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Happy New Year!

December 31

It’s been a remarkable year. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love each day alongside my clients, my friends and most importantly my sweet family. Wishing you all an incredible 2013 full of love, happiness and many adventures. Much love, xoxoxo C


Jen + Wayne

December 28

I’ve been anxious and excited to share these images from my most recent trip to New York. I’ll keep this short and let the images speak for themselves.

A little over two years ago I was blessed with a scholarship to attend a Making Things Happen workshop with Lara Casey, Emily Ley and Gina Zeidler. I walked out of that workshop with a a fresh outlook on life and my potential. I learned about action. I realized the importance of claiming opportunity for myself and step by step, making my dreams a reality.

I’ve always wanted to photograph a couple in New York at Christmas time. A girl can dream – maybe that opportunity would fall in my lap but instead of wishing and waiting and letting yet another Christmas pass, I decided to take action and create the opportunity for myself. With the help of my sister and her sweet friend, Mary, I found Jen and Wayne. Together the 5 of us ventured around Manhattan almost 3 weeks ago as I made one of my dreams a reality.

The adrenaline I experience now seeing these images as proof that I made this happen is just awesome. This is what it’s all about. ACTION. Leaps of faith. Pushing yourself. Stepping far outside of your comfort zone to grow. I’m thankful now for two new friends and a trip I won’t soon forget.

J&W – Thank you! For showing my sister and I around the city and letting us step into your world for a day. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to photograph you guys and look forward to visiting next time B and I are in New York 😉



When these two showed up in these outfits, I’m pretty sure I squeaked out of excitement. No, I’m sure I did. (I can’t deny I love a good bow tie!)

I wonder what this man in the red coat is up to today. Maybe photo bombing some other photos?

I’m a sucker for a beautiful red coat. Ever since I saw Love Actually and Natalie’s character darts through the airport towards the prime minister in that GORGEOUS red pea coat?! Ooo boy!

They’re fun.  🙂

A very brief stop in to see a coffee shop Jen and Wayne frequent..



This is one of Jen and Wayne’s favorite spots to eat : )

Maybe my favorite photo of the bunch. Sweet slow dance in Grand Central. Love is awesome.

Happy weekend!!

Snowed In Pancakes

December 26

Santa brought me a package of funfetti pancake mix yesterday. He placed it atop my purple stocking that reads “Caitlin” in cursive, silver sequence. That Santa – he is a bright man and he knows me well.

After waking up to a busy snow globe outside of my window, I promptly thought to myself  “Crap, I have no food.” Of course, when I say I have no food, I really do have food but nothing gluttonous enough to satisfy my cravings that come with being snowed in. You can imagine my delight when after a few minutes of stewing over what to do I remembered that pancake mix…

I have since watched a documentary on extreme ice. I raise my nerd flag with pride.

My First Christmas in 211

December 19

As I type these words I’m on the tail end of fighting off a cold. For a girl who loves to be out and about, doing things and generally being productive, staying in and nursing a cold (especially at this time of the year) isn’t easy or fun for me.  I remember in college I could easily sleep until 11 during the week and bum around until my 2 o’clock class. Gone are those days! I’m lucky now if I can sleep past 9. Once my eyes flicker in the morning and the wheels in my brain start moving – I’m ready, let’s do this. However, with slow season upon me, I’m invited each morning to relish in the quieter routines of a photographer’s off season.

As winter is on the verge of rearing its head and I’m spending more time in my apartment, I’m increasingly thankful for this spot I can call my own.The truth is I was mildly terrified to move into my own place this past March but I knew it was my next step. So I leapt. And in that moment before gravity took its toll, my busiest season yet happened and with that my stairs appeared.

I write this so I can remember this Christmas how far I’ve come in nine months. Perhaps most importantly, I write this as a reminder that following my dreams won’t always be pretty but it sure as hell will be worth it.

211 – Thanks for being good to us. Pazzo and I love ya!

