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Lauren + Kevin

November 29

Hi guys! *insert Buddy the Elf wave* Thanks so much for being here with me this evening. ¬†Let me cut to the chase and just say that my day has been remarkable. I’m incredibly thankful for this day that has unapologetically, in the best way possible, ¬†shifted my universe into perspective. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR. ¬†I hope I never, ever lose sight of that.¬†Those tiny and minute details we worry about on a day to day basis? Well, they just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. ¬†As I’ve shared recently here on my blog, that all too familiar “life is short and precious” ¬†saying has really hit close to home. Today I find myself extremely ¬†(and then some) thankful for friends, my family, the health of all of my loved ones, my health, and this amazing job of mine to freeze a moment in time so that we can remember those who matter most to us and to each other. If you’re stressed today, I just want to take a second to reach out to you and say a) you’re loved b) you’re stronger than you could ever imagine and c) you have so much to be thankful for. Try channeling your anxiety into what you’re grateful for. Gratitude changes everything.

So happy to share another Bloomington engagement session here today. I am a proud IU alum and welcome any chance to go back to Bloomington. When I found out Lauren and Kevin wanted to take photos in Btown, you can imagine my excitement. As with most sessions booked toward the end of fall, I always worry a little about the color. Will it still be lush and colorful? Holy cow.¬†Bloomington – I really love you and you almost never disappoint. Sample gates – you’re pretty beautiful with all of those mums! Lauren, Kevin and I couldn’t have asked for a better day to take these photos. As it turns out, we took these photos on a Sunday morning and for a college town that seems to be buzzing constantly, Bloomington felt like a ghost town that morning. There was hardly anyone out – a sure sign that not only do college students still love to sleep in but also there’s a good chance the better half of IU students took advantage of Halloween weekend : ) It worked well for us as we weren’t dodging people right and left. We started at the Sample gates, traveled west down Kirkwood and ended at the square downtown.

L&K – It was so fun meeting you two! Thanks so much for making the trek from Chicago to take these photos. I’m so glad we had the perfect day. ¬†Best wishes with your wedding in June! I have no doubt it will be stunning.


Caitlin ūüôā

Given my affinity for red and blue together, you can imagine my delight when Lauren and Kevin showed up wearing these wearing these fashionable outfits… (Elf reference #2: Affinity always reminds me of Elf. It’s just nice to meet another human that shares my affinity for elf culture.)

Oh, I love this so. Yes I do!

My job makes me really happy.

This may be a classic “IU” shot but I’m okay with that. Can’t get enough of this view!

Those mums?!? Jackpot. Love that pop of color! (Thanks, Btown! I luh you.)

Quick change of clothes and on to more photos…

Lauren – I will happily raid your closet whenever I’m given permission. : )

Love is extra sweet.

Have a fabulous evening!! I’m off to watch the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller with my family. I’m gonna be there to see that beauty IN PERSON – NEXT WEEKEND! WITH MY AMESOME SISTER! Ahhhhh! Can you sense my excitement?!?! ; ) Lots of love, C

Amy + Peter

November 19

It’s Monday! Of Thanksgiving week! How have we already arrived here?! While it baffles me that we are quickly approaching December, I’m very much okay with one of my favorite holidays being days away – a holiday that encourages heavy eating and napping. Speaking of food, can we talk for a second about how devastating it is that Hostess is going out of business?! I don’t so much mind the disappearance of twinkies or ding dongs. I never cared for those too much. But the powdered donettes!?! Oh, it will be a very sad day when I can no longer grab a pack of those on road trip. All joking aside, during a season of giving thanks, I’m just so looking forward to having my entire family together. Every year I appreciate Thanksgiving a little more. When you’re younger it’s hard to understand how special it really is to have your family and those you love so much all in the same room. These past few months of my life have served as a real and raw reminder that life is precious and so is the time you spend with your loved ones. I’m determined to get an updated shot of my family this Thanksgiving. Please, someone hold me accountable. Every year I promise I will set one up but then I get lazy – mostly from an apple pie induced coma. I always do my best to remember how much there is we have to be grateful for. Today I’m grateful for Amy and Peter, among many other things…

