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Carmel Family Session: The Heidt Family

June 21


Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by before the weekend starts. Excited to share this sweet family with you all. I was totally smitten with this group of four. We had a beautiful Sunday morning a few weeks back to take these photos. I say this often and it bears repeating: I ADORE photographing families. Especially families with younger kids like the Heidt family. Kids will hand it to you like it is and that can go one of two ways when you are photographing them: miserably or just plain awesome. I love that kids won’t mess around. Sure, it makes it more challenging sometimes. A lot of times I’ve got to figure out what makes a kiddo happy and fast. But that’s okay because I love a good challenge : ) Nola was so sweet with her baby brother who was only a month old at the time. JJ was quite possibly the easiest baby I’ve ever photographed. Just really chill and sleepy – not fussy at all. He was a doll. Can’t wait for all of the remaining families I have yet to photograph this year. It’s gonna be a blast!

Heidt crew – You’re wonderful. Thanks so much for having me out to your beautiful home to photograph your stunning family. I’m blessed by the opportunity to work with you. Hope you love these as much as I do!


Had to include this. How sweet?! Glad Whiskey could make it into some of these photos.

Have an awesome weekend, guys!

Zoobilation: A Night Out on the Town with Pepper Construction

June 20

Happy Thursday! I had such a fun time celebrating Zoobilation with the folks at Pepper Construction last week. I was honored to have photographed a small portion of the party. For those who might not be familiar with Zoobilation, it is a massive fundraiser for our beautiful zoo in downtown Indianapolis. It’s a black tie event with a huge turnout every year. This year was my first time attending and I had such a blast! So fun to see so many gorgeous people dressed to the nines for an awesome cause. Goodness there was great food everywhere, too! I had my first experience with Fogo de Chao – YUM. My sister and I also bumped into Colts players Gary Bracket and Robert Matthis after riding the kiddie coaster. The weather was perfect as we celebrated beneath the Indy skyline. It was an incredible night I’ll always remember.

Here I am with my beautiful date, my big sister. What girl doesn’t love to get dolled up for a night out on the town?

9 Videos

June 19

I’ve always loved playing around with video from time to time. Sometimes it’s nice to think outside of a photographer’s eye. While these videos are far from technically perfect, I’m so happy I shot these. I look back at these now and see how much I’ve grown as a person in the past three years and I’m so grateful. Got a few minutes to spare today? Feel free to check some/all of these out! Thanks for stopping by.

I shot this in March at the Making Things Happen 2 day conference. I’m incredibly blessed to be an MTH alum myself and a part of such an amazing community that enriches my life daily. There are no words for what it feels like to be surrounded by this kind of energy.

Making Things Happen l Chapel Hill, NC from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Remember when my sister got engaged last summer? We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of this awesome day. Crazy!

Surprise Engagement Party: Beth + Marcus from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

This was shot for my parents 37th wedding anniversary. This year they will be celebrating 39 years on the same day my sister is getting hitched!

37 Years from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Celebrate from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

One of the greatest days of my life – the day my nephew, Noah George, was born.

Noah George Sullivan from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

For Mother’s Day a couple years back.

Love You More Than Anyone from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

NYC from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Halloweeeeen 2010 : ) from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

OBX 2010 from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

“The world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done.”

June 13

 (Thank you sweet Esther for this photo.)

In order to read any further you must be imperfect. Oh hold up that’s everyone. We’re all in that boat. Read on.

Do you fall victim of wanting to be perfect in your life? Maybe it’s just one area in your life you’re obsessive over? I’ve been there. I’ve done that. Ironically, in striving for perfection in all of its glorified unattainability, I’ve actually held myself back. In running toward a finish line that never appeared, I’ve tired myself out.

If I had stopped the summer before my senior year of college and thought for a second about all of the mistakes I’d make along this journey of starting and owning my own business, I promise you I would have hightailed my behind home and I would have slipped under the warm covers – never to come out again. Being imperfect in the face of chasing my dreams, that’s heavy stuff.

But I wish I would have embraced that truth in all of its weight and then some. The truth of the matter is the imperfections are where the magic happens. No one ever grew from doing the same thing over and over. No one ever grew from flat terrain.

