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Snowy Engagement: Jenn + Vance

February 24

Every once in a while I’ll have couples brave enough to venture out in colder temps. For the most part I completely understand most people opting out but I will say, when I find those select few who are game to take photos in the colder months, I take advantage of the opportunity. There’s something really magical about photographing anything really in fresh, clean snow. When Jenn and Vance were in a pinch to have engagement photos taken and willing to take them outside, I was excited no doubt. Special thanks to my awesome buddy, Gail, for sending this couple my way when she was away in Germany for work. With this engagement session, I’ve officially kicked off my 2014 season and feeling pretty amazing about what’s to come..

Jenn and Vance are getting married in DC in May. “You mean, DURING CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON?”  I can be a very enthusiastic person and especially when it comes to cherry blossom season. My godmom and her family live out in DC and every year I tell myself I’m going to make a trip out there for work the following year because I hear it’s so amazing and breathtakingly beautiful.

J&V – So great to meet you. Thank you for braving the cold and being the perfect start to my season. Couldn’t have asked for a kinder couple. Grateful for you guys!

All the best,


Hiya! I’m Caitlin and I love me some symmetry. I’m also pretty smitten with the creamy colors this wall from the downtown library is giving off in these photos. YUM.

This man? COMPLETELY SMITTEN WITH JENN. Kept calling her sweetheart every other sentence and y’all know I can only handle so much of that before my squeaking erupts.

That Vance is a keeper. Such a nice guy.

You know the best thing about photographing people when there’s snow all over the ground? Natural reflector for the win! Illuminates a subject’s face beautifully. Snow does, however, cast a bluish tint in photos so for any photographers reading this – after editing these, I went through and took the saturation on my Cyan levels way down. Just had to be careful Vance’s shirt didn’t change color. High fives!

Jenn, go on with your gorgeous self.

I may be alone here but does any other woman out there melt into a pile of mush when a man grabs your face like this? Whoah man, makes my heart skip a beat.  🙂


February 19

‘You just keep loving people. The thing is to make sure with your art your art is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter.’ And what happens a lot of times is you’ll see people fail in this business is they’re in there for their ego and they start doing it for them. And it’s like no, it’s like you’re trying to help people just get through a day. And you do it really well.”

My crush on Will Smith started back with his critically acclaimed album “Big Willie Style”. One week, I sat down every day and worked on memorizing every single word to Gettin Jiggy Wit It. Oh yes, I know every word to that song and proud of it. Man – hearing any song from that album makes me feel crazy nostalgic. Grade school were some of my favorite years of my life and as soon as I hear Candy , I’m right back in Mrs. Cleveland’s 5th grade class with my awkward self.

Then Independence Day came out a few years later. I’ll tell you what, that movie is still epic in my eyes and always will be. I saw that movie while in Boston competing at the Nationals for Irish Dancing. Will was so good to Vivica Fox in that movie, eh? And he sure can beat the crap out of an alien.

Okay, pair this man with Jimmy Fallon, another celebrity crush of mine, and I’m smitten. Who watched Jimmy’s first tonight show a couple days ago? So dang happy for him. He’s got such a great heart and I’m honestly so excited to watch him over the years.

Will Smith as a fun dad is no surprise but when he gave Jimmy this advice on his first show? Well, I wanted to reach through my computer and squeeze his neck. Amen, Will. You tha man.


February 14

When it comes to holidays, I like to bake. I think I’ve mentioned this before.

I’m not always super fancy, but when I am, I’m wearing my snowflake apron and pink slippers in the kitchen.

Fact: I love glitter. Messiest love affair ever. At Christmas, I love to wrap my gifts in those fancy papers smothered in glitter. Then the recipient is overjoyed to be covered in glitter, or preoccupied with trying to get it all off. Either/or, spread the love, ya?

Another fact: Ripley is the little guy I watched for a couple months when he was just 6 months old. He’s not a baby anymore and is forming full thoughts and sentences. You can see his perfectly adorable self here.  Of course I made him a valentine this year! He shares a birthday with my older brother, Dave. (One more fun fact while we’re at it.) I found these tags at Walmart for 99¢.


If I’m being honest, I could eat these on their own. Also, macro lens for the win!

I won’t share how many of these I ate while making these for friends and family. Suffice it to say I had a stomach ache when all was said and done. It’s okay though because my trainer made me pay for it this week. Twice.

Voila! Finished product. Stomach aches for all! : )

I bought this York peppermint patty as an impulse buy for my dad. We share a love for all things mint flavored.

These next few I pulled from the internet. Where can I find this card?

