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Colleen + Jonah

November 27

Happy Wednesday! In disbelief here that a) it’s flurrying outside my window and b) Turkey day is tomorrow. I’m blown away by how fast this year has gone and with the holiday season upon us, I always get a little sentimental. This year has been an enormous year of growth for me and during this season of giving thanks, I truly have so much to be thankful for.

Like Colleen and Jonah! ¬†These two have been a blast from the get go. Remember their engagement photos? ¬†Quick glance back at these and I’m missing summer! We had so much fun together and honestly it’s hard to believe their wedding has come and gone. Their wedding was on a perfect day in October. So special to see their friends, family and BIG bridal party come together to help celebrate their marriage.

C&J – Thank you so much for the honor of photographing your wedding. You two looked amazing and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing what amazing things are in store for you.



PS Your kids are going to have the most beautiful eyes. Ever! I can sleep now that I’ve said that.

Moving on.

This was maybe one of the best moments I’ve ever seen on a wedding day. ¬†Definitely a teary moment for many.

Jonah looked quite handsome.

I couldn’t love this photo of Jonah’s reaction to his bride walking down the aisle anymore.


Colleen, you are so stunning. You were such a beautiful bride.

You might remember that good lookin’ bridesmaid! Her name is Kristen and this isn’t the first time she’s been on the blog : ) Here are her engagement photos and wedding photos. So fun to see her and her hubby, John, at this wedding!

I sure do love a good lookin’ group of men in suits.

Love. I adore you two.

The toasts at Colleen and Jonah’s wedding were heartfelt, thoughtful and also had all of the guests laughing. Perfect combo!

I LOVE me a family of 6 with 2 boys and 2 girls!!! : ) I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friends. I’m blessed by you and so thankful for your support.

Much love, C


A Chilly Engagement: Elizabeth + Marcus

November 18

Okay, these two aren’t really engaged anymore. ¬†My sister and Marcus have been married for a little over a week. Actually they are still on their honeymoon. Can we all be jealous for a second that they are seeing the Biltmore all decked out for Christmas as we speak? I know I surely am. I’m also that girl that watches Elf way before Christmas so I guess no one is really surprised by this. : )

I took a few photos for my sister and new brother in law a few weeks ago. On this particular day, it was gray and honestly nasty outside. My favorite 9 year old once told me, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” I think she actually told me that years ago, practically as she was learning to speak, making her well beyond her time. At any rate, do I wish there was glowing sunshine for these two? Of course. But in my mind photos, no matter the weather, are better than no photos.

I didn’t want these to go unnoticed just because they aren’t engaged anymore so I’m sharing a few of my favorites.

You’re looking at the new Mr. and Mrs. Collins!

I mean, seriously!? Come on now. It’s almost unlawful how beautiful my sister is. My girl, Jillian, from Eyemax did B’s makeup trial run this particular day (brides, definitely recommend this for your engagement photos!) and she blew us both away. Brief side note too – I shared a pic of my sister’s makeup transformation that day with a few close girlfriends and they all commented on her lip color. Isn’t is perfect on her? High fives, Jill!

Love these two so much.

The third in this picture is my furry nephew, Scooter. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Also, can we say BROWS? Amazing.

Guys I ran 10 miles today and I’m about to TREAT myself. Not sure to what but it should be a good night. Have a good one. xo, C


The Decker Family: Nate, Holly, Evan & Keaton

November 14

I have a knack for hitting the blog post jackpot on Thursdays. Today is no exception.

Please join me in welcoming the ever so sweet Decker family to my blog. This session? Had me throwing a fit while editing. In the best way. There are times in my career, special moments, where life smacks me upside the head (in the best way) as if to to remind me, “Hello! You were born to do this.” ¬†This session was one of those times.

I’ll never claim to be the best at what I do but I will say that when I’m working a camera? That is what a “job” is supposed to feel like.

Of course, it was no setback when I showed up to this shoot and it appeared as though Holly, Nate, and their two charming boys had stepped out of a catalogue. Before I go any further with these images, I just want to take this opportunity to showcase how amazing/important/wonderful/spectacular it is when you wear color and lots of it to a shoot. You just pop. You sparkle. You shine. And you dazzle. I’m now thinking of Razzle Dazzle from the musical “Chicago”.