Christmas Cards 2012

December 14

Oh this time of year makes my heart SING!! I have no idea how Christmas eve is just 10 days away. I was just talking with B last night about how when we were little, it seemed like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas lasted an ETERNITY! Now, with Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I’m thrilled and honestly relieved that I decided to do some of my Christmas shopping before I left for New York. I only have a few people left to shop for which is huge progress from past years. With as much as I love the Christmas season, you’d think I’d be one to have my shopping done in October but I’ve never been that type. I’m always scrambling on Christmas eve to finish up and it always, always stresses me out. This year I think I’ve done enough work already that I’ll bypass that stress and be able to bum around Christmas eve at my parents house before mass. Have I mentioned the winter wonderland that is my childhood home at Christmas time? Mama G does Christmas very well. I might have to post some images here soon.

Anyway, I got little crafty this year and made my own Christmas cards. I love all things handmade – the time and thoughtfulness that goes into anything handmade makes me feel loved and special. I wanted that same feeling for clients, friends and family this year. Now, I’m no crafting queen by any means but putting these together was definitely a fun time. It was really special to revisit all of the people who, through endless love, support and friendship, have helped my business become what it is today. I am so thankful this Christmas season.

I started with simple postcard stock that I bought from Michael’s. I cut each piece into fourths with the AMAZING paper cutter at Kinko’s. Holy moly – if it wasn’t weird to own one of those in my home I might just keep one on my desk at all times for all to see. Took my fancy CSP stamp and stamped each postcard.

My sweet friend and crafting extraordinaire, Miss Erica, helped me come up with ideas for my cards. I wanted them to be simple with little fuss. Erica’s obsession with washi tape has rubbed off on me. This stuff is adorable and so easy. When I was in New York, I saw places like Madewell and Urban Outfitters selling single rolls for $4. That’s silly. Go to Michael’s or another craft store and buy some at a cheaper price! : )

Bought a santa hat stamp and voila – the finished product! Simple, made with love.

In the digital age, it’s so rare to receive handwritten notes. I personalized each card with a little note from yours truly.

Did you know there are special stamps for postcards? I didn’t. Now I do. They’re cheaper than regular stamps. I wish they would have had a Christmas postcard stamp but alas, these colorful Hawaiian shirts will have to do. : )

Oh and a few shots of ornaments from my Christmas tree. Why not?!  I’m biased – it’s really beautiful. The ornament on the left I bought on our last family vacation to the Outer Banks. The camera in the middle is from Target and the “C’ on the right was a gift from my godfather’s family : )

I LOVE GOING TO THE MAILBOX THIS TIME OF YEAR.  Dausmans on the left, Kristen & John’s fabulous wedding on the right.

The Telesco Family.

Just before sending these out, Pazzo asked if he could appear in a photo to wish everyone Happy Holidays! He was chewing on that piece of tinsel next to his head. (taken with instagram)

Also, I’ve shamelessly listened to this song more times than I can count in the past few days. Fire away with judgement but hey, it’s the holidays and this song is really happy…Happy weekend, guys! xo

Abby + Ryan

December 4

Oh happy day!  I’ve been so excited to share Abby and Ryan’s wedding with you all. As I’ve pulled together my favorites from their wedding day, my heart is extra happy. Their wedding was a bit bittersweet for me as it was my last of the 2012 season. It’s been one hell of a year and I’m beyond thankful for the amazing couples that have come into my life over the past year. It’s been such a joy working Abby and Ryan. From meeting them months ago over coffee and hearing of their plans for their big day to taking their engagement photos on a perfect fall evening in October, every step of the process with these two has been filled with happiness, excitement, and so much love. The entire process has been about celebrating their relationship and it’s been so fun to witness and play a small part. I’d be remiss not to mention how incredibly kind these two are. When Abby first showed up to the church on her wedding day, she came right up to me and gave me a big hug. She hugged me several other times on her wedding day with that warm smile of hers – showing again and again how her heart extends beyond herself and out to others. These two are easy to love. Together, Abby and Ryan make a powerhouse couple whose future together is so bright.

A&R -Thank you so much for inviting me out to photograph your special day! It’s been an honor and a pleasure getting to know you both over the past year. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you two! Despite the distance, I look forward to keeping touch and seeing you guys shine together.