My story of meeting Amy and Peter starts with a past bride.¬†Lovely Kristen married John this past June. I was blessed and fortunate to capture their special day and it was a day I’ll never, ever forget! Kristen and Amy are friends and let me just say that anyone that in any way, shape, or form is sent my way by Kristen is already awesome in my book. I met with Amy and it made sense. She felt like an old friend. Of course we talked about her fianc√© Peter and how they met. Before you knew it we were planning her engagement photos. If memory serves me correctly, Amy and I met and then together Amy, Peter and I wandered around IU’s campus for their engagement photos just three or so weeks later. The process moved quickly and despite the short amount of time I’ve known these two sweet souls, I couldn’t be more excited for them. They are getting married next June and I’m so honored they’ve asked me to be there to capture their special day.

A&P – You two make my heart smile! Thank you for spending the most beautiful October evening with me. I already loved you guys but when you asked me to come out to Bloomington for these photos, I loved you a little more ; ) Looking forward to your big day. It’s sure to be amazing!

Lots of love and gratitude,


I’ve never missed Bloomington more than I did on this shoot…

When I heard about Peter’s proposal, I’m fairly certain my jaw dropped to the floor and I got a little misty eyed. Peter played Ernie Halter’s “Angel” for Amy on his guitar when he proposed. I’ve listened to the song several times while working on their photos and it has made putting this post together extra fun and meaningful. Have I mentioned how much I adore this job?

Some of the lyrics: “I was broken I was on my knees, I was searching for a sign and I was wandering, I was lost at sea, But you placed your heart in mine and how did we get here now, I am so grateful that I’ve been found” ¬†Sheesh! ¬†Even as I type these lyrics and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, I’m reminded that I am my mother’s daughter ūüėČ

That Amy – sweet as pie, I tell ya!

Bloomington, I love you.

Bloomington students and alum will recognize where we are here! These images make my heart so, so, so happy.

We’ll end with this because these hugs are my favorite ever…

So, so much to be thankful for you guys. Thanks for being here tonight. We are blessed! xo, C

The Mehl Family: Ryan, Nicole, Asher, Abram & Baby Girl

November 16

Hi there! Thanks for being here with me today : ) Not only am I happy that it’s Friday and less than a week until Thanksgiving, I’m downright thrilled that the latter of the two means that next week my Christmas tree is going up in my apartment. There are few things in the world that light my heart up the way Christmas time does and with this Christmas being my first ever in my own place, there is sure to be hot cocoa, tinsel, white lights and Frank Sinatra’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” to boot.¬†Every year around this time, I start to get sentimental at the thought of this past year’s shining moments. Truthfully, I’ve never been so happy and busy in my life. There has been remarkable growth in my business over the past year and perhaps the best part about this growth has been all of the fabulous people I’ve met and worked with over these last 11 months. The Mehl family is no exception…

A few months ago now I found a note from Nicole in my inbox. We exchanged a few emails and started to throw out a couple of dates for family photos. I did not know this at the time but Nicole is also a photographer – an extremely talented one, by the way. The first date I threw out was a no go and Nicole explained to me that she couldn’t do that date because she had mini sessions scheduled for that same day. In that moment, the butterflies in my stomach started to dance. I went to Nicole’s site, perused her work and was truly blown away by her talent and also smitten with her precious family that I had never met but would soon have the opportunity to photograph.

Being asked by a photographer to be “their photographer” for any special occasion is such an honor. I’ve been blessed to work with a handful of photographers over the past year and I’m so thankful. When I found out Nicole and Ryan were adding to their crew, I was even more excited to photography their family. The Mehl family traveled down from Goshen, IN to take these photos. Early on in our shoot, Nicole told me they are expecting a girl! HAPPY! ¬†Asher and Abram will be the coolest big brothers.¬†Baby girl¬†is due to debut almost any day now. I can only imagine the excitement that is stewing in the Mehl household these days. Life is about to get crazy beautiful!