Have you seen this industry I’m in? It’s CRAZY TALENTED. Everywhere I look, every nook, cranny, and crevice on the web – there is a space full of work that drips with talent. Comparison is the thief of joy. Ever heard that before? I’m sure you have or maybe you’ve seen it pinned on Pinterest. ¬†(It seems we all need that reminder from time to time.) In the past, my way of “battling” all of this talent I was immersed in was trying to be perfect. Trying so hard to be perfect. Try try try.

And yet, there is no perfect. There never was. I was only running in circles only to let myself down again and again.

“The world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done.”

I saw this surface on the web today and it blew me away. So true. Stopped me in my tracks.

The journey for me has been about re-defining perfectionism in my life to this: Doing my honest to God best.

Because really, what more CAN I do? For my family? For my friends? For my clients and my business? All that matters in the end is that I know when I slip under the covers at night that I gave all I could.

Are you making mistakes in your life? Are you traversing bumpy terrain? Are you unsure at times? Yes? Awesome. That means your human. Now stop beating yourself up about it and move forward. Do your best. Do stuff. Do lots of things. Don’t let the fear of imperfection hold you back.

For an added kick in the pants, I want to leave you with a few quotes I pulled from this article I’d hug in real life if I could.

“Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.”

” ‘Finished last’ will always be better than ‘Did not finish’, which always trumps ‘Did not start.’ “

“Thinking too long about doing something is often the reason it never gets done.”

“Doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing.”

“You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.”¬†

Go get em.


Katie + Clark: An Indianapolis Summer Engagement

June 12

I’m sitting here pulling this post together as chocolate cupcakes are baking behind me. I’ve also got two candles lit and my apartment smells amazing. Baking cupcakes – it’s a thing with me. I love it. I find it to be incredibly therapeutic and actually, these cupcakes I’m baking today are for the kind people at Weavers. Weavers is the happy and colorful flower shop you’ll see in these photos. I had gone into Weavers days prior to this shoot just to make sure it would be okay to bring a couple in there for photos and they more than obliged, telling me “Make sure you check out these flowers! They just bloomed.” I adore that. World needs more people like that, right? Plus, this girl is always looking for a reason to bake cupcakes. Thanks to the kind hearts at Weavers for feeding my cupcake crush.

Katie sent me the sweetest note months ago. I remember one part in particular that went a little something like, “I’ve been waiting for the day I’d be engaged and could email you about photos!” I promise you, there are many nice emails that come my way, but this kind is especially awesome. We clicked immediately when we met. She told me her fianc√©’s name is Clark and just like that I’m even more into these two. What a great name. Maybe I love it because I associate Clark with Clark Griswold and all things Christmas. Strong possibility.

Honestly, we had such a great time taking these photos. I’m so happy summer is here and busy season is upon me. As always, feels good to do what I love every day.

K+C – Thanks for coming out and spending the evening with me. You guys are the best and I’m so excited for your November wedding.

Caitlin : )


Katie is such a sweetheart. The kind of girl you love to have around!

Two things. I noticed within minutes of shooting these two that they were wearing my brand colors. Awesome! Also, Clark has some serious watch swag.

Doesn’t get much nicer than Clark. Such a gentleman.


Quick outfit change. I tell my couples not to be afraid of color. Glad these two listened!

I LOVE this shot. So we’ll end with it. Katie and are stunning!!!!

I’ve got cupcakes to deliver. Priorities. Have a great day guys! xo

Coming Soon

June 10

Okay I can’t lie. I first heard this song on Dancing With the Stars. Yes – there was a short while when B and I got into that show this past season. Great mindless television, right? ¬†Did you watch? Did you see THIS DANCE?!! Two things. Love the red high tops. Also, can I please just be a professional hip hop dancer now? I was a little obsessed. ¬†Anyway, the song above – not only does it make me miss playing keys, but boy does it give me chills. So good.

Lot of pretty people coming to the blog soon. Matt & Katie’s stunning Eiteljorg wedding:

Clark & Katie’s super colorful Indianapolis engagement session:

The adorable Heidt family – Joe, Stacey, Nola and 1 month old JJ. Feels so good to dive back into family shoots.

Off for an evening run. Have a great night, friends.