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The O’Brien Family: Tim, Maryanne, TJ, Connor & Maryn

May 29

Hi there! Who saw that Pacers win last night? You already know I’m still buzzing from that win. As sad as it is to say, I think I’m bad luck when I go to the games. Literally every playoff game I’ve spent money on, the Pacers have lost. My sister still says she’s expecting an apology for all of their playoff loses where I was present. Ha! BUT, if those boys make it to a game 7, I’m going to be there because honestly, who would miss a Pacers/Heat game? In your hometown?! That’s a step under Christmas right there in my book.

Enough of basketball, on to this sweet family. It had been a few years since I had seen the O’Brien family so seeing them again was so nice. The kids have grown so much since we had seen each other last. Nan and her beautiful family is a part of a string of MANY BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES that my friend, Tigon, had sent my way years ago. It’s been so fun getting into their circle and not only photographing these awesome families, but watching these little love muffins grow. This job is so great.

O’Brien family –  it was beyond amazing seeing you guys again! Thanks so much for coming out and spending some time with me. Lucky to know you! Excited to keep in touch.


The Buwalda Family: Marc, Chelsea, Holden & Hadley

May 28

Happy Wednesday!

This gorgeous family won my spring mini session and made the trek all the way from Fort Wayne for these photos. So happy they did. You know.. the more I photograph families, the more excited I am to have a family hopefully just like this one someday. So much joy and they have a great time together. Miss Hadley was just a few weeks old so snapping a few photos of this awesome time for this family meant a lot to me. Holden’s yellow chucks were pretty sweet too. Don’t you think?

So great to meet you, Buwalda crew! Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Understanding Yourself: Kindness is Always Fashionable

May 27

I’ve had a challenging morning. I called my mom because honestly, just hearing her voice imparts so much reason and truth into my life. I’m choked up and my mom says to me, “Caity, it’s about understanding yourself.”

Isn’t it though? How easy is it for us to forget that making ourselves better is step 1?

One of the hardest and most rewarding things about navigating this season of my life as a single gal is feeling like I’m my only safety net. Hard because you feel like you’re alone at times, rewarding because you know you’re 1000% responsible for your successes and shortcomings. I’ve learned more in the last couple years of my life than I think my first 26 years of life combined. In this fight to understand myself, some things are becoming so crystal clear.

I’m interested in lifting one another up, not putting each other down. I’m interested in family and connecting with people. I’m not interested in follower count and I definitely don’t care how nice your clothes are or how much money you make. I’m interested in investing in others’ happiness and spreading good things out into the world.

Above all, I’m interested in kindness. And while I know I fall short sometimes, for me…this is step 1.

Maybe someone out there needs to be reminded of this: Your value is not determined by how much you have but by how you treat others.

Emilee + Matt

May 21

Good morning!

So excited to share a few images of Emilee and Matt with you guys. I actually met with Emilee’s sweet as can be parents a few months ago now. Emilee was student teaching at the time and couldn’t make it to Indy to meet so she sent her parents in her place. I think the fact that Emilee trusts her parents enough to meet with a potential wedding photographer says so much about her tight-knit relationship with her parents (something I can absolutely relate to and appreciate on so many levels) and well, the short of it is, when Emilee sent her parents to meet with me, I spent over an hour chatting with them. If I’m being honest, I could have talked to them all night. Emilee is one of 8…yes, 8! She’s the last of 6 daughters to get married so being a part of this time in her and her family’s life is really somethin’ special. I’m completely smitten with and fascinated by big families (I thought I came from a large one myself) and was honestly pretty blown away to hear Sacha, Emilee’s sweet mother, glow about each of her kids. I sometimes can’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday. A mother of 8 is most definitely a super hero in my eyes.

What I love most about photography is you truly never know who you will hear from in a day. I have to thank my friend, Katie Smith with Bungalow Photography, for sending this pair my way. Katie, you’re wonderful! I appreciate you.

Emilee + Matt  – Oh you guys! I’m so excited to be there on your wedding day. In just a little over an hour spent together, you guys have reminded me why this job of mine is super awesome. Can’t wait to see you both again soon!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear color for your photos. Color makes you pop! And don’t get me started on statement necklaces. When a bride-to- be shows up for engagement session donning a splash of color and a great statement necklace man. My fave! I’d also like to add that I’m mildly obsessed with the red and blue combo. Okay, back to Emilee and Matt.

I adore these guys. They like sports. They’re good in my book : ) See you two in August!


Make Them Glow

May 20

One of my favorite times to shoot is just before the sun sets but really, as long as the sun is out in any respect, I’m able to achieve a look I think has in a way become a trademark of my brand.

Putting my subjects with their backs to the sun. Doing so makes your subjects glow and pop that much more in your images.

Photographers – if you’re looking for a way to add depth to your images, I’ve found this to be hugely successful.  Find a good patch of shade and place your subjects just where the sunshine meets the shade and put your subjects’ backs to the sun. Just one step into and out of the light can change your entire image.

How beautiful is the O’Brien family?


Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!