I’m admittedly not a huge Transformers fan, but if I were, I would have gifted my valentines this years ago.

I won’t lie to any of you. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Boo or no boo — enjoy the day. You’re incredibly loved.

5 Things I Love About This Photo from the Indy Star

February 12

 (Photo credit: Indy Star)

1) George Hill, David West and Paul George aren’t just besties on the court – they’re besties off the court too.

2) They’re cheering on the Butler Bulldogs. Keep it classy, guys.

3) They’re all incredibly easy on the eyes. Probably what I love most, coming from this single gal. : )

4) Paul George’s hat. Gimme!

5) The empty seat between Hill and West. Precisely where I imagine myself sitting. Now I’m blushing.


Things I Don’t Like About This Photo from the Indy Star

1) Where is Lance Stephenson?

2) Also, I’m missing.


Love Does

February 11

Love does from A Jesus Church

I first found out about Bob Goff when I read his book Love Does while vacationing with family at the Outer Banks two summer ago. I don’t read often (something I’m trying to change in my life this year) but a few pages into this book and I was hooked. I started and finished his book on that vacation. For a girl who’s hard put to find a book these days that absolutely sucks me in – I was so FIRED UP by this book. Honestly, with a title like Love Does, it isn’t hard to imagine us being a good fit.

Ever since I’ve discovered this man, he has opened up the dialogue I have in my life about my faith. I’m grateful for that. In grade school I had to go to church every Wednesday and while I would have chosen to, at the time, it wasn’t my choice. Really my faith changed and grew when I went to college and was an adult making many more decisions on my own.

Obviously faith is a personal issue, right? It’s not exactly a topic of conversation that surfaces on the regular in day to day life. (At least in my world.)  Every person’s faith looks different to him and her and the older I get, the more I’m discovering HOW I want MY FAITH to DRIVE MY LIFE. I don’t go to church often and I don’t have my nose in His scripture. I could maybe name a few verses from memory and that’s it. I don’t pray before meals. I’ve wondered throughout  my mid twenties if these things make me a lesser woman of faith?

What Bob Goff has helped me realize is how important the DOING part of my faith is. Getting out into the world and loving on people. Plain and simple. LOVING OTHERS with my whole heart is my faith. Amen to this. This is a faith I’m proud to own and grow into…

About five minutes into this video, Bob compares knowing His scripture to stalking Jesus and this analogy rang true for me. Loud and clear. Growing up, faith to me meant listening to the gospel at mass every week and agreeing with those words.  Now, at the age of 27, and Bob touches on this, knowing His scripture and agreeing with those words but not DOING anything about it is a little creepy.  Scripture is important to me and I value it so much especially during the more challenging times in my life. But knowing these words doesn’t do much of anything really. I’ learn more about Jesus when I go out into the world and change someone’s life for the better.

If you’ve got some time, even just ten minutes, watch a bit of this video of Bob speaking about an action based faith. He’s goofy, inspiring and I kind of wish he was my uncle. I already have an uncle Bob. But there’s always room for another Uncle Bob, right?

Kind Words: Betsy King

February 5

“Caitlin captured everything I love about our family, the warmth, laughter, giggles, snuggles and yes, even the drippy ice cream mess that comes along with the Kings! Our kids do not like having their photo taken, but we all had a great time just being us. Her ease with kids, contagious smile and warmth won my kids over. Caitlin somehow captured gorgeous shots in between sibling squabbles, grouchy faces and even a slip in the creek.  I’m still amazed when I look at the photos and see our family captured so naturally.  As the mom who always has the camera in hand, it’s such a treasure to see how Caitlin has captured me in such a beautiful way,  snuggling and laughing with my kids. This is exactly how I want our kids to remember their summer days with us!
When my son Miles, was told he could bring one treasured item to share with his class on his birthday, he chose a photo that Caitlin took of him. He picked his favorite one over all of his toys and can’t wait to share it with his class!
I can’t thank Caitlin enough for being so patient with our nutty little family and working her magic to make such a whimsical and  amazing gallery of photos for us!”  -Betsy King,
HAPPY Monday!

February 3

Can’t get enough of this song! Guys —  the birds are chirping in the morning and spring is coming! Hang in there, chin up. We shall survive all of this snow! IN THE MEANTIME, this. A song about being happy with people dancing all over the place? YES PLEASE. My favorite cameo? Jimmy Kimmel. Also all of that yellow in this video? On brand.  🙂

PS Hey brides and friends of brides getting married soon  🙂 just so you beautiful people know, book by 2/28 and receive an extra 30 minutes of coverage on the big day. Spread the word!!