Mehl crew – I am blessed by your friendship. Thank you so much for traveling down to Indy and spending a sunny October morning with me. I am so thrilled for your family as you prepare to welcome your baby girl. I can’t wait to see her sweet face!¬†Prayers for a safe delivery and transition…



Two things: ¬†1) Nicole has the most amazing hair in the universe and subsequently I’m envious and 2) there is nothing more adorable than a little boy with his hands in his pockets!

That’s Nicole and Ryan’s oldest, Asher, on the left. Mama’s boy, Abram, on the right…

Can you tell Asher is a charmer? : ) He had plenty of kisses to hand out.

I can only hope and pray I will be this stunning when I’m pregnant. Wow to this beauty!

Nicole – I have found your doppelganger: Jessica Biel. Or is it Jessica Timberlake now?

Enjoy your weekend!! Soak it up and love big. XO, C

Danielle + Andrew

November 14

Hi everyone! : ) Hope you guys are having a productive and inspiring day so far. Wednesdays can be tough but not so much on my behalf when I’m working on photos like these. (Also, my days are always a little brighter when a cute boy named Kyle stops by my apartment. Probably my favorite distraction.) ¬†I think you’ll quickly catch my drift as you follow along with me. I’m just so excited about the engagements shoot I’ve shot recently. There is still much more to come so please, grab a peppermint mocha and stay a while.

I have my sweet friend (and brand new mama) Gail Werner to thank for sending this beautiful couple my way. Danielle works with Gail at Ball State and after a few exchanges on their behalf, I woke up one morning to find a note in my inbox from a sweet gal named Danielle. We agreed to meet over coffee and from the moment we began chatting, I knew these two were “my kind” of people. Danielle and Andy made a point to stress how important it is for them to have a wedding that is truly their own – if that meant taking out or adding certain elements to their wedding to make their wedding unique to their relationship, they were all for it. They are getting hitched in August of 2013 and I couldn’t be more excited they have asked me to be there with them.

The three of us found a date for engagement photos early on. As fall progressed Danielle emailed me to ask about the trees and the color, asking whether it might be a good idea to move up their shoot to catch the fall colors. Every year I worry about this same pending issue but usually I can work with my clients to find at least one beautiful and full tree or an avenue colored with golds and oranges. I’m so happy we didn’t reschedule because the weather for Danielle and Andrew’s shoot was insanely perfect! I drove out to Oxford, OH to take their engagement photos – a place I had never been but always wanted to go after hearing from many girlfriends who attended Miami of Ohio that it was a gorgeous town, particularly in the fall. Whoah, those girls weren’t lyin’! This town is so charming and I can see why it is the perfect setting for a college campus. As Danielle and Andrew escorted me around the campus, they each shared fun facts and history about the buildings and campus as a whole. It was absolutely a moment in time where I had to pinch myself – how (?!) I landed a job that allows me to meet and work with happy, crazy-in-love people is so wild to me. Being a photographer has its days where it feels like a job but the GOOD and JOYFUL and INSPIRING far outweigh the bad in my job. I’m blessed and truly thankful.

D&A – Oh you guys! I’m even more excited now. For your wedding and the opportunity to be there for it all. Thank you for showing me around a place that means so much to you two as a couple. I sincerely had such a fun time. It should go without saying that I’m very happy Gail sent you my way : ) see you in August!



Danielle’s pants? Yes. I’m a sucker for that color! (As seen in my branding…)

Also a sucker for piggy back rides. I think it all comes back to my love for surprise hugs from behind! : )

Thank you, golden tree, for matching Danielle’s pants so perfectly.

Love sure is grand.

Hey Andy! : )

I always tell the people I work with not to be afraid of wearing color. Very glad these two listened! They look amazing, no?

Quick outfit change and a brief stroll through campus before the sun left us…

Danielle – you are so stunning.

