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Noblesville IN Family Session: Chris, Kelsey, Tucker, Tanner, Ripley & Pearcon

October 31

Happy Halloween!

Nothing scary about this family. Nope – not one scary thing about the Swishers. Except for maybe how beautiful this family is. I suppose then scary in a delightful way is a better way to phrase it…

Remember these guys? In my opinion, they are hard to forget not only because of their scary good looks (am I on a roll yet?) but because of well, THIS REMARKABLE FAMILY. For a blissful three months, I was lucky enough to nanny for Chris and Kelsey’s youngest son, Ripley. He was 6 months old when I first started watching him and now he looks like a young man in those suspenders. Ugh, the suspenders. What is it with little boys in suspenders? It kills me with cuteness.

As life would have it, we only see each other every so often though one of my 2014 goals will honestly be to make it up at least once a month to catch up with this crew. This family makes me grateful and hopeful on so many levels. Kelsey, a super mama of 4, has joked with me recently, ¬†“I need to get together with your Mom and see how she did it!” ¬†I’m currently in planning mode to make this get together happen. Chris and Kelsey remind me of a young Mama G and Pappy. Think that’s just one reason I love them so much.

Let’s jog your memory a bit before we begin, ‘kay? Here are the Swishers when I photographed them last fall.¬†¬†Here they are before sweet PLou joined their crew.¬†And now I will praise God for growth in my work and buttery light – amen!

Swish crew – Love you all like crazy. Thanks for being a light in my life.



Why, that moment on the left was the moment I knew if I got nothing else throughout the session, I’d be alright. Photogs, you ever have those moments?

This….this is Ripley Duke Swisher and he will always have a special place in my heart.

Tucker on the left and Tanner on the right. These two are all boy and good at it. As a side note, Tucker may be one of funniest human beings I know. I once heard a story where Tucker, upon walking up to his school’s front doors towards the end of a school year said, “How many days left in this prison?” How hilarious!? I hope Chris and Kels don’t mind me sharing that story here. I honestly tell strangers that story – it’s a favorite of mine. I can only hope and pray my kids have the same sense of humor at that age. Truth is the Swisher men are sweethearts through and through.

They learn from their dad, Chris. Chris is one of the sweetest, most hardest working guys I know. The Swisher fam is lucky to have him!

I look up to Kelsey in so many ways. She is one awesome and gorgeous mama!

Sweet Plou – this girl is a firecracker and full of great things. I look forward to sharing more of her story on the blog here soon. I love so much that she has three big brothers. NO ONE will ever mess with this girl.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the two on the right for making that love nugget on the left.

Happy trick or treating! Whenever you’re able to do it….

Much love, C

The Anderson Family: Jill, Austin + Emerson

October 30

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! It’s yet another gloomy day in these parts but I’m lucky to have this gorgeous little one lighting up my life this afternoon. You are gonna love Miss Emerson!

Remember Jill and Austin? I shot their wedding last year and their engagement photos as well. They have been such wonderful people not only to work with but honestly more so to even know on a personal level. When I found out they were expecting (after posting a photo to facebook of the two of them holding a bottle of “Prego” sauce – they were glowing!) ¬†I started imagining how beautiful their kid would be. Well, Emerson arrived and did not disappoint.

After several reschedules due to weather, I finally was lucky enough to steal some time of theirs one afternoon to document this awesome time in their lives. Yet another couple setting the bar high for the rest of us that want to have kids someday.

Jill, Austin + E – So much fun seeing you guys and playing catch up. It’s a shoot like yours where I’m reminded how fortunate I am not only to work with people just like you but more importantly to be able to stay in touch. Blessed by your friendship and excited to watch you add more adorable Anderson babies over the years!

Keep shining,


We all remember Jill’s hair right? HOW COULD ONE FORGET. It’s amazing.

Cute as a button, that Emerson! She made us work for some smiles but we got some!

Where is a spoon so I can just eat this girl up!? Those cheeks! I just wanna squeeze her!

You’ve probably noticed Emerson’s jeans by this point? If you haven’t – Emerson’s jeans. They are precious.

