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July 29

Mondays can be tough. Just jump in and fully commit. You’ve got this.

Indianapolis Family Session: Meghan, Brian & Poppy

July 25

Poppy and I are collectively waving right now. Hey guys!!! How are things? Hope you’re enjoying the week. Things are really lifting off over here and shaping up to be an extraordinarily busy remainder of 2013. Between photographing weddings and families, planning a bachelorette party, bridal showers, baby showers (everyone is having babiesss!), training for a marathon, traveling and being the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding in November – well sure, it’s a little busy over here. You know what though? I love it. Everything lately has been made even more special by the fact that my sister is getting married soon. We’re getting so excited for her big day in November and as they say, time is flying and it will be here before we know it. Which also means that fall and football are right around the corner. Yesss!

This has to be one of the sweetest families I’ve ever photographed. There’s something so special about photographing a family of three. Only 1 kiddo to dote on. I’ve photographed all the way up to a family of seven and that too was so fun in it’s own way. But I so love seeing new parents with only their first born. I grew up with Meghan. We Irish danced together for many years and spent many Wednesdays together at practice. She also happens to be one of those friends who I can pick up on life with despite any length of time away from each other. All of my dance friends are that way and I love that. Poppy just turned one yesterday so this post is a belated birthday present for her! 🙂

Meghan, Brian & Poppy – I’m excited you guys are back in Indy! I can only hope this means I’ll be seeing a lot more of you. Hope you guys had a blast celebrating Poppy’s happy day yesterday. She’s pure sunshine and I’m so glad I got to finally meet her. Thank you for having me over to your cute home for some fun. So great seeing you guys.



I just adore this family. And their perfect front door. Anybody else thinking that? Seriously!! I’m totally in love with that shot on the left. Somethin’ tells me Poppy will love it too when she grows up!

It’s so fun as a photographer to see a dad with his first born. This is obviously such an awesome time in Brian’s life. He’s totally smitten with Poppy and it’s heart warming to see.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating – seeing friends marry and start families is such a cool part of growing up.  Meghan has always been a warm and caring soul and those characteristics have translated, as you can imagine, so well for her into motherhood. Two moments below that happen day in and day out at this point in Poppy’s life and I’m so happy I was able to capture them for this family to remember always. Poppy is one lucky little gal to have Meghan as her mommy.

I’ll tell you what – there are no words for how happy this image makes me.

I just want to squeeze this child!!! These images make me look forward to someday, God willing, having a sweet little family of my own like this…

Poppy and her blue eyes! Wow. With parents as good lookin’ as hers she is sure to be a stunner. Oh also, Meghan made that GORGEOUS quilt Poppy is sitting on. How amazing is that?

Look at that sweet 1 year old. Hi Poppy!! : )

I’m a sucker for putting the dog in some photos. He is, after all, a part of their family. This is Moose. I’m crazy about that name for a pet. Moose is a sweetheart. There are many shots I got with Moose’s eyes shut and it’s just about the cutest thing ever combined with Poppy in the photos. But here are a few with his eyes open looking extra handsome. I need a dog.

Then we moved inside for a few bath time photos – Poppy’s favorite time of day.

I can’t. This child. So adorable.

Thanks for stopping by. Off to the dentist. I know…wompwomp.  -C


July 15

Hey friends! I’m booking fast for fall family sessions. If you’re thinking of setting up a time for family photos, please send me an email this week? Would love to try to fit you in before my schedule fills up. Thanks! Hope you are all having a great start to your week. -C

Elevator Joy Bomb

July 11

As Kid President would say: Don’t be in a party, be the party.

Best Assistant

July 10

Pazzo man – best assistant ever with that face. Just a normal day in my office today! New favorite? Listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts while editing. Also apple slices with peanut butter – YUM! Client meeting tonight, family shoot on friday, helpin’ a friend at a wedding this weekend. And lots of cuddles with this guy in between. Happy evening!

Indianapolis Garden Pavillion Wedding: Amy + Peter

July 9

Hey there! Thanks for stopping in to visit. It’s been a great week so far and it’s only Tuesday. Feeling excited about my future and the possibilities today. Over the weekend, I smiled at the thought of sharing Amy and Peter’s wedding here this week. I’ve absolutely loved working with these two.

