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Happy Birthday, Mom!

April 30

On a day like today, I’m at a loss for words. I love this woman so much and give thanks for her every day. My best friend, my biggest cheerleader – she fits right in my nook when I hug her in tight. Brilliant beyond measure. Selfless. The most generous person I’ve ever met in my entire life.

We surely don’t deserve her but man are we blessed to have her!

I love you, Ma, and can’t wait to celebrate you today!

Your biggest fan,


Bankers Life Fieldhouse Engagement: Molly + Matt

April 28

Happy Monday!

A couple months ago now, I went to a Pacers game with one of my friends. Somewhere during the third quarter, the nice fella sitting next to me turns to me and says, “Sorry, this is a little weird but are you a photographer?” ¬†I blushed and said yes. Then the pretty lady to his left leaned forward, smiled and said hello. This was a Thursday. As it turns out, I was meeting with this exact couple the following Monday to discuss photographing their October wedding.

That couple as you may have guessed by now was Molly and Matt. Bankers Life Fieldhouse holds just over 18,000 people. When I recount this story to anyone, it gives me chills. Because I can’t help but think there was some fate behind all of that and, thank my lucky stars, a sign that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

When I met with Molly and Matt the following Monday, and we shared our love for the Pacers, we mentioned taking engagement photos at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. We all briefly geeked out at the thought of it but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Because it’s Bankers Life Fieldhouse! C’mon! They’ve got a pretty¬†busy schedule. I wasn’t sure we could make it happen but after a few email exchanges on Molly’s end, soon we had a spot lined up for mid April to take their engagement photos and the excitement began to build.

I swear to you I was so nervous for this shoot for WEEKS! Pacers basketball means so much to me and I wanted to knock it out of the park for this awesome couple.

Molly and Matt – I am not lying: I’m still buzzing from this AMAZING experience. Thank you for all you did to help see this dream of mine come to fruition. Can’t wait for your big day in October!! It will be amazing.

On to the photos. True story. Sometimes, when I want to get out of my apartment (which is downtown), I’ll drive down to Bankers Life to grab a Dunkacinno and walk through the Pacers shop. It makes me really happy.

Ahh and here they are, the beautiful Molly and Matt!

Pacers basketball is so much more than a sport in my eyes. It’s spending time with my dad when I was a little girl. As a physician, my dad worked his tail end off when I was growing up and some of my favorite memories were going to games with him, spending one-on-one time with him and falling asleep on his shoulder during the fourth quarter because I was wiped from all of the fun.

You’ve seen by now how beautiful this couple is, right? Molly, you’re going to be one stunning bride!

My sister and I went to Reggie Miller’s last game and we cried. Neither of us is ashamed.

Walking on this floor, doing what I love, was nothing short of a dream come true. I hope I’ve made you proud, Dad.

Special thanks to Bill Benner who was so great to show us around and be so darn friendly. Bill showed us the interview room and practice room as well which made the three of us downright giddy. He even gave these two awesome tickets to Game 1 of the Pacers/Hawks series!!! How awesome is that!?  This was their reaction.

On that note, there are still a few more to share from these session but I’m off to cheer on the Pacers in game 5! Super pumped!

Have a great night guys!

Reason #1: Pacers Play Tonight

April 24

One Thing

April 23

I’ve recently started listening to Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Podcast Series when I drive. I also listen to them when I work and to be honest I feel like I’ve found a new gold mine. Does this make me nerdy? I hope. After lunch with a friend today, I plugged in “Stop the Distraction and Win with Jay Papasan” on my drive home. I love driving by myself. It’s really my time to unplug and just be.

In this particular podcast, Jay pulls a few fundamentals from his most recent NY Best Selling Book The One Thing. He heavily discusses multitasking. I used to think that multitasking and performing at 100% was possible. I was foolish to think that I could simultaneously perform 18 tasks at once and have them all come out at their highest potential upon completion. After running a business for 6 years now, I now see that this so isn’t true and while yes, I can attempt to do 18 things at once, the truth of the matter is the weight of doing all of them at once is¬†slowing me down.

The thesis of this podcast and The One Thing in Jay’s words: What is one thing you can do now such that by doing it everything else would be easy or unnecessary?

Jay also covers what he refers to in his book at the “Domino Effect”. This effect ¬†models what happens when momentum gains by starting that ONE thing in our day to day lives. The results are I’m sure as you’d expect: extraordinary.

A 2 inch domino can knock over a 3 inch domino. A 3 inch domino can knock over a 4 1/2 inch domino. By domino 19 of this model, thanks to the momentum that is now growing exponentially, the dominos clear the Tower of Pisa. By 23 dominos, the Eiffel Tower. By 31, the dominos can clear Mount Everest and then some. By domino 57, the distance can bridge the space between earth and the moon. It’s a geometric progression – one wherein looking at the numbers from ground level doesn’t seem powerful but when you back up and see things from an aerial view becomes powerful beyond measure.

My hunch is if I asked you right now what that ONE thing would be that you need to get done, you’d know. You wouldn’t even hesitate. I’m the exact same way. I was floored by this podcast in the greatest way because it prompted me to ask what that one thing in my life is and better yet – how I’d FEEL when I focus and see it through to completion.

