You Down with G.O.D.? Yea, You Know Me!

October 8

I think most of us can agree that Sister Act 2 was one of the greatest flicks to happen to the early 90’s. It’s almost laughable to say this now but honestly, I loved this movie when I was little.

Joyful Joyful came on my Pandora station this morning and I had a small dance party in my car. Even though Lauryn Hill has seen better days as of late, she still gives me the chills and I’ll always love her music. I thought it would be unfair not to share this here this morning.

Happy Monday!  Enjoy Sister Mary Clarence and the jean overalls. 90’s in all of its glory.

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  1. G says:

    Just what I needed!!!

  2. Natira says:

    my grandma and I watch this movie EVERY time I see her 🙂 thanks for the smile!

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