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Happy Birthday, Mama G!

April 30

It is really wild to stop and think about how different the world would look if this woman wasn’t born. Pappy wouldn’t have found her. Colin, Dave, Beth and I wouldn’t be here which then means that sweet Noah wouldn’t either. Disney World wouldn’t be funded. Just kidding. Seriously though, this woman has touched so many lives and made such a difference.

I took this photo at Maureen and Matt‘s wedding a few weeks ago. C’mon, how cute is she?! Oh and that cute preggo bump in front? That’s my sweet friend, Nicole. I’m anxiously awaiting her little girl’s arrival in early September! While we’re at it, that’s my dad and my brother in law in the back trying to figure out the parking meter ; )

It’s been one heck of a year for you, Ma. I speak on behalf of the Sully fam and every single person in this world who cares about you (and there are too many to count!)….we are incredibly proud of the way you have carried yourself this past year. *BONUS to all reading this: Mama G had a mammogram yesterday and is officially 6 months cancer free. Praise the Lord!* Thank you for being such an important part of my life. Thank you for always, always being there for me. I love you more than you know!

Can’t wait to give you big birthday hugs and celebrate how wonderful you are….

Happy birthday, Mom!

All my love,


Authentically You

April 29

(print on left from Lara Casey)

Happy Monday, beautiful and capable and loyal friends. I’m so happy you have stopped by today.

I’ve had this on my heart for a while now and wanted to blog about it for some time. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would blog more this year for me. Please don’t misunderstand – when I blog photos of the wonderful people I work with, that is most definitely for me too. I only mean to blog more for the Caitlin that exists outside of the photography realm. While photography and this ‘pinch-me-is-this-really-my-job’ career of mine that is blossoming by the second before my eyes is absolutely an¬†enormous part of my life, there is so much more to me. There is so much more to Caitlin – the imperfectly perfect girl behind this blog.

I’ve worked really, really, really hard to define my voice. It is no secret that I am a positive person. Heck, my brand is centered around a ray of sunshine. I often blog about being thankful and seeing the glass as half full. Blogging in a light of gratitude, albeit hard at times, is a choice I make every single time I hit Publish and share my life with the world.

What I never want is for anyone coming here to think for a second that I’m that girl that is constantly blowing sunshine out of my ass from a place that isn’t authentic. Think that may be the first time I’ve said ass here and it probably won’t be the last.

I am a real person. I hurt. I’ve experienced great pain in my life. But in spite of the pain, I choose joy. That is my voice. Life can be heavy. We all know that. I’m not interested in dwelling on that here. As far as I’m concerned, this blog is an open party to celebrate anything and everything that makes you truly happy. With every image and every last word, I draw from a very real place that believes in love and happiness and honesty and compassion.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me how they love to come to my blog when they’re having a bad day or feeling uninspired. They tell me my blog makes them feel HAPPY. They tell me my blog makes them SMILE. You guys!!! ¬†Do you have any idea how much this means to me? Do you have any idea how this sets my heart ablaze? Even in typing this now, I’m shaking. No, not caffeine. Having a voice that spreads joy is what makes me tick.

And that’s just it: JOY is what I have to offer to this world.

I won’t lie – there have been times in the past when I didn’t post something because I thought to myself, “Oh, what if they think I’m too happy?” I’m sorry. What? Rewrite.

I need to post about this happiness because it is authentically me. Because, in sharing my joy, I could quite possibly change the trajectory of someone’s life for the positive. Because, why not share happiness in a world that is seemingly run down by the negative?

Right? RIGHT.

That doesn’t mean I’m numbing or ignoring pain and difficulty in my life. ¬†It means making the conscious choice to draw from a heart that is full of thanks.

That Caitlin pictured above? The disheveled, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-I’m-wearing-zero-makeup-and-can’t-be-bothered-because-I’m-about-to-be-in-a-car-for-10-hours Caitlin, she is far from perfect but damn she has a whole lot of love and joy to give.

It’s taken me far too long to be able to say this publicly but I am proud of her. I’m proud of what she has to offer.

I can’t care anymore what others may think. I won’t. Life is too damn short.

Be you. Be authentically you.