Lots of love and appreciation,


I grew up just a few blocks southeast of this church. As a little girl I played softball in the field next MSMC and despite passing it dozens and dozens of times each year, I had never been inside to see the church. Meridian Street Methodist Church is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.

What girl doesn’t love a little Kate Spade?

Miss Abby – you are a gem. I absolutely loved photographing you.

The bridesmaid to the left of Abby? That’s Maddie – Abby’s best friend and maid of honor. She accompanied us when we took Abby and Ryan’s engagement photos in October. She is a blast! These brides were as sweet as they are beautiful…

You two. Love this!

Oh sweet Ryan – I swear this beaming smile was glued to his face the entire day : )


This was a fun crew. Thanks again, you guys,  for being there for Abby and Ryan AND for being a blast that day!

What’s funny is I hadn’t been to the Palladium in a bit and thought to myself driving up there, “I hope I don’t miss it!” Hilarious. This place is massive and STUNNING. I was delighted to see the Palladium decked out in Christmas cheer.

Oh you better believe I will be a blubbering mess when I dance with my dad. So sweet.

Special thanks to Esther Boston for being such a wonderful help at Abby and Ryan’s wedding. Wishing you guys a day to remember. Make it count. xo, C

Katie + Matt

December 3

Happy Monday! Any week that can be prefaced with, “By the end of this week, I’ll be in NYC! ” is an AWESOME one and well, that’s this week for me. Yes yes yes – I’m going to NYC with my hilarious and beautiful partner in crime, my sister. We leave on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited to hop on that plane for an adventure! If you are here for the first time today (or come back regularly and somehow missed the following)… I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Everything about this holiday makes me giddy. I must admit that these mid 60 temps in December are not so much my cup of tea. It’s just not right. Where is the snow? Fortunately, I live in the Midwest where our weather is terribly unpredictable and with any luck Indianapolis will have 6 inches of snow next week. You never know! I can remember one white Christmas years ago when I was in high school. A tradition in the Sullivan family, we went to the always packed 5 o’clock Christmas eve mass at our church. It was snowing and the flakes were beginning to accumulate as we walked into mass. Just an hour later we walked outside to a blanket of snow and that quiet and soft buzz that accompanies a heavy snowfall. Because we had no ice scraper or snow brush at the time, Beth and I were forced to clear the snow off of our car with a measly little medicine box – you know, that you buy Sudafed or maybe Nyquil in? As it turns out, these boxes are terribly suited for snow removal (who would have thought?). I have so many memories like this with my sister over the years. I am extremely excited for what’s in store for us this week as we venture out east together!

On to this sweet couple : ) I met Katie a few months ago now. She told me about her fiancé and how they met and it very quickly became easy to be in her presence. Katie is very sweet, warm and easy going. When we set a date for engagement photos, I looked forward to meeting Matt and seeing him with Katie. They met at Wood Wind Golf Club where Katie and Matt both worked. Together we thought it would be the perfect idea to go back to where the relationship started to take their engagement photos. During the engagement shoot, Katie escorted me in a golf cart (Thanks again, K!) as we chased the setting sun to take these photos. Katie and Matt obviously know this golf club very well and the best places to see. It was such a blast spending the evening with these two. As I drove home from Westfield that evening, I couldn’t help but smile that I can call this my job. I am so thankful!

K&M – Thank you so much for showing me around your old stomping grounds. It was so fun to see where the magic began for you two! Counting down the days until your big day in June 2013. I have no doubt that it will be amazing!



When I told Katie and Matt I’d like to start in a place with lots of fall color, Katie said she knew just where to go. We drove to this corner of the golf course and there were leaves everywhere. Fall is just HAPPY. Super, super happy.

Love is grand, ya?  🙂

Katie’s hair gives me serious hair envy. I’ve photographed a lot of AMAZING hair this year.

Quick change of clothes and we took some more photos. Katie & Matt – so love this shot of you on the right! Good lookin’ couple 🙂

Love. (and again with the hair…)

I’ll end on this photo because it makes me smile.

What are you thankful for today? Remember that first, everything else second. Xo, C