Austin is an awesome daddy. One of my all time favorite shots to get during a family shoot is a dad with his girl/s. Such a special relationship there!

Pizza and carving pumpkins with my little nephew tonight. Life is good. Have a great night! -C

Lesson From this Girl

October 28

After a trip to Buy Buy Baby this morning wherein I had a laughing fit reading a registry that seemed as though it was written in a foreign language, it’s clear to me that I’m not ready for kids. I hope though when I am ready that my kid will have this much sass and spunk. Keep it fun. Keep it weird.

Focusing on What Matters

October 23

Twenty minutes until I board my plane back to Indy. I hear some Hoosiers woke up to a dusting of snow on their cars. I’d be lying if I said hearing this news didn’t me a little giddy. I do love snow in the months leading up to Christmas but come Dec 26th, please winter – be kind.

I’ve been in Chapel Hill, NC for the past couple of days for the Making Things Happen conference. This was my third time attending and honestly, with every conference I put under my belt, I have a completely different experience with unique takeaways. When I went for the first time in San Francisco back in November of 2010, I was about a year and a half out of college and trying to figure out what the heck to do with this photography thing. Shortly after I rebranded and my business, by the grace of God, took off. When I went back in March of this year, I was so inspired to be surrounded by so many hopeful people and now, October of 2013, I stood up on day 1 and said, “I’m here to celebrate where I am!” ¬†Really, I’m in such a great place.

MTH is a swift kick in the pants. It makes you reevaluate your life and whether or not you’re really on the track you intend to be on. I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to focus on what really matters. To me that’s family and loving on those that mean so much to me.

Some think you need to work your ass off in your business or workplace to get ahead in life. I think you need to love your heart out to be exactly where you should be. Everything else will fall into place.

Peek Into My Office

October 16


Last night I found this new office chair at Marshalls and I said, “Yes please!” ¬†Can you blame me? I was carrying a Dunkacinno from Dunkin Donuts.

Speaking of yummy hot drinks, I bought two Halloween cards at Target this morning to surprise two people in the mail this week with a little Starbucks gift card love. If you’re wondering who’s funding (alone) the Halloween card section at Target, it’s me.

White lights make everything cozy, don’t you think?

This is random, but the above picture makes me want to write more. In the morning before the sun comes up with my cozy white lights glowing overhead and Pazzo purring at my side. Actually Pazzo would still be sleeping. He is the laziest cat I know. (Except when I wake up to him sprinting across the length of my apartment in the middle of the night.)

I love to write. I once had a friend tell me if I ever wrote a book she’d be the first one in line to buy it and I was all, “Whoah let’s not get carried away!” but really in my heart of hearts that’s just because I’m shy and not the best at taking compliments. It meant a lot. Someday, maybe that’s an avenue I’ll pursue.

Random thought number 2: The Pioneer Woman’s site makes me insanely happy. I could feel exhausted, worn out and quite frankly dead to the world but with 5 minutes on Ree’s site, I am not so dead. Not so exhausted. And usually read to make some Nutella Rice Krispie Treats.¬†

Lets just stop keeping count and throw some more random out there.

I’m still crushing on Aaron Paul.

I’m heading to Chapel Hill next week for Making Things Happen and I’m excited to be inspired, make new friends, see old friends and go through the work again . Always gives me a swift kick in the pants! (In a good way.)

This: Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up. Just something I saw on the internets earlier today and wanted to share.

Did you all see this skit on Kimmel where celebrities read mean tweets written about themselves? If not, watch and laugh. My favorite is Pharrell.

K, gotta run…

Indianapolis Garfield Park Engagement Session: Amanda + Alex

October 14

Happy Monday! A new week ahead of us and fall has finally decided to arrive in Indianapolis. Oh how I’ve been waiting for this weather! Where has it been hiding? I shot a wedding this past weekend in Columbus, OH and was hot while photographing the bridal party outside. HOT. I can’t remember the last time it was this warm in mid October but as of this morning I think the unusual heat wave has passed. I walked outside early this AM to brisk air filling my lungs with a promise of awesome things to come. Fall has that magic about it, don’t you think?