May 19

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years to the day that Noah was born. I was so fortunate to be in the room when Noah was born. I remember hearing his first cry and suddenly he’s not a tiny little babe anymore. He’s full of life and energy with his piercing blue eyes and blonde locks. One vivid memory I have of Noah was a time that I babysat him around Christmas time when he was just 7 or so months old. I swear I’ll NEVER forget this. It’s no surprise to those who knows me really at any level that I love Christmas time and, well, add in my tiny nephew, a twinkling Christmas tree and some Christmas music for good measure… the mixings of an awesome memory. I just cuddled with baby Noah by the glowing Christmas tree while quietly listening to Frank Sinatra’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. What is it about hearing and feeling a baby breathe while he sleeps in your arms that gets me to the core? It melts me. I remember vividly thinking life would never be the same. And it truly hasn’t! Noah adds so much adventure to our lives. I’m a lucky lady to have such an awesome nephew.

Some of Noah’s favorite things: Uncle Colin. Uncle Colin. Uncle Colin.

He loves other things too but boy is he smitten with my oldest brother. It’s really sweet. They’ve definitely got an awesome bond, those two!

Noah man – thanks for making me an Auntie. It’s one of my favorite titles. Love you tons, little guy. Can’t wait to see what the next years has in store for you.

“Always Be The Beginner”

May 14

The Best is Yet to Come: A Gift for My Brides

May 13

I am my mother’s daughter in so many ways. One thing I’ve picked up over the years from my mother is my love for giving gifts. Unexpected treasures. Snail mail might be the greatest invention ever. While I’ll never come close to my mother’s incredible generosity and creativity with gift giving, I truly do make an effort to give my clients and friends a reason to smile. I’ve been looking for something special to send my brides this year. Not just anything because, I’ve learned in this business, if you aren’t fired up about it .. no one else will be either.

Over the years, as I marinate in my own brand and discover what makes me tick and what sets my heart on fire, I’ve become fascinated with the concept of what makes a great brand. When I did my rebrand a few years ago, in the preliminary work, I had to identify a few of my favorite brands at the time: Target, Anthropologie, Disney & IKEA. In an effort to help build a brand that reflected my heart, I studied these brands that in my eyes were so successful. What I’ve realized is that what I love so much about these brands isn’t their product, what I love about these brands is how they make me feel. It’s not the rides we go on at Disney World I love, it’s the walk down Main Street that brings back memories from my childhood I value most. It’s not the nightstand from IKEA that I love, it’s the memories of furnishing my Freshman year dorm room I really love.

An extraordinary brand moves and compels you.

Well, I walked into the new Paper Source at Keystone Mall recently and the rest was history. I fell in love with the way that place made me feel and I wanted that for my brides. I kid you not, I think I walked around that store for an hour and a half with the dumbest grin on my face. Bless that kind employee who put up with my enthusiasm. He deserves a raise. Paper shouldn’t make me this happy but it really does. I’m so thankful for the brand Emily Ley and Lara Casey built with me. I’ve got so much color to splash around in.

Do you know one of the greatest things about owning your own business is? Those moments when you remember you don’t have to do things the way everyone else does. You will lose sight of that. I do often. But then I remember, who cares! Do what fires you up and excites you. Your business needs to serve you before it can serve others. If anyone on the sidelines is going to judge you, that isn’t a quality person that belongs in your life.

One look at these journals and I knew I had found what I had been looking for. I’ve had a couple of these brides reach out and say they’re using their journals to keep their wedding notes in which wasn’t my intention but a bonus nonetheless!

Also, “The Best Is Yet To Come” and all other Frank Sinatra music makes this world a beautiful, dreamy place. Wouldn’t you agree?

But really, that paper. The employee helping me out said customers will just buy the paper to frame and hang in their homes. I believe it!

Does anyone spy the Rifle paper print? It’s the print Gabby’s is wrapped in! Love all things Rifle Paper.

You don’t pick rainy days to deliver your packages? I DO! Betty from the post office…we’re tight.

This was fun! The thought of these awesome ladies getting these in the mail makes really happy. Kaitlin (left) said she came home to hers after her last ever law school exam. Ever!!!! A grueling 4 hour exam and came home home to an unexpected package. I could cry, you guys! Really, I am my mother’s daughter.

Have a great evening! See you again soon.

Happy day, Mama!

May 12

I’m extending Mother’s Day. This lady deserves to be celebrated every single second.

Mother’s Day was lazy for us. Sat on my parents back porch and we soaked up the sunshine. Ate pizza and drank beer at 3 Wise Men. I asked my Mom what a few of her favorite moments were from motherhood thus far. She said, “Well I’ve got at least four for each day you guys were born!” Saw that one coming.

Just today I’ve called my mom twice. She is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and without a doubt the greatest mother I could have ever wished for.

Mama G – Thanks for being extra reason to wake up in the morning. We’re pretty crazy bout’cha!

Sports People are My People

May 9

Lately I’ve photographed a lot of couples who want photos in their sports attire. These are my people. Happy weekend!