Thanks so much for being your wonder selves and brightening my weekend. I’m so happy and excited for you both. Looking forward to March and meeting your friends and extended family : )



I told Colin and Lesley not to be afraid of color when planning their wardrobe. I couldn’t have better colors for the two of them.

Lesley requested we take some photos in front of a mural. Together we chose this one at 322 N. Capitol. So fun! It’s a shame it’s on the south side of a building – being on a street that runs one way South, I had never noticed it!

Quick outfit change and a few more photos before the sun set.

Happy evening, all! : )


June 18

If you haven’t met me in person, you might not suspect this of me. I’m a full fledged, unabashed squeaker. When I’m extremely happy, when I’m excited – I squeak. Much like a dog toy. It developed somewhere over the past 3 or 4 years since I graduated college. When I’m working behind the camera and the high pitched squeaks come out – that’s when you’ll know I’m in my zone and my heart is on fire.

The squeaks often take clients who are meeting and working with me for the first time by surprise but I’ve found that in all circumstances, they help us loosen up and have some fun. My number one priority when taking anyone’s photos is that we have fun. When we’re having fun, we’re making happy moments to capture.

Squeak, laugh, take photos. And repeat.


Come on over and join me for teasers on CSP’s facebook page. Happy Monday!

50% You

June 17

Sometimes it hits me that I’m 50% you and it makes me so proud.

I see where you’ve come from and how hard you’ve worked for all that you have today. No one works as hard as you do, Pappy. No one. Growing up, most days you’d be up and gone for work before I could see you. I remember being SO excited for you to come home each day. One of the best feelings was seeing that white Plymouth sundance (oh, that box on wheels!) pull into our driveway  in the evening and seeing you step out of that car in your white lab coat and a pile of manila folders in tow. That meant you had more sleep tests to read and more work to get done yet you always came in the door with a smile on your face. You were happy to see your family and we were happy to have you home. Some of my favorite memories with you are road trips and family vacations over the years, going to Pacer games during the MSA days, being your Peanut, hearing you tell stories about your childhood. To this day, you’ll still flick my nose and hold my hand in public. You fill my heart right up!

Some of my newest and most favorite memories with you are seeing you with Noah. You’re the cutest grandpa on the planet and Noah is so lucky to have you.  You’re wonderful and there are no two ways about it. Words fail me. I love you so much, Dad.

Excited to celebrate you today. Happy Father’s day!




Liz, Jeff + Baby William

June 13

Ahh! This baby. Holy amazing and cute! And I don’t say that because I’m biased and have known Liz for many years.

Liz and I irish danced together for many, many years. For as long as I can remember I spent Wednesdays at dance class with her. Growing up, Liz was like a second sister to me. Even though I don’t see Liz nearly as often as I used to, we still manage to pick up right where we left off when we are lucky enough to see each other these days. When I found out she was pregnant, I think I squealed. It’s hard to remember for sure but a squeal from me when I’m excited is a safe bet ; ) I was so happy and excited to meet sweet William a couple weeks back and see Liz as a mama. Will is her first and I’ve got to say – he’s pretty darn perfect.

L, J & W – It’s too bad you don’t make a cute family. Clearly I am joking and so appreciate you know that already! : ) You guys have done an amazing job with your little man. I’m excited to watch him grow and be his favorite distant Aunt Caity! Thanks for having me over to document this happy time in your lives. I had so much fun!

Lots of loves!

Caity 🙂

That. Button. Nose.

OSCAR!!!! Oscar is a bit nutty but we love him anyway 🙂

I think Will looks a wee bit like Superman in this photo.

Happy evening, friends!

Kristen + John

June 7

Our story started a few years ago now. Kristen found me through her mama, Nancy, who happens to teach at the same school as my mother. Nancy teaches 5th grade and my mom teaches science lab.When Kristen and I met a few years ago now, I remember thinking how wonderful she is literally within seconds of meeting her. Kristen is incredibly warm with a heart of gold – the kind of person you always want close to you.  She cares and loves deeply each day and that’s my most favorite quality about sweet Kristen. She is sunshine!

When I got to know John a little better while taking their engagement photos, it was so clear why he and Kristen are such a great match. John, too, is warm, caring and loves with a heart of gold. They are a powerhouse couple with such a bright future together. They married at St. Pius X Church and threw an amazing after party at the Mavris downtown.

K&J – Words can’t say just how blessed I feel to know you. It truly is people like you who make me love what I do more and more. Thank you for inviting me into the most exciting time of your lives and not only letting me do what I love, but also also for being great friends. I look forward to keeping in touch with you guys and seeing which path your lives will lead together – it will be nothing short of amazing!

Much love and appreciation,


I hope to have a portrait with my mom when I marry like that shot on the right.

One of Kristen’s bridesmaids made the Just Married banner on the left. So fun!

John and Kristen had a first look – a tearful one on John’s end ; )

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mildly obsessed with the colors in this wedding.  Kristen has an amazing eye and it was SO FUN for me to see it all come to life on Saturday. Kristen – you are fabulous and your hard work and attention to detail paid off in a huge way!

This adorable pose is entirely unscripted and completely normal for this sweet couple. Also, not mad at all about those socks.

John and his groomsmen looked extra sharp in their gray suits.

But truly, I loved these guys.

GAH! I’ve got a big sister who I adore so when Jenna (Kristen’s sister) started tearing up during her speech, I couldn’t help but get teary myself. Their relationship reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my sister and it makes me HAPPY. Family is what it’s all about.

Kristen made that cake topper! Amazing.

Thanks so much to Micah for all of your help!

And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish a special somebody Happy Birthday today! So.. Kyle, happy happy happy birthday!  I appreciate you more than you know. xo

Happy weekend, everyone!