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Happy 30th Birthday, Sister!

March 28

I’ve been looking forward to this day for a bit now. ¬†A chance to celebrate my favorite person in the entire universe and an excuse to bring my awesome family together. Okay and to eat cake too. Although, Beth gave up sweets for Lent and despite it being a struggle at times, she has done an amazing job. I hope she splurges tonight. God would want it that way, right?

Look at that face above! I die. My siblings were all so precious when they were little ones but Beth especially at this age. I recently snagged this pic from my parents house and it now hangs in my office as a reminder of what matters most in my life.

How do I even begin to thank someone like my sister for being such a meaningful part of my life?! I suppose this is good practice for writing my speech as her Maid of Honor. Shew – that’s gonna be a tearjerker…

But for now let me just say, to the most amazing sister in the whole land, I am so thankful for this day 30 years ago. Before evening coming into this world, you changed my life for the better. I am beyond thankful for you. Happy, happy birthday! Love ya like crazy!

Kim from Texas: Hang in There!

March 25

This morning I helped a neighbor clear all of the snow off of her car. She told me her name was Kim and she was from Texas. Bet Kim from Texas is regretting that move.

I can relate. You’re bummed that it’s spring and there’s 8 inches of snow on the ground outside. Here: I got you a donut. Feel better? Thought you might! ¬†Actually, let it be known that this post is really a glorified reason to post a picture of this donut because c’mon, how happy is this?! It’s the little things.

I spent all day yesterday with my sister and Scooter. We made soup, watched the Hoosiers pull out the W (my bracket ain’t that bad for a female!), briefly FaceTimed with Marcus over in Kuwait (he’s coming home for his R&R a week from today! eee!!), and I worked on CSP spring postcards. Watch your mailboxes, friends!¬†Oh and I ate that donut you see above, too. Delish!

You guys – it’s my sister’s BIRTHDAY WEEK! I’m so excited to shower her with love and awesomeness this week. She deserves it!

Just Because

March 22

 (West Elm, thanks bunches for the polka dot-ty mug.)

My favorite spot in Target is the card aisle. What started out yesterday as a trip to Target to pick up toothpaste and soap turned into 20 minutes in the card aisle. Not so uncommon in my life (at least I remembered the toothpaste!) – but before I knew it I had stacks of “just because” ¬†cards in hand. Thoughtfulness fires me up so much. It’s so incredibly powerful.

How can I be a blessing in someone’s life today? I think that’s an awesome way to start each day. Everything else seems to fall into place.

Lesley & Colin

March 20

Happy spring, friends! Despite the fact that it’s 28 degrees outside in Indianapolis (huh?!), I’m happy to welcome spring in any ole state and put winter behind me. I think winter to spring is my favorite transition of seasons. I’m so ready for more sunshine, more color and definitely more driving with my windows down. Oh and also, so happy to kick off this first day of spring by sharing my first 2013 wedding you guys. Oh happy day!

Remember Lesley and Colin’s engagement photos? I adore these two. I first met with Lesley and Colin this past June. ¬†I was a little biased in liking them before we even met because my oldest brother’s name is Colin and obviously that meant we’d be a great match : ) My sweet friend, Denver, sent Lesley my way when she was newly engaged and honestly, the three of us hit it off immediately. Lesley and Colin are those people you want in your circle – they’re incredibly kind, easy going and so much fun. When I heard their wedding would be the first held at The Alexander, a beautiful new and swanky hotel opening this spring (weeks ago) in downtown Indianapolis, I was so pumped. L+C ¬†also told me Mayor Ballard would be officiating their wedding. I actually went to high school and was good friends with the mayor’s son and daughter. Greg was in my class and we sat next to each other in Mr. Ireland’s calculus class. Erica, a year older, is a gem and we took French class together those first few years at Brebeuf. I digress. Honestly, the mayor officiating L+C’s wedding was just one tiny detail that excited me to photograph their special day. What excited me most was the thought of getting to know these two better during the most exciting time of their lives.

L+C – Thank you so much for the honor of photographing your wedding day. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding or couple to kick off my 2013 season. I count myself blessed to call you two friends. Looking forward to keeping in touch and watching how you two change the world together.

Caitlin ūüôā

Special thanks to Maxie at The Alexander for all of your help making Lesley & Colin’s day run effortlessly. I’m so appreciative.

Loved this bridal party. Great group of people here.

Being a bride is tough work ; )

This one gives me goosebumps.

Thanks to my second shooter, Micah, for these next two shots. I always love how guys pass the time..

I love how Colin looks at Lesley.

These two had Alicia Keys’ “New Day” play after they kissed. Lesley is a girl after my own heart.

With Mayor Ballard and his lovely wife, Winnie ūüôā

GAH. Love you two. (And let’s talk for a second about this wall at the Alexander? Obsessed.)

Shout out to this awesome and talented group of guys – The Main Squeeze – for keepin’ the party going.