That there on the left is Upham Arch – rumor has it that couples who kiss under the Arch’s lantern at the stroke of midnight are destined to marry. Thank you, D+A, for that fun piece of trivia ; )

I’ll end on this note because I can’t think of any reason not to. Adore this sweet couple!

Enjoy your evening! I’m off to hang with my sister and her pup, Scooter, for the evening. Okay and maybe eat some Chipotle. Addicted, I tell ya! XO, C

Peter + Teresa

November 12

Happy Monday, everyone! I woke up to snow flurries and pancakes this morning so as far as I’m concerned, this week will ¬†be awesome. Hope you all had a restful weekend spent with those who matter most to you. I have shot so much over the past few months and consequently I’ve had less time to blog. It has been a true test of my patience to wait until I can have the time to sit down and pull together a full and cohesive post for all of the joy filled, adventurous shoots I’ve had in the past months. I sometimes wish my superpower could be that at the snap of my finger, my blog posts could be up and ready to publish. (Or I’d also like to be able to snap my fingers after I’m out of the shower and be dolled up with no work. That too would be awesome. Too much to ask?) I digress. As my seasons slows down over the coming months, I look forward to having more time to share with you all what I’ve been up to recently. I’m tickled to share these photos with you guys today.

I’d be totally remiss to share my AWESOME experience taking Peter + Teresa’s engagement photos without sharing one minor detail: My car was towed in less than 5 minutes upon my arrival in Chicago. With my gear in my car.¬†¬†It’s something I can laugh about now as I picture myself racing alongside the heartless tow truck driver for three city blocks after my car ¬†gear¬†but at the time it was probably the worst thing that could have happened. After sitting in my car in rush hour traffic driving into Chicago, on a Friday no less, I had stopped to grab a quick bite to eat and use the restroom before my shoot with Peter and Teresa. I parked at a Walgreens and hurriedly ran across the street (I knew how nutty parking in Chicago can be!) to use the restroom and after what couldn’t have been more than 3 minutes away from my car, I peered through the window across the street to see my car being towed. 3 minutes!! I was totally shocked and darted outside and across the street where the ruthless tow truck driver drove away from me while shaking his head ¬†“NO” at me in his side view mirror. I share this story with you all for no other reason than to stress the following:

One – crying about your circumstances will NEVER get you anywhere. Keep your head up, use what you’ve got and as Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work!” ¬†Two – don’t ever park at a Walgreens in Chicago if you plan on leaving the parking lot for even a millisecond. Just don’t! : ) The last reason I share this story and undoubtedly the most important is to shed light on how kind, understanding and genuinely wonderful the people I work with truly are – I’m so thankful. I can not sing Peter and Teresa’s praises enough! Instead of getting into a fit about our untimely circumstances, they helped me locate my car and drove me to pick it up. Please also keep in mind we had already had to reschedule their shoot because of rain in Chicago a few weeks prior and despite the road blocks early on for go #2, Peter and Teresa kept calm and together we fixed the problem. They are AWESOME! Fortunately, we were able to retrieve my car within about 25 minutes of it being towed. And on with the show we went…

I believe everything happens for a reason. In a serious case of twisted humor, I think my car being towed helped this shoot be all that it could be and more. Because of Chicago’s rain that day and our delayed start time, we were able to catch the most beautiful, moody sunset over Chicago’s skyline – the city glowed with fuzzy pinks and oranges. While God’s humor can be mean and yet comical at times (shame on you Caitlin for having to use the bathroom!), I can’t help but think now that deep down he had our best interests at heart.

P&T – Thank you! For so many reasons but mostly for being yourselves. I wouldn’t take back that rainy and grey Chicago evening with you guys for anything! I’m so looking forward to being with you guys when you marry in April.

Lots of love and appreciation,


Last week I posted the opening photo from this post on Instagram. I had a few girlfriends chime in and say they were reminded of Mr. Big & Carrie Bradshaw. Now, I don’t really know much about SATC short of what I’ve seen in the movie and a few episodes here and there but I can absolutely say that comparison is most definitely a compliment. I loved the city feel of this shoot.