With teary eyes and a grateful heart, publish…..

Peter & Teresa

April 25

Thanks for stopping by today! I shot the most beautiful wedding this past weekend and I’m so excited to share it with you here today. Now that I’m three amazing weddings deep into my season, I’m excited for what the rest of this year has in store for me. I’ve been blessed thus far to work with clients who have become friends (the best!) and I look forward to continuing that trend throughout the remainder of 2013.

Peter and Teresa’s engagement photos were some of my favorite yet. I drove up to Chicago this past fall and despite efforts to avoid shooting in the rain (we had already rescheduled once), we had another gray and rainy day our on our second day around so we decided to just go for it and make it work. What resulted was easily one of my favorite engagement shoots ever. Thanks to the rain, the sun set over the skyline of Chicago leaving fuzzy shades of oranges and pinks. And here I was with a couple who not only knows how to go with the flow, very well i might add, but is an absolute blast. Everything added up quite well and I left Chicago that night even more anxious and excited to photograph Peter and Teresa’s wedding.

Peter and Teresa married this past Saturday and it was all stunning. Every last detail. I briefly chatted with Teresa the afternoon of her wedding about our relief to have such gorgeous weather – it rained almost every day last week leading up to their wedding on Saturday. You never would have known on Saturday, though. The sun was shining with a cool breeze. It was perfect. They married at St. Mary’s (my second time shooting there this month) and had their reception at the beautiful Indiana State Museum. I run past the ISM on my running route every week and have always envisioned P&T’s wedding there when I pass – it was a wonderful venue that did not disappoint.

P&T – I’m so grateful for you guys. Thank you for the chance to do what I love. It was so awesome spending the day with your wonderful friends and family. So happy to call you both new friends. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Love and gratitude,


Awesome bridal party. So much fun!!!

St. Mary’s is always stunning. Love this look Peter’s wearing as Teresa walks down the aisle.


I was pretty smitten with the bridesmaids looks – there was a lot of amazing hair at this wedding. By the way, the three lovely maids on the left are Teresa’s sisters and the gorgeous maid on the right is Peter’s sister.

My favorite.

I love these two together!

Love this shot of the father/daughter dance. Teresa’s dad, Steve, was an absolute blast!

Thank you so much to Esther Boston for all of awesome help.

Have a wonderful day! I appreciate you. -C

Pappy in a Photo Booth

April 22

Happy Monday, my friends. You’re so great to be here right now. Thank you from the bottom of my beating heart!

If you watch Ellen, let me go ahead and give you a heads up: Justin Timberlake will be on her show on Thursday. Set your DVRS, skip class, heck – take work off. He’s worth it, right? ; ) Pazzo and I have set aside that hour. All we’ve got to do is get some snacks on snacks on snacks and we’re ready to go.

I’m hoping my dad won’t disown me for posting this image on my blog for the world to see. This image was taken in a photo booth at my wedding two weekends ago where my parents were guests. Much to my delight, my dad was eager to hop in the photo booth with props. You guys – I know I harp on this often but I truly have the best family and I’m so. dang. thankful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without ’em and they make me better every day.

With my mom’s birthday around the corner (it has been a big year for her) and Noah’s 2nd birthday in just a couple weeks, I’m reminded how much there is in my life to be thankful for. Yesterday my mom and I went out with Beth to help her plan for her wedding. More and more I’m envisioning her big day and I could squeal from excitement. I can’t wait to have all of the people that matter most to B and Marcus in the same room!

Last night I just started firing off things I’m thankful for in my life while driving in my car. Thought I’d share some of those things here. These things (+more) filled the entire duration of my drive from Danville to Indy which isn’t short. When you are grateful, you have enough. ¬†What are you grateful for today?