When I first met with Amy, it was easy and made sense. You know? It just fit together perfectly. I’m not kidding any of you when I say that Amy is one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever met. With every opportunity, every email, every comment and brief note she leaves, she exudes kindness and constantly brightens my day. When I met Peter at their engagement shoot in Bloomington last fall, I saw so clearly why they are a great match. Peter is also so kind, fun and such a gentleman. Together, they are the sweetest pair. Their ceremony was at St. John’s downtown and their reception followed at the Ritz Charles Garden Pavillion. I love shooting at the garden pavillion – so much natural light that is a photographer’s dream.

A&P- You two! I adore you guys. Thanks so much for the honor of being your wedding photographer. Your day was honestly perfect. It’s been a blast getting to know you and I’m so looking forward to keeping in touch!

Much love,


I’ll tell you what – I love when a bride wears a pop of color on her nails for her big day!

Meanwhile….I won’t lie, I had a good laugh when I looked through the getting ready photos of the guys my sweet second shooter, Gail, snapped for me. Peter had a rowdy and FUN crew of guys with him on 6/22.

First time seeing herself all dolled up 🙂

Peter’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time was really sweet.

Amy and Peter married at the gorgeous St. John’s downtown on Capitol Street.

I posted this image on facebook – my favorite moment on their wedding day. Peter wiping away Amy’s tears during their vows..

Love this shot Gail grabbed of the groomsmen.


Amy has the most stunning green eyes. Also, I’m never mad about polka dots.

I love this. I just noticed in posting this that the groomsmen on the right – his boutineer is flipped upside down. I’m still posting it : ) Oops. Photographing groomsmen is never a boring experience – I’ll tell you that much.

Peter’s gift to Amy on the left. High fives, Peter!

Is it a surprise to anyone that I was a little weepy at this point?

There were numerous adorable children (some with BRITISH ACCENTS! does it get any better?!) at this wedding. That little charmer on the left is Peter’s nephew. He sat at our table and totally had me smitten. Especially when he was stuffing his face with cake.

Peter’s most important request at his wedding? Brinner – “breakfast for dinner” late night snacks for their guests.

Thank you to the lovely Gail Werner for all of your help. Such a fun time with you!

You know what’s on this evening – So You Think You Can Dance. All over that. Team Curtis.

Have a great night! -C

Indianapolis Eiteljorg Wedding: Katie + Matt

July 2

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got an awesome workout with my trainer under my belt from earlier this morning and a holiday ahead this week. I’ve also got plans to hang with my sweet friends, Dan and Nicole Green, later tonight. Nicole is a wonderful photographer and friend – and they are expecting their first baby, a girl, in September. September 4th to be exact. That’s my birthday too! : ) I told Nicole to relay the message the message to Millie that she’s welcome to hang around and arrive on 9/4 so she can be birthday twins with me and Beyonce. Who doesn’t want to share a birthday with Beyonce? Anyway, it is a good day in apartment two-one-one.

I’m excited to share this couple with you guys today! This wedding was stunning on so many levels. When I met with Katie months ago, I knew we would be a great match. I had such a fun time photographing their engagement photos at Wood Wind Golf Club where they met. When I found out Katie and Matt were working with Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination, I was even more excited. Jessica, like Katie, is a doll and so friendly. She’s great at what she does and always helps the day run smoothly. These two married at Pleasant View Lutheran Church and had their ceremony at the Eiteljorg downtown. Their ceremony was short and sweet and their details at their reception? Awesome. One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding is slipping into the reception site when it’s all done up before guests start to file in – Katie, her wonderful mother Leslie, and Jessica did a remarkable job bringing all of the details together to create a beautiful space.

K&M – Thank you so much for the honor of photographing your wedding. I always count myself blessed to have a chance to do what I love and I’m grateful that you gave me an opportunity. Looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing what the future has in store for you guys!



B for Katie’s new last name – Bartheld.

Every last detail at this wedding was perfect.

That’s Katie’s mother, Leslie, helping put Katie’s veil in – easily one of the nicest mothers I’ve ever worked with.


The Eiteljorg is such a great space that transforms so well. Thank you, Jessica, for all of your hard work and for ensuring Katie + Matt’s day ran smoothly.

Thanks so much Lydia for all of your awesome help!

Have a great night! -C