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Kind Words: Gail Werner

January 29

“When I was looking for someone to capture my family photos, I wanted someone who would bring my family to life in print. I wanted to see the resulting photos and instantly think of the words “BRIGHT” and “JOYFUL” and I knew with Caitlin, such feelings would be 100 percent guaranteed. Needless to say we are THRILLED with the results! Caitlin is a dream to work with and her enthusiasm for her work and her overall zest for life—I mean, have you SEEN that mega-watt smile of hers?—certainly makes a session with her a memorable one. You’ll come away feeling like you’ve made a friend for life!” – Gail Werner,

Video: Making Things Happen October 2013

January 27

Happy Monday, guys! Check out this video I made for my friends at Making Things Happen. Music by Spencer Comb.

Also want to wish my brother in law, Marcus, an awesome birthday today! You’re my favorite brother in law. (And my only one.)

Kind Words: Teresa + Peter

January 23

“After seeing the photos Caitlin took for a friend’s wedding we knew immediately we wanted her for ours! She has such a great eye and her photographs are just beautiful!!

Caitlin was a joy to work with! We scheduled a date with her to shoot our engagement photos in Chicago (where we live) and had to reschedule once due to bad weather. She was so easy to work with and very accommodating. The day we rescheduled for was kind of cloudy and we were a little worried the pictures weren’t going to be the best because of the weather, but we never should have doubted her! She’s an artist and it truly showed because our pictures are amazing!

The day of our wedding was perfect! Caitlin was so great to have around and really made us feel comfortable while she was shooting pictures. She has such great energy and you can really tell she loves what she does! When we got our pictures back we couldn’t believe how AMAZING they turned out! We couldn’t have asked for more! She got all the important shots, wonderful moments and so many details so we won’t forget our special day.

I would recommend Caitlin to every bride I know! She’s such a great photographer and person. We loved working with her and adore our photos!”

-Teresa + Peter

Me Time

January 21

Hey friends! For what should be a very slow month for me, I’ve managed to make January one of my busiest months historically speaking with lots of traveling packed in there while I have time.  After finishing up 2013 with a super fun trip to Denver, I was just in Florida for five days to run my fourth marathon. I’m back now and, after sharing this goal of mine with a group of awesome ladies over dinner the other night, I’m trying to slow down and appreciate my slower season. Ever since I started my photography business, it seems as though I hit the ground running and rarely stop for a break. You ever feel that way? And if you do take breaks, do you feel like you’re wasting time? Could be accomplishing so many other important things? Or that it’s selfish of you to take time for yourself? That’s me. I’m a mover and a shaker and like to get things done. What I’m working on right now is soaking up this time to cozy up in my apartment  and watch 6 episodes in a row of Friday Night Lights if I feel like it and NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. Although, I did finish that show last night, so I feel real bad today. Sad bad. It’s an embarrassing stage really. The same stage I was in for a couple days after Breaking Bad ended. Y’know, where you can’t imagine logging into Netflix and not having a new episode to watch.

Anyway, so far slowing down has been a challenge but I’m committed to more “me” time over the coming weeks. And really, guys, I’m in an awesome place right now. Loving 2014 to pieces so far. So much to look forward to and a lot more that I want to share but for now, should I die tomorrow, let it be known that this video made me cackle.

Snowy Engagement: Cameron + James

January 8

Happy Wednesday! This is quite the perfect engagement shoot to share here today with this crazy weather that gifted Indy with double digits in snow accumulations and accompanying wind chills that were colder than the air that fills a walk in fridge. This may be the worst weather I’ve seen to date in my life. We’re on the other side of the storm now, so my car has been dug out of the heaps of snow and day by day the roads are a little more manageable to navigate. I’ll be real, I gave myself permission to be incredibly lazy while being snowed in. Quite honestly, my life moves so fast and I’m always looking to do something (a mover and a shaker over here!) else that I worried for a glimpse that I had forgotten the craft of binge watching tv. Ah but see, I rediscovered that skill on Monday when I powered through more episodes of Friday Night Lights and fell more in like with Tim Riggins than I care to admit. Joking aside, it’s been nice to be forced to rest. To slow my role and seriously count my blessings – like the roof over my head and heat and blankets and boots that keep me warm.

Well I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share a few of my favorites images of this sweet couple with you. Do you guys remember Melissa and Demetri? My guess is yes because their beauty will sear into your memory leaving you no choice but to remember how attractive they are together. I shot their wedding back in June of 2012.  Melissa sent Cameron my way and I couldn’t be more pleased that she did. I had so much fun with them out in the snow last month. Snow isn’t for everyone and doesn’t always look beautiful in photos but, when you find an awesome couple that’s up for braving the cold, fresh snow and preferably a pine tree nearby, well it WORKS and it works well.

James and Cameron – All the best with your wedding down south in March! So great to meet you two.



Cameron, well.. she’s cute as button!

Christmas lights. Making everything infinitely happier since forever.

Stay warm, friends!

The Collins Family: Chris, Nancy + Louie

January 2

Happy New Year! 

I’m back from a whirlwind trip out west visiting a best friend in Colorado. So much adventure that I definitely want to share. For now, and especially on a day like today when snowy winds gust outside my window, I wanted to revisit this family session I did in the fall. Nancy asked that I hold off to share these until after their Christmas cards went out. It’s after the  holidays so of course I’m going to share this adorable family with you. I wouldn’t forget about this family.

Don’t these three make you smile and long for fall? I’ve got to tell you, Louie had me smitten. I mean, Louie. With that name, I hardly stood a chance. And you know what else? My job is just, well my job connects me with the NICEST people which means my job wins at life. (Honest to God, I almost spelled life as “lyfe”. I think maybe a little bit of exhaustion from traveling is lingering.) Through a friend of a friend, Nancy found my work and I’m so happy she reached out to me because honestly, I’m a better person for having photographed this family.

Please welcome the beautiful Collins family to my sparkly corner of the internet…

These two portraits melt me. By the way, I apologize to my future children for taking entirely too many photos of you. Nancy and Chris – you two are awesome parents and your little guy is lucky to have you.

Louie was having a rough go of it towards the end of our shoot. I asked Nancy if there was anything on her phone that would make him laugh. She pulled up a video of Louie giggling his face off in the tub and boom! Louie smiles for days. Highly recommend this for young ages. Do what ya gotta do! : )

Sleepy babe. So precious.

That button up shirt kills me. So do Louie’s kicks with the orange laces.

Thank you Collins family for brightening my world!