Opportunity. Potential. The power behind asking. Thoughtfulness. The clothes on my back. Growth. Prayer. Recovery. This blog. A job that affords me the flexibility to make my own schedule. Clients who become friends. The Ellen show. ¬†Laughter. —>¬† NBA playoffs (and more specifically that the Pacers are in there as the number 3 seed). Cupcakes (x’s infinity). My apartment!!! (Honestly, I never thought I’d have my own place in downtown Indy and be able to afford living here doing what I really love. What a blessing.) Along this same line, though scary up front, grateful for feelings of outgrowing this apartment – I have plans to buy a home in 2014 and I’m excited to pursue that next step. Shot a stunning wedding this past weekend, so thankful for that opportunity. Mom. Dad. Colin. David. Beth. Marcus. Makenzie. Noah. Both of the King families and the Morton crew. Friends who make life fun. The MTH community. Fresh air. Tulips – oh my word the tulips right now. Sending handwritten notes just because. Kid President. Driving with my windows down. Friendships in my life that have grown in the past couple of months. Surprises. Running in the sunshine. Big ideas that set my heart on fire.¬†

Because Cupcakes Make Everything Better

April 19

Maureen + Matt

April 18


Hi there! So excited to share this wedding with you today. Why not add a little more sunshine to this gray and rainy week? Remember Maureen and Matt? I took their engagement photos in Chicago over the summer. My sister tagged along and the four of us went to a Cubs game. We had such a great time! I love a good trip up north to Chicago in the summer months. Maureen was my sister’s best friend growing up – she went to St. Thomas for grade school and we all irish danced together for many years. She’s practically like a sister to me so you can imagine my excitement when she reached out to me to take her wedding photos soon after she was engaged!

Maureen and Matt married last week at St. Mary’s with their reception at Sahm’s in the One America building. It was such a special day for so many reasons. Since Mo grew up with Beth, she is close with my parents and they were guests at the wedding. So fun to see my dad smiling back at me during their ceremony! : ) Beth was a bridesmaid, too, so it was a family event! My dad said to me later that night, “I had no idea you moved around so much at the ceremony!” It never occurred to me that my parents had never seen me at work at a wedding. Proud moment to show ’em what I’ve worked hard to build and why I love what I do.

What I loved most about photographing Mo’s wedding was remembering the history we have together. So awesome to see an old and dear friend marry her best friend.

M&M – Thank you so very much for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I was so honored to play a part in your big day. I won’t ever forget it! You guys deserve nothing but the best. Hope you two are living it up for us all in the Dominican Republic. I won’t lie, I’m pretty jealous with all of the rain we’ve had this week.

Much love,


Maureen made a last minute shoe change and I was a little smitten. What girl doesn’t love a little sparkle?

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Matt over the past year. He’s a great guy and loves Maureen so much.

My blog = my rules. These two make my heart SO happy!

Oh Maureen, you really are stunning. Thank you so much to Kiralee with Eyemax for doing a phenomenal job on Maureen’s makeup.

Elizabeth (you know it’s a big deal when I use your full name), I’m going to cry enormous tears if you are even a fraction this beautiful on your wedding day. Seriously.

Matt’s mama on the left and Maureen’s on the right : )

That shot there on the left was taken by my lovely second shooter, Nicole, just seconds before Maureen walked down the aisle.

THIS. This moment was amazing. Maureen’s father passed away at the end of October. All of her brothers and sisters walked her down the aisle. All together there were six of them. So powerful and so special.


So her dad could be with her all day.

Pictured on the right is a patch of fabric sewed underneath Maureen’s dress from one of her father’s shirts…

Special shout out to Katie B. ¬†– thank you so much for helping Maureen and Matt’s reception flow so well!

It is tradition in the Jennings family to give an Irish blessing to every newly married couple in their family. Such a cool moment.

I’ll end on this image because it makes me so happy – Matt’s parents on the dance floor.

Have a great evening, everyone! -C

Start Now

April 17

Ah, this photo. It’s like taking a walk down memory lane. I can look at each of these business cards and literally step back into that time in my life. Looking back, there are moments I remember and think, why did I do that? What was I thinking? But then I say NO – that’s my heart right there. These three business cards? They’re practically a road map to the last 5 years of my life. ¬†They’re a road map to my heart.

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. -David Viscott

When I started my business in college, I barely knew which way was up. All I knew was my love for taking photos and I let that passion drive me. What was HUGE and has remained paramount in the growth of my business and more importantly on a personal level has been never letting the fear of failure stop me from beginning. See failure, that’s actually the good stuff. I used to be terrified to fail and fall flat on my face. Now, I see failure as an opportunity to grow and be better. Every hugely successful person you see has failed a million times over and learned from each one. Please don’t be discouraged by the fear of failing – it’s an imperative part of an equation that yields success.