Did I mention Holly brought goodies to roast marshmallows and make s’mores? Marshmallows are one of my favorite food groups. I used to carefully pick them from the Lucky Charms box growing up.

Decker crew – Thank you for such an amazing night. I’m lucky to know you guys and so happy for your growing family! Can’t wait to see baby #3’s sweet face.




Can I get an amen to all of these primary colors!?! Makes my heart soar!

Never have I ever met two sweeter boys than Evan and Keaton. They will make awesome big brothers!

Keaton’s precious face. I adore this shot so, so much.


Evan is truly the most charming little guy I know. Early on in our shoot, he picked a flower for me and carried it around – waiting for an opportunity to give it to me.


And when Evan finally gave me this flower? I cried my eyes out. Okay really I just squeaked and acted a fool for a short time. No harm done. PS, do you think Nate and Holly’s third kiddo will be attractive? Mmm I don’t know. Verdict is still out. ; )

A little light reading…

Keaton was super helpful blowing out the marshmallows.

I’ll end on this because it makes me smile.


Happiness is a Chunky Sweater

November 13


I have been on the hunt for the perfect chunky sweater. One I could cuddle with at night and chat all things boys and butterflies with. One I could dream of as I skipped through puffy clouds in the starry skies, donning a blissful smile wearing said sweater. Okay you get it. I wanted a chunky sweater to love for better or for worse.

I found it. Guess what! It only took forever.

But it’s mine. And it makes me happy! : )

Guess what else! I found it in the last place I looked, Gap. Who woulda thought? Cheapest one I found, too.

Someone remind me I need marshmallows.


The Murphy Family: Charles, Ali, James, Isabella, Evie, Henry & Ollie

November 12


Hi guys! Been busy in my neck of the woods. I had every intention to blog about my sister’s wedding before her big day but got carried away in the planning and last minute details. That’s life, ya? Still processing it all but what I can say is it was one of the best days of my life and my sister? Well, she was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. More to come on that. For now, please help me welcome the wonderful Murphy crew.

There are seven in this family so you know our time together wasn’t spent lying around or sitting still for longer than five seconds. These “littles” as Ali calls them gave me an extra cardio boost for the day . This is my second time photographing these guys and I had so much fun. I love big families. I come from one myself ¬†(the youngest of four) but somethin’ about that extra little one – I am in complete awe of Charles and Ali and how they do it. There were times I’d look over and see Ali carrying the twins, one on each hip. She joked with me this time that she couldn’t do it without her trainer but I’m not convinced. I think she is super mom (and Charles super dad) no matter what.

Murphy team – You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for coming out on a perfect fall evening and running through the autumn light with me. I look forward to seeing you all next fall.



That’s Henry on the left and his sweet big sis, Isabella (who they call Izzy for short) on the right.

Ollie (left) was killing me in his blue checkered button up shirt.

James adores his Pop and it’s so sweet to see. He’s also an incredibly warm, curious, and helpful big brother.

This moment was entirely unscripted and yet, it’s one of my favorites from our shoot together. While I’m still getting to know this family, I have a feeling this is a very accurate depiction of daily life for them.

Evie (left) had me running the most but I still got some great shots of her : )

Make sure you check out Ali’s personal blog where she chronicles the busy and beautiful life of her family.


The Benson Family: Matt, Emily + Eleanor

November 5

Good morning!

I give to you the most adorable little girl on the planet. Or, at least in the city of Indianapolis. I met this awesome pair through my dear friend, Megan. I assisted Megan at Matt and Emily’s wedding back in 2008. Their wedding was actually the first wedding I ever helped Megan with and honestly, an awesome friendship blossomed between Megan and I from that day forward. I suppose I have Matt and Emily in part to thank for having Megan as a dear friend. Thanks, you two!