Teresa is as sweet as she is beautiful!

These two especially make my heart sing.

Peter is such a gentleman. When I first walked up to Teresa’s apartment after my car was towed (I seriously STILL can’t believe that happened!), Peter was already on a laptop mapping out the quickest way to go get my car back. He is as helpful as he is kind.

A quick outfit change and a few more photos as the sun set on Chicago…

I’ll take all of Teresa’s wardrobe, by the way.

A toast to making things WORK in the face of adversity! : )

Enjoy your evening and have a remarkable week… xo, C

38 Years

November 8

(photo by Amanda Wilcher)

I joked with you that you ¬†and Dad were a statistic. After 38 years, you two are still together and love each more than ever before. You looked at me and laughed. ¬†It was dark as I pulled into the all too familiar driveway that leads to my childhood home. ¬†“In a good way,” ¬†I said.

I was dropping you off for the night. We were lucky enough to join Beth in seeing a potential venue for her wedding. Together the three of us grabbed Chipotle after for dinner and dreamt with Beth of her future wedding. We laughed as we always do when we’re together. I’m sorry for getting you guys hooked on Chipotle, by the way. You two can blame me but you for sure can’t hate me.

As Beth smiled and wore her adorable look of anticipation to marry the love of her life on her face, I couldn’t help but note the perfect timing of this all. How fitting to dive into Beth’s wedding planning on the eve of your 38th wedding anniversary! But you see, Mom – I don’t see it as perfect timing for any reason. I saw the perfect, whimsical timing in this all because of the way you and Dad raised me.

These past few months have been a little more trying than usual on our family. Fortunately you and Dad, through your remarkable partnership over the years, have shown us the importance of standing tall through adversity and fighting for what is right, what is pure, and what is sacred.

While at times fighting for what is right seems like a statistic, I want you both to know that I’ll continue to fight for love in all areas of my life because that’s what you taught your girl to do.

Mama G + Pappy – Thank you for showing me (and the rest of this world!) every day that love really is all you need. I love you both more than you’ll ever know… Happy anniversary, lovebirds.

xoxo Caity

Abby + Ryan

November 7

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’ve got to tell you – it has been a blessing to prepare this post this morning. My job serves as a reminder of how important it is to love one another and encourage each other. Most of all let love guide your life. Col 3:14 . I challenge you to be bigger and better today than you were yesterday. Act and speak with love. Appreciate and respect one another. Cheer each other on and be supportive. This world needs your positive attitude! Be a LIGHT. Be a bright, bright LIGHT.

What a sweet couple Abby & Ryan are and the best part? They’re tying the knot next weekend! YEAH! I am so excited to share their big day with them. I met these two fabulous people months ago over coffee. Chatting with them came easily, as if we’d know each other for a many years. We originally had planned on taking their engagement photos in the summer during one of the worst heat waves Indiana had seen in some time. Abby & Ryan live in Pennsylvania and have only come back to Indy a few times over the last few months. Luckily, we were able to take advantage of one of their most recent trips in October to take these photos. Oh and I’m so glad we made this work! The fall light and colors were beautiful and we had such a fun time (WAY better than being a collective sweaty mess back in the summer!). Upon arriving for this shoot a little early, Abby ¬†saw me walking outside and came out to greet me with a friendly hello and hug. She signs her emails with “XOXO” – a girl after my own heart. Abby & Ryan are incredibly warm and inviting people. I feel blessed to call them friends!

A&R – We are so close! Just a week and a half out. Enjoy the excitement over these last few days before you marry! I’m so thrilled for you both. Looking forward to your big day!



Abby had the cuddling down. Not much need for direction on this shoot. Abby would simply slip into Ryan’s arms and cuddle up : )

These two are fun! I am so looking forward to their wedding!

FUN FACT: Ryan and I went to the same high school РBrebeuf.  : )

Abby. ¬†Oh Abby, ¬†you will make one beautiful bride. Can’t wait to see!

Enjoy your evening, guys. So much more to come…