What Matters Most

March 18

There is a lot on my mind as we begin this week. I spent ¬†last week in Chapel Hill for the Making Things Happen conference. I drove 10 hours (my longest solo road trip yet) to see dear friends, meet ¬†100+ new ones and do some tough and important work on my heart. I’ve listened to more Jillian Michaels podcasts in the last week of my life than probably anyone cares to hear…that woman fires me up to no end. ¬†I have my sister to thank for this new love of podcasts. When Beth was living in Georgia while Marcus was stationed at Fort Benning, she got into listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts on her long drives back to Indy. I took her advice and listened to dozens of JM podcasts on topics from fear to faith to super foods to help time pass quicker on my road trip south to Chapel Hill. I love some quality alone time in my car to clear my head.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you know I went to Making Things Happen back in 2010 in San Francisco. That day in SF truly changed my life and the course of my career. It’s hard to imagine where my life would be today if I hadn’t gone to MTH years ago. Going into the conference this past week, I was and still am in a much different place in my life than I was in 2010. MTH is truly special because it doesn’t matter where you are in life – there is always work to be done on your heart. MTH isn’t about creating the perfect business plan for success. It’s about getting real with yourself and what fills your cup. It’s about facing those (my) fears of feeling unworthy of all your dreams and not so politely shoving them out the door. I so needed this work on my heart and I’m incredibly thankful for my takeaways this year.

I’m a 26 year old female business owner with the world at my fingertips. My business is on the rise and my name is growing. I am inspiring. I am a leader. My life is too short to wake up unhappy. I’m saying no to doubt and complacency and an enormous yes to God’s awesome plan for me in this life.

I’m owning it. Every part of it.

I’m¬†fiercely committed¬†to focusing on what matters most in my life. For me, that’s family. Loving on them and appreciating time I’m blessed to have with them. For me, that’s being a wonderful and thoughtful friend. For me, that’s working on my health and ¬†fitness and setting big goals for myself. For me, that’s honesty and being authentic. For me (and this one is huge!), that’s spending less time staring at my phone and MORE time making eye contact and connecting with a real human being. For me, that’s living in the moment and appreciating God’s blessings. For me, that’s kindness and encouraging those around me. For me, that’s prayer and faith.

And NONE of these things have to do with my business and that’s because when I do all of these things that matter most – being in the moment with my awesome family, loving on my friends, ¬†speaking truth, running to stay fit and take care of my body, hugging my mom instead of checking Instagram, thanking God for a warm bed to sleep in, praying for a troubled friend or when I’m feeling anxious – that passion my heart is filled to the brim with in doing all of these incredibly important things will literally spill over and infuse itself into my work.

Not only will my work be better,¬†I will be better.¬†I’m ready for better. I’m going back to square one.

Wishing you a week full of what matters most. Get after it.

Semi Retirement

March 11


(taken with my trusty iPhone)

It’s official. My dad has entered a new stage in his life: semi retirement. Always the humble type, he saw no reason to make a fuss about his new found (semi) freedom until my sister asked him where he’d want to go to celebrate. He said he wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory.


The truth is that our family would be lost without my dad. For those who may not already know, my dad is a physician and specializes in sleep medicine. Ever since I can remember my dad has worked overtime in my eyes. My dad was always the first person out of the house in the morning and the last one to get home at night. He never complained about his long hours and even despite them, he made time for us. As my mom mentioned over coffee at dinner this evening, my dad has always known how to work hard and play hard.

I’ve learned so much from him over the years. Appropriately enough, I’ve learned the value of kindness and hard work. Mix those two qualities together, add a dash of teddy bear and you’ve got my dad, Dr. Sullivan, who has spent the last 30 years building a legacy rich with stories of helping hundreds of patients be their very best.

Throughout his transition into semi retirement over the past month, I’ve stuck very close to my dad. I’ve realized more than ever how great of a friend he is to me. To say I’m thankful is an enormous understatement.

Pappy – I’m a proud daughter today and always. Super excited to have time now to go to the driving range together ; ) You realize we can’t make excuses anymore? You’ve got the time now and I’m so happy that you do. ‘Bout time. You deserve this.

 xo, Cbug

What Fires Me Up

March 8

Thoughtfulness. Inspiring Others. Gold & Orange. Laughter. Traveling. Encouraging Others. Focusing on what matters most.

Long, hot showers. Decluttering. Cuddling. Running. Weight training. Watching a great film. A clean desk. A clean desktop. A clean apartment.

Baking cupcakes. Connecting with Making Things Happen alum. A wonderful compliment. Great advice. Einstein’s. Feeling heard and understood. Focus and seeing a task through to the end.

Volunteering. Playing with Noah. Blogging for ME. Communicating well. Surprises. A clean car. Trying something new. Hand written notes.

Airports. Inspirational messages. Over deliver. Managing and exceeding expectations. Trusting myself. Being there for a friend. Right now especially – hanging out with B in Danville. Honesty.

Consistency. A long day of work followed by no internet. Simplicity. Routine. Spontaneity. Making someone else’s day. Sunshine.

Waking up crazy early and getting a lot done. Balance. Growth. New (lofty) ideas. Not comparing myself.

Being in the moment. Not falling behind. Visiting my parent’s house. Learning new things. Limiting social media intake. Prayer.

What fires you up? Make a list. Come back to it when you’re feeling uninspired. Happy weekend! xo

Worth It

March 4

HI. : ) You should know you’re worth it. All of those wild and crazy dreams you have? You deserve to give em a shot. Because life is short. Get out there, work really hard, give more than you receive, be kind to everyone. Amazing things will happen.