What are you waiting for? It pains me to go there, but we are reminded by the terrible events at the Boston Marathon (an event that hit SO close to home being a runner myself) that life and health are precious.

I don’t care if it’s that you’re putting off organizing a lunch with friends or putting off dreams to open up your own business- if you’ve got something in mind that you know in the depths of your heart will make you happy…

Get after that, guys! Life is short. Start right now.

Natira + Jenn

April 16

Happy Tuesday, you guys! Let’s talk for a second about how it’s already the middle of April. What in the world? Wasn’t it NYE, like, yesterday? In a conversation last night with my sister, brother in law and a few kind friends, we talked about how time is flying. ¬†Noah will be 2 next month! ¬†Beth is getting married in 7 months! When you’re younger, time seemed to crawl – especially when it was 3:05 and you eagerly anticipated that bell to ring granting you freedom to rush your behind home so you could catch the Rosie O’Donnell show. (Whoa, tangent. Times have changed. You didn’t do that, too?) Crazy Rosie O’Donnell aside, I crave the way time seemed to quietly float and never land when I was younger. Why is it when you’re older, there’s this constant buzz and hurriedness to accomplish that next thing on your to do list?? I’m doing the best I can these days to quit rushing the moments. It’s a constant battle but so worth the fight. There’s a lot of happiness to be had in this moment and I don’t want to miss out.

But on to Natira and Jenn. Oh, these sweet ladies! They honestly might be two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Our friendship started over the summer when I first skyped with them and got to know them (and their cat) a little better. They both were living in Baltimore at the time. I loved sharing stories and hearing how they met. We took their engagement photos last weekend and ooo Lord, it was a windy one! We had such a great time! I’m so thankful for this business of mine that brings awesome people into my life. I’m enormously blessed and so grateful for wonderful clients and friends.

N+J – Thank you so much for coming out and sharing an evening with me! (And not once complaining about the wind!) So excited to be with you on your big day in August. It’ll be here before we know it!



I’ve recently been drawn to all things polka dot so you can imagine my excitement when Natira showed up in this adorable number!

See what I mean about the wind? They were troopers! : )

That would be Natira holding her dress down from the wind. Love this shot of Jenn on the right.

Real quick before I dart, saw 42 over the weekend. Great flick! Can’t wait for this movie, this movie and THIS MOVIE to come out this year. Ahh! Gonna be a big year in the box office!

Happy eve! xx

Look For the Helpers

April 15

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ ¬†To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster’, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” Mister Rogers

Sending heartfelt prayers to all of those affected by the boston marathon tragedy.

Adrianne, Michael and Miles

April 9

Happy Tuesday! Thankful today for my health, great friends and plenty of sunshine. I’ve had my windows open working all day. ¬†One perk from being self employed is popping in your favorite movie while you work which today was Crazy Stupid Love. Those last two minutes of that movie with THIS SONG (!!) gives me goosebumps every time! I guess what I really wanna say is that I’m…I’m so glad you bought me that ice cream. Ahh, amazing.

You might remember this sweet family! I took Adrianne and Michael’s maternity photos and Miles’ newborn photos last year. This little guy turned one in March! How adorable is this child? Oh you’ll see! I’m happy and excited to dive into more family shoots now that the weather is much nicer. I really do love photographing families with young children and this family was no exception!

A,M + Little Miles – So awesome to see you guys again! Thanks so much for spending the evening with me as we documented this fun time in your lives. Miles is awesome – you guys should be so proud!

Caitlin : )

How could I not start with this photo? Look at Miles striking a pose!

“Miles, where’s your tummy?”

Having an almost two year old nephew, I’m familiar with lots of pointing. And then figuring out what we’re pointing at : )

Oh just lovin’ life!

We bought Miles a celebratory cupcake. He was both ecstatic and bewildered.

And then helped himself to the icing : )

Sweet boy.

Have a great night, guys!