Speaking of warm, it was unusually warm outside for Alex and Amanda’s engagement session earlier this month. In fact, Amanda brought a coat and we all laughed at the thought of keeping it on for longer than a few minutes at the beginning of their shoot. It was just too warm! Remember Amy and Peter’s wedding in June? Of course you do, it was amazing! I first met Amanda and Alex at Amy and Peter’s wedding. Miss Amy, one of the sweetest gals I know, told Amanda about me and her experience working with me for her and Peter’s wedding. While shooting at Amy and Peter’s reception, I was walking around taking candids of their guests. As I always do at receptions, I was walking around the perimeter of their venue looking for smiling faces through my viewfinder when I saw Amanda. She caught me in the act and we exchanged smiles. She came up to me and said, “You’re Caitlin, right?” I said, yes mam! : ) She went on to tell me that Amy ¬†spoke highly of her experience with me and encouraged her to reach out to me about shooting their wedding! (Amy, love you woman!) I chatted briefly with Amanda, met her fiance and we exchanged info. Fast forward a couple weeks and I met with Amanda’s mom and her wedding day of coordinator to chat about details.

I’ve just known from the beginning that I’d love working with these two. They are incredibly kind, warm, fun and easy going. Just like Amy and Peter and all of the couples I’m so lucky to work with. We had such a fun time taking their engagement photos on a perfect “fall” evening at Garfield Park. We were lucky to have warm weather and plenty of sunshine!

Amanda + Alex – Thank you so much for such a fun evening together! So happy we had beautiful weather and I’m even more excited now for your big day in May. Can’t wait!



These two are incredibly sweet with each other.

I had never shot at Garfield park on the south side of downtown Indy. It’s beautiful!

This image just gets me. I love a good hugger. Similarly, I love a good handshake. Nothing worse than a limp handshake when you meet someone new, right? Ew! I digress. Back to this beautiful pair.

October light, I am already starting to miss you.

Amanda is a real gem. Such a sweetheart.

When I first met Amanda at Amy’s wedding, her hair was longer. She has had it cut since then and I LOVE this length on her!

At the end of their shoot, Alex said to me, “You’re really good at what you do. You’re great at keeping people happy, comfortable and excited.” And with that, the Caitlin tears started to well. Okay not quite but close. Guys, your words are powerful. Never underestimate ¬†how a few words can turn someone’s day around. Thank you, Alex! So excited for your big day!


I’m about to make your day when I tell you the new season of Biggest Loser starts tomorrow! You’re welcome! : ) (But seriously how great is that?)

Also, I’m about to make your day even better with this song.¬†¬†-C

Muncie IN Family Session: Nick, Gail and Dean

October 10

It couldn’t be more fitting that I’m blogging one of my favorite families on my favorite day of the week: Thursday. My love for Thursdays stems from my piano playing days. My lessons were every Thursday at 5. Mrs. Thiele, bless her heart, was such an awesome teacher but I remember once I finished playing my last piece with her, well.. sorry Mrs. T, ¬†I’ve got big plans for the weekend!! ¬†As all 11 year olds do.

Joking aside, I’ve got such a special place in my heart for Gail and her family. My friendship with Gail started just a few years ago when I had my portraits taken for my rebrand by Amanda Wilcher. I had seen Gail’s name pop up on the internet from time to time. Gail, in her ever so thoughtful way, left a sweet comment on the photos and I remember thinking how nice it was of her to reach out in the way she did. Thoughtfulness is one of my favorite qualities in a person. I emailed Gail saying we should grab a drink sometime, fast forward a few years and she is a dear friend of mine. There are no words glittery, sparkly or special enough to convey how WONDERFUL I think she is. You should know Gail is a wildly talented gal and superwoman as far as I’m concerned. ¬†She is a gifted writer (you must keep up with her blog!), works at Ball State, has a successful photography business on the side. ¬†Oh she’s also raising the most beautiful little boy (other than my nephew, Noah George, of course) in all of the land.