I say you two, but really there are four in these photos. Yep, Matt and Emily are expecting and I couldn’t be happier for them. Why you ask? Because Eleanor is one of the sweetest, most precious little children on earth and if Matt and Emily feel like replicating her and adding more of that cuteness to the world, I’m all “When can I babysit?!!!” ¬†Really. Matt had been emailing with me leading up to this shoot telling me how much of a ham Eleanor is and that she is excited to meet “Miss Caitlin”. This is a side note here but there is nothing more elating to me as a photographer than when someone calls me by my name when I am working. (Let alone when a child knows my name!) Sounds silly, huh? It’s rare though. Particularly at weddings, I’m often referred to as “photographer” or “hey photography lady!”. ¬†Coming from a gal who appreciates a solid handshake with intentional eye contact, I am tickled when a client calls me by my name. Done with that side note. Squirrel!!! Who appreciates that “UP” reference? We use it often in the Sully fam.

Matt, Emily and Eleanor – I am so excited for your growing family. We all know Eleanor is setting the bar extremely high for Benson kiddo #2 but I have full faith that you guys with pull through with a W again. Thank you for sharing an evening with me. Look forward to seeing whether you bring blue or pink into the world!

Caitlin : )

Matt is an awesome daddy. He reminds me so much of my own dad which gives him bonus points.

You know what, I’m just going to keep it real right now. This image makes my ovaries hurt.

Emily posted to my Facebook page:

We just looked through the CD of photos we got in the mail today and we love them! You captured Eleanor’s personality and this time in our lives perfectly. We had a great time with you. Thanks again. ¬†PS – Eleanor has mentioned “Ms Caitlin” several times since our shoot and you’ve even made it into bedtime prayers : )

ME?! Into THIS girl’s bedtime prayers? Well, I’m set.

I just, is there anything cuter than watching this age try to stand up?!

After our shoot, Emily was prompting Eleanor in the car, “Hey Eleanor, what does a dog say? What does a sheep say?” ¬†Then Emily tells me I’ve got to hear the next one. “Hey Eleanor, what does a giraffe say?” Eleanor looks at me with excited eyes and says, “AHHHHH AHHHH” ¬†I’ve told at least four people this story since our shoot together. Can’t make this stuff up!

It is now 3 days until my sister’s wedding. I’ve always been good at math.

I also want to take a second and wish my awesome brother a happy birthday. Love ya, D! Can’t wait to celebrate you tonight.

Indianapolis Fall Engagement: Dan + Jamie

November 4

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun Halloween. I was actually doing pretty well as far as limiting my candy intake goes until last night when I spent the night out in Danville watching the Colts game with my sister and her fianc√© (who by the way will be her husband in 4 days, eeek!). Anyway, my sister bought Halloween candy that was on sale and I rediscovered my love for the Milky Way. Really, that candy bar doesn’t get the hype it deserves. I ate three mini Milky Ways like a boss and I swear to you I can feel my cheeks are chubbier this morning. But all in the name of Halloween. It was worth it. Thank God I am a runner.

I’m really excited to share this awesome pair with you today. Switching things up today with an engagement session. Dan is an old friend from college who I met my sophomore year through my best friends at the time. He’s one of those guys I’ve been lucky enough to bump into here are there around this city since we graduated from IU back in 2009. I will save a post on how scary it is that we graduated from college four years ago for another time. Moving on, ¬†I met Jamie about a year ago and well, she’s a gem and a perfect match for Dan. I’ll never forget being out at the bars one night, I think it was sometime in March, when Dan told me his plans to propose soon and I, in true Caitlin fashion a few drinks deeps, ¬†made a scene when I smiled my face off and squeaked with excitement for him. It’s been so much fun getting to spend a little more time with these two over the last six months. Their wedding is in July and I’m beyond honored and excited to be there to capture it all.

Dan + Jamie – No words for how pumped I am for your big day. Feeling really lucky to know you guys and be your photographer. This is going to be amazing! Next time, a round or two of darts and of course a couple beers are on me.


I think as a photographer, I photograph the love I dream of seeing in my life and well, I want a guy who will pull me in like this as if to say to the world, “Guys, this girl is mine.”

Jamie is going to make a stunning bride, don’t you think? I adore you, girl!

When a guy pushes your hair behind your ear. Ladies, IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THIS. No.

Be a blessing to someone today. Make this day count. -C

Halloween 2013

November 4

All those years racking my brain for the perfect Halloween costume. Who knew all I needed was 2 bones to buy a red bandana. Everything else was already in my apartment. Think I’ve found my go to costume for life. Just call me Rosie the Riveter!