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The Dausman Family: Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hudson

October 23

You know,  it’s raining here in Indianapolis but honestly I hardly noticed because I’ve been working on this post and these bright and cheerful images all morning long. I just glanced out my window and saw that part of my street is flooded. Eeek!  It will definitely be a Hunters rain boots and rain jacket kind of day. The rain couldn’t detract in the least from my excitement to share these images with you all. I’m really proud of ’em.

Ahh… the Dausmans. I met the Dausman family a few years ago now when Tigon contacted me to take photos of her sweet Hudson who was 5 months at the time. I remember Hudson was a dream to photograph – barely made a peep the entire shoot and was the most angelic sleeping baby ever. I’ve since taken their family photos three times (this post being my 3rd time) and each time I fall a little bit more in love with this family. They’re incredibly kind, fun and good gracious are they a fashionable bunch. I’m secretly giddy each time I go into a Dausman clan shoot because I know they will look like they stepped out of a catalogue. Our most recent shoot was no exception. Tigon has the most amazing eye and I sometimes wish she could style all of my family shoots.  🙂

We had rescheduled this shoot a couple of times per Tigon’s request to have that “glowey” light in her photos and I’m so glad we waited it out because, whoa – the light in these photos is so gorgeous. We really lucked out with amazing weather. The Dausmans recently moved and had me come out to their new home to take these photos. I love shooting families at their homes not only because of the ease but also the comfort level. We had such a blast taking their up to date family photos. I’m already excited to receive their Christmas card!

Dausmans – You know I adore you all. I feel really blessed that our paths crossed a few years ago and that you all are still in my life. You’re always such a joy to photograph and without fail, you always remind me why I love my job so much. Thanks for being such a bright spot in my life. I appreciate each of you…


Caitlin : )

The Dausman girls are as pretty as they get.

Hudson blowing kisses on the left ; )

Oh, Lilah. I could photograph this sweetheart all day long.

I can’t believe how much older Bella seems since I photographed the Dausmans last year.  She is the perfect big sister.

Hudson is at the age where he is newly independent – won’t sit still for very long and is interested in everything him around him. This age is great for extra cardio in my day.

At some point in the future, God willing, I’m excited to have a family like this.

My favorite family image I’ve ever taken. ♥

Then we had a quick wardrobe change. At this point, Hudson was almost checked out and the kiddos were just laying in the grass : ) but together we made it work.

LOVED Hud’s “greatness” shirt. I want one.

See what I mean with Lilah?!

Happy Tuesday, you guys! As my dear friend Lara would say, make what matters happen today. Forget the rest. Xo

iPhone Wallpapers

October 17


Happy Wednesday! Wanted to spread some love with you guys today and share a link that will lead you to some of the happiest, most cheerful (+FREE) iPhone Wallpapers. My sweet, sweet friend Emily Ley, who is in large part responsible for my beautiful brand you see here, is offering a handful of free wallpapers over on her blog. Go get yourself one!

And while you’re at it, check out her sweet boy Brady. Leave them some love. Proud of you, Em. Love ya! Mwahhh!

Lately In My Life

October 16

I’m training for my 3rd marathon and I’m raising money for the Indiana School for the Blind to help fund their technology needs. Would you please donate? 

The light at this time of year is spectacular and yesterday I went for a walk to soak up the fall colors. The goldens are my favorite.

Photographed my first family of SEVEN. Yes, there was a lot going on – but it was wonderful. The kiddos called me “Miss Sullivan” in their adorable Australian accents. A shoot I won’t forget any time soon.

Mother Bears is only the greatest pizza on the face of the planet. I was lucky enough to enjoy some while in Bloomington for homecoming at the beginning of the month.

Boots make me happy. So does red + blue together.

You are braver, stronger and smarter than you think. Awesome reminder during the busiest season I’ve ever had. Want more inspiring messages like this? Visit the Making Things Happen tumblr page.

My packaging still makes my heart sing!