The truth is I could go on for days about this woman. Suffice it to say I look up to her in so many ways and value her friendship more than she will ever know.

Nick, Gail & Dean – Thank you for the honor of documenting your sweet little family during this precious time in your lives. Gail, I know you know me and thus you know (really, truly!) how much it means to me. As I had anticipated, Dean was perfection and together you made my job so easy. Can I take this opportunity to remind you how awesome of a job you’re doing with your little man? Really though. Look at him. ¬†: )



I don’t even know where to start.

If I only took this image away from their session, I’d be wildly happy. I am so in love with this.

Yet another session where my brand colors are present. No wonder I love their styling! (Remember Katie and Clark’s engagement session? Or what about Andy and Danielle’s gorgeous wedding?)

These images melt me. Nick is so ¬†sweet with his little guy. We’re all thinking Nick looks like Don Draper from Mad Men right about now, right?

Dean, I hope you grow up to appreciate how awesome your parents are. By the way, Nick and Gail celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary this week. Happy anniversary, you two!

In case Dean wasn’t cute enough as is, his middle name is Mitchell. Dean Mitchell Werner. This little guy going places! : )

Gail, this image is proof that mommyhood looks perfect on you.

“You said WHAT is happening behind me!?”

Again, all of you guys setting the bar crazy high for the rest of us that want to have kids someday. It’s ok, I’m not mad. ¬†; )


I’m off to photograph a family of seven. SEVEN! I wouldn’t say I’ll be having an uneventful evening. Thanks for stopping by! Have a fun night! -C

Indianapolis Family Session: Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hudson

October 9

Happy Wednesday! 

How are we approaching mid October already? This is crazy. My sister’s wedding is officially less than a month away. Feels like we’ve been waiting for months and months, which we have by the way, only to wake up one morning and it’s right around the corner. I went to a tasting last night at Zest to try out the menu for my sister’s wedding. We sipped a LOT of wine and ate lots of yummy food. I’ve been to several weddings and I don’t want to give anything away but let’s just say their guests will be treated very well. : )

Anyhow, more on my sister’s wedding later. I have been an editing machine these past few weeks. As many know, this is a photographer’s busy season and especially with my sister’s wedding around the corner, I want to be all caught up and on top of my game. So the good news is there is a lot of awesome in store.

Like the Dausman family, for example. Who on earth could forget this beautiful family? I say a prayer daily that a) I will look as awesome as T does after having babies someday and b) I’ll be able to style them this well. Maybe not daily but often. The truth is I’m an incredibly lucky gal to know this family and photograph them every fall. Here they are last fall.¬†¬†Here they are the year before that in 2011.¬†I met them back when I first photographed Hud as a baby when my business was just a baby itself. They have supported me through the years and their wonderful friendship is one I don’t take for granted.

Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hud – Thank you for being the extra sprinkles on top of one of my favorite months: October. I look forward to seeing you every fall and keeping in touch in between. Can’t wait to see what this next year will have in store for you.



See what I mean with the styling? I just, wow. Please Lord let me have this skill set when I have a family!

Hudson is all boy and good at it. I love his spirit.

Lilah (right) is easily one of the most photogenic children I’ve ever photographed. Jeff and T’s girls are so gorgeous, don’t you think?

Sometimes, you need motivation to get you through. Y’know? Which comes in the form of a donut.

In case anyone wants to put T’s necklace on their Xmas wish list too, it’s from JCrew. Let me also use this opportunity to remind people not to shy away from color when you’re in front of the camera. Color makes your photos pop!

For photographers out there photographing families, the shot on the right is after all of the kids had sort of tapped out. They were kind of done with the shoot and just laid down on the blanket this way and what followed gave me one of my favorites images from this shoot. Sometimes you just have to let the kids be and do what they want. Promise some of your best images will come when you step back and let them do their thing.

HONK! : )

Sisters are such a blessing. I know from experience. I have a feeling these two will be very close always.

If you have something nice to say to someone, say it. Just a thought.

Two shoots today. Off to make life and business happen. XO, C