Ready. Empowered. Awesome.

That’s not even including what happens next…

The Pham Family: Thai, Alana & Harrison

April 22

Happy Earth Day!

I’ve really been smiling ear to ear pulling these photos together and I’m sure you’ll see the culprit very soon: Harrison. This boy. The more I photograph families, the more I’m falling in love with the 6 to 9 month range. When the little one is happy and independent enough and starting to really develop ¬†his personality and yet he still needs affection from his parents. Harrison was a breeze and made my job easy. His sweet parents were icing on the cake.

Remember the Dausman family? Of course you do! They’re only the most beautiful family on the planet. Okay, definitely one of them. Well, Thai is Tigon’s brother. Thai and his wife, Alana, were in from Australia when we took these photos. They’ve since made their 30 hour trek home and I’m pretty tickled to think they will see these photos from across the globe today!

Thai, Alana & Harrison – Thanks for everything : ) So happy we were able to fit these photos in while you were in Indy visiting family. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Special thanks to T for sharing her beautiful home for these photos. And beautiful weather. I often joke wherever Tigon goes she brings beautiful weather with her. This shoot was no exception.

Okay, photos now.

Magnolia trees in bloom are magnificent in my eyes and make me incredibly happy this time of year.

I decided Harrison needed a kiss.

And then he made this face.

And suddenly, it was as if I died and went to heaven.

Practicing waving. This age is beyond precious. Thai and Alana waited quite some time for Harrison. After spending a short few hours with them, it’s obvious he was worth the wait and then some.

Universe, my sincerest thanks for this job.

Okay, I’m off to help celebrate Indy Yelp’s 10th bday this evening. Until next time. Xo

When A Best Friend Gets Engaged On Her Birthday Eve

April 21

This was me this past week. On top of having another best friend in town from NC for the weekend. There has been a lot of celebrating in my neck of the woods as of late. And in case you’re wondering I ate far too much Easter candy yesterday. Twix all the way. And peeps. I’ve found in my own personal experience that people either love peeps or are disgusted my them. I love them and eat them until I’m sick. : ) Buddy the Elf and I would be tight.

There are so many beautiful people I’ve photographed recently. Can’t wait to show them off soon!

In the mean time, please listen to a song that has captured my heart. Saw these guys live last week and they were incredible. Happy Monday!

Begin Anywhere

April 17

Earlier today, while tidying up my place, I came across a stack of unused scrap pieces of paper from a project I was doing last week. I didn’t want to be wasteful, and since the paper wasn’t cheap I decided to cut it up into my own confetti of sorts. To dive into when I need a creative recharge.

Then a funny thing happened when I started cutting. Despite confetti being known for having no rhyme or reason to it, I was scared to cut the paper because I was worried it wouldn’t look as pretty once I was done.

And I thought to myself, “Hello! This is incredibly symbolic.” ¬†My brain works this way a lot of the time.

As artists, we’ve got to overcome the fear of screwing things up before we even begin. After all, art is what happens when we’re brave enough to start.

Wherever you are in life, wherever you want to be – begin anywhere.



April 16

I reckon this is the best $15 I’ve spent in the last year.

So much so, when I saw my first bottle was nearing its end.. I actually made a mental note to swing by and pick up a new bottle the following week. This scent! Makes me weak in my knees.

Also makes me and everyone else who wears it smell better than we do on our own without help. Perfume is a funny thing, isn’t it? Raise your hand if you’re a female and wore Clinique’s “Happy” as a teenager. I did. Speaking of happy, did you see Pharrell cry tears of joy over the global sensation that his single “Happy” truly is? This will tug at your heart strings, for sure.


April 15

Someday I’ll make it to Coachella. For now, there’s this. Happy Tuesday!

Jessica + Alex

April 14

Happy Monday, friends!

With the exception of rain here in Indy (which I still love), how amazing have these warmer temps been? The older I get, the more I LOVE spring. Of course, I think we all love spring a lot more this year with the brutal winter we had but how magical is it to ride in the car with your windows down? Or better yet, wear a short sleeve shirt? Whoa, crazy. I also love spring because magnolia trees have a special place in my heart and well, they’re putting on a show around Indy. My parents have a magnolia tree in their front yard that is late to bloom this year. When it does, probably within the next couple days, the petals will only stick around for a couple days but man oh man is it a beautiful and happy sight. If you find yourself stuck behind a gal driving super slow around town anytime soon, it’s probably me and I’m probably craning my neck to take in the magnolia tree nearby.

Excited to share this sweet pair with you today. Jessica and Alex will be my first October wedding this year and I can’t wait! We had so much fun taking their photos around the IMA. That spot never disappoints! Of course it helps when you have a beautiful couple. These two are pretty photogenic, don’t you think?

They brought their son, Caden, along to make an appearance in some of the photos. Maybe it’s just that my brother and his fianc√©e have one kiddo, my nephew Noah, but I’ve got a special place in my heart right now for a family of 3 with a young little guy. These three make a gorgeous family.

You two! So looking forward to your big day.

Such a little love muffin! Can’t wait to see Caden all decked out at the wedding in October. Can’t you picture it? Tiny suits? They kill me.

Have a great night!! See y’all soon. xo