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The Hard Work

August 27

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a bit. In a bout of serious spontaneity, I booked a trip to Puerto Rico with a best friend less than two weeks ago. We booked on a Monday and left Thursday. I’ve always loved living in the moment – makes me feel incredibly alive.

Puerto Rico? Well, it’s insanely beautiful. I needed to get away to recharge. Recalibrate. I’ve always been a traveler and can appreciate a foreign setting to help shift my world into perspective. No better way to cleanse the lense through which you view your life than to see new places and experience new things.

There are more photos and stories about Puerto Rico to come. In the mean time, a thought:

In going to Puerto Rico and seeing photos of this heavenly getaway while researching beforehand, I had these expectations of what it would look like when I got off the plane and the truth is, Puerto Rico didn’t resemble those images. At least not from the get go. There was a blend of busyness and commercialism sprinkled with a dash of rush hour in our first 2 hours on the island. You know those serene images where beaches sparkle with crystal blue water? “Where the crap are those!?” I thought to myself that first day. “Shouldn’t they be, well…EVERYWHERE?!”

In short, and this is totally a metaphor of life I’m pulling from this experience, we always had to WORK to get to those beaches. ¬†Really, truly work. They were very rarely “just off the ferry” or “just off the plane” or “just down the street”. In visiting Vieques island, my favorite spot we visited while in Puerto Rico, the most breathtaking beach I’ve ever seen came only after jumping through a series of hoops that left us feeling discouraged and frustrated. After an unsuccessful run in with a jeep rental company wherein a not so friendly woman rented us a jeep with no gas (FAIL), we had to buck up and find another company and fast and make the best of the few hours we had left on the island. Fortunately, we found another company and flew to the southwestern tip of the island in our red jeep. We eventually came to Green Beach, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life. Just us and two kiddos who were waiting for some hero to come rescue their parents’ jeep from the sand. Getting to Green Beach was incredibly frustrating at times, but it was so worth it when we finally made it. Hearing Bittersweet Symphony ¬†come on the radio on our drive back to the ferry gave me chills. “THIS is living,” Megan said.

Of course, you are not dumb and know that not every day is a cake walk. But I just wanted to remind you joy costs pain. As my friend Molly once said to me, “There are crappy seasons in life so you can really appreciate the sweet ones.”

If you are feeling stuck, keep goin’ in that jeep. You’ll find your beach soon enough.

Indianapolis Family Session: The King Family

August 6

Hi guys! How’s it going today? Hope you’re well and enjoying your week so far. I’m a busy bee this week – most notably with pulling together details for my sister’s bachelorette party this weekend. I’m so so so excited to celebrate her and love on her with a group of gals that adore her. If you haven’t met my sister, I hope you get the chance to someday. She has the innate ability to brighten any circumstance and that’s not just me practicing my speech here. I haven’t been in a wedding since my Godmom’s back when I was I think in the 5th or 6th grade? It was a while ago. Being promoted to Maid of Honor was quite the jump but I’m having a blast with it and really trying to soak in this time. ¬†Also, completely unrelated to my sister getting married in November, I have a problem. I need a place to talk about it: I’m mildly obsessed with Breaking Bad. Who’s with me here?! I have an enormous crush on Aaron Paul and much to my dismay I found out last week while watching interview with him on the Jay Leno show that he recently married. Bummer. I’ve liked my TV shows here and there and have been sad to see them go. FRIENDS, for instance, is a perfect (and predictable you might say) example. But, with only 8 shows left in Breaking Bad until the curtains fall, ¬†I fear I might need a day of mourning. If this hasn’t been a public endorsement to watch that show if you don’t already, I’m not sure what else will do the trick. ¬†: )

It is always an enormous honor when another photographer reaches out to have me photograph her family. Such was the case with Betsy. Betsy is an extra sweet, fun loving mama who happens to be a wonderful photographer out of Fort Wayne. I’m not embarrassed to say that I discovered her on Instagram initially through mutual friends and started keeping up with the happenings and adventures of her adorable family. I found myself living vicariously through her kiddos, Miles and Jocelyn. Not only were they always up to somethin’ fun, they truly are some of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t hurt ¬†either that Betsy and John are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I joked with my sister the other day that John is even nicer than my own father. If you know my dad on any level at all, you know that is an enormous statement to make. I’ve loved getting to know the King family a little better over the last year. This crew is such a bright spot in my life and is constantly reminding me that life should never be too busy to stop what you’re doing and have some fun. ¬†I’m so pumped to share these images here today. I’m really proud of them!

Betsy, John, Miles & Jocelyn – I’m running out of words to express how much I adore you. ¬†As my nephew would say, “HALP!” (Read: Help.) ¬†Honestly, I’m so honored you asked me to photograph your family. I had so much fun with you! Thank you for everything. Hope to see you guys very soon!

Much Love,


Why, I think you could throw away all the other photos from this shoot leaving only this one and I’d still be over the moon.

Jocelyn, who the family lovingly calls “Joss”, might be the most stunning little girl ever.

Miles is such a kind and curious little guy. Within seconds of arriving, he came up to me and said “Miss Caitlin, I have three questions for you!” Then proceeded to fire off a list of questions. He’s the coolest.

This family even has perfect feet.

My dear, dear friends (thank you, Bob and Margaret!) were kind enough to let us use their property for this shoot. I knew I wanted to take this family somewhere they had never been before. In particular, I wanted Miles to love the space and feel like he was on an adventure. This property has a darling little creek that runs behind the property so we hopped in for a few photos.

I’m not really sure the context of the conversation, but right before I snapped this photo I overheard John say to Joss, “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Joss.” ¬†Which makes me love and adore this moment even more.

Betsy is super mom as far as I’m concerned. Miles and Joss are so lucky to have her as their mommy.

Sometimes you just gotta surf on your parents back, y’know? Oh how I love Miles in these next two photos.

Betsy texted me the day of their shoot and said, “This is a really precious time in our lives, so glad you’re capturing it for us.” Couldn’t agree more. Photographers, you know when you’re on a shoot and find that spot and that light and that pose and you think, “Got it!” … This was that moment for me.

Jossy Sauce, you are perfect in every way.

These kiddos have the best imaginations!

Betsy had the foresight to bring treats to keep Miles and Joss entertained and happy. She brought Bertie Botts every flavor jelly beans – the jelly beans from Harry Potter that taste like terrible things. Miles (on right) was so excited to dive in and try them…

I dunno, I guess you could say John and Betsy make cute babies. Verdict is still out.

This family is brave. I don’t know that I could try a jelly bean designed to taste like grass or vomit, but more power to these awesome people.

We finished up with some ice cream. My guess is you can probably tell by looking at these next photos what the temperature was like that day ; )

It was HOT! And the ice cream melted in 2.5 seconds but I don’t care – I still love these photos and how melted and messy the ice cream may be. Real life here. These kids are precious even if they are covered in ice cream.

King family – you make me smile!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great night! -C