Pazzo is my sweetest distraction these days. When I need a minute, I can take 10 to play and cuddle with this little guy.

While at a gala for the Indiana School for the Blind on Saturday, my sister sent me this photo and my eyes got all misty and the squeaks came out. She babysat my nephew Noah and snapped this pic. The love I have for these two combined is LIMITLESS. I can’t help but think when I look at this photo, “This is what it’s all about…”

XOXO LOVE. Make today count.

Take 5

October 10


What have you done for fun lately?

No, really. What have you done for fun to help fill your creative cup?  I don’t care how much you love your job (and honestly, I’m right there with you!) … we ALL need a break.

Take 5. Take 10. Take the evening. Take a walk around the block. Take your sister out for tacos and margaritas.  (That last one is my plan for tonight.)

Just like you need sleep to recharge, you also need time away from your work and it isn’t selfish to take it. Your personal life and your work will thank you.

So, tacos and margaritas. Go have fun.

You Down with G.O.D.? Yea, You Know Me!

October 8

I think most of us can agree that Sister Act 2 was one of the greatest flicks to happen to the early 90’s. It’s almost laughable to say this now but honestly, I loved this movie when I was little.

Joyful Joyful came on my Pandora station this morning and I had a small dance party in my car. Even though Lauryn Hill has seen better days as of late, she still gives me the chills and I’ll always love her music. I thought it would be unfair not to share this here this morning.

Happy Monday!  Enjoy Sister Mary Clarence and the jean overalls. 90’s in all of its glory.

The Swisher Family: Chris, Kelsey, Tucker, Tanner, Ripley & Pearcy Lou

October 4


Happy Thursday, friends! The sun is shining in downtown Indy and there are many reasons to be happy today – one of which being that I get to share this gorgeous family with you all. I love these photos in a special way. The light, the location and the subjects fill my heart right up.

A few years ago, there were a few months in the late spring/early summer that I watched Ripley. Ripley (whose name trumps most every other person I know with coolness) is the little guy pictured in the middle above. He was only six months at the time and his personality was really starting to shine. I enjoy most babies almost immediately but I almost instantly fell for sweet little Ripley. When I first met him, I was at a time in my life where I was sorting things out with my business and diving head first into all of these dreams of mine. My rebranding was in it’s earliest stages and I was so excited for what was to come. I was discovering my potential and in a lot of ways Ripley was as well right by my side. I connected with him from the start and I’m still so thankful for the time I had with him.

Since then, Chris and Kelsey have added a beautiful baby girl to their bunch. When I found out they were having a girl, I was over the moon for them! Pearcy Lou (short for Pearson Louise) joined the Swisher fam this past May and she is a total gem. So much fun to see the boys with their baby sister. One thing that’s for certain is Tucker, Tanner and Rip will always be watching out for their baby sis ; )

Swisher fam – Thank you so much for being such a special part of my life! I had such a fun time spending the evening with you guys and I look forward to watching the kids grow over the years. Hope to see you again very soon!


Caitlin 🙂

That’s Tucker on the left and Tanner on the right who Ripley lovingly calls Tuckuh and Tannuh. They are awesome big brothers!

PLou did such a great job on her first photo shoot. She is as cute as a button!

Tucker is well beyond his years. He is intellectual and extremely bright for his age. I sometimes wish we could grab lunch once a week and catch up on current events. He cracks me up!

Oh how I adore these moments.

The Swishers are certainly one of the most beautiful families I’ve ever known. I’m the youngest of four and I’ve got a soft spot for a family of six. Lots of love in this family!

Ripley’s personality has developed so much since I photographed the Swishers last year around this time. He is much more independent now. He kept proudly firing off words that he knows (he’ll be 2 next month) – owl, cloud, baby…

I could snuggle this girl all day.

LOVING this portrait of Tanner.

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you enjoy the fall weekend with friends and family….Xo

By the Inch

October 1

By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s extra hard.

Go easy on yourself this week. One thing at a time. Everything will get done. Work hard and play hard. It’s the best time of the year!