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Chicago Engagement: Kate + Davis

June 30

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start.

I’m so excited for Davis and Kate’s wedding in Chicago this October. Kate and I go way back. Back to my Irish Dancing days. In fact, Kate is one of my oldest friends and one of those people that no matter what happens in life, and whenever fate has it that we’re lucky enough to meet up, we pick up right where we left off. Kate has always been like a big sister to me. She’s incredibly loved and for good reason. She lights up any space she’s in with that mega watt smile of hers and honestly she’s just one of those people that EVERYONE loves. I’ll never forget running into Kate’s younger sis, Liz – who I’m also close with, at Target the day Kate got engaged. Liz told me she had plans to drive up to CHI that night to help celebrate Davis and Kate’s engagement and I pretty sure from that moment on I started crossing fingers and toes that I’d get to photograph this awesome time in Kate’s life. I was pretty excited when she reached out to me. I’m photographing several weddings of friends of mine this year. It’s going to be amazing.

I was in Chicago a few weekends ago for a wedding so I swung by the following Sunday morning to take some engagement photos for these two. So happy we took these in Chicago because there’s so much history there for Kate and Davis. It was a windy one but man do I love these.

K&D – See you guys in October. You’re just plain awesome. Nothing but love.


Greta joined in for a few! This dog kills me.

Kate‚Ķyou’re stunning, my friend.

Amanda + Alex

June 25

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for stopping by.

So excited to share Alex and Amanda’s day with you all. I actually first met these two at a wedding I shot back in 2013. Remember Amy and Peter? ¬†Of course you do! Amy and Peter are only two of my favorite people on the planet : ) Well Amanda and Alex were guests at Amy and Peter’s wedding. After creepin’ on them and friends at the reception for candid cocktail hour photos, Amanda approached me and said, “Hi! You’re Caitlin, right? The photographer?” And I said yes mam! She introduced me to her fianc√©, Alex, and we had a quick chat about their plans to wed in May of 2014. ¬†A few email exchanges later, as well as a meeting with Amanda’s awesome mom, Sara, we were set to work with each other and I was so excited.

Let me refresh your memory a bit. Here are a few engagement photos I took for Amanda and Alex.¬†¬†Recognize these guys? Lucky to know them. I’ll never forget Alex telling me at the end of that session that I’m good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and well.. I think I cried. Isn’t it funny the pieces of our day to day lives we remember over time? Thank you for your kindness, Alex. Great reminder that we have the power to turn someone’s day around.

Amanda and Alex – Thanks so much for the honor of sharing your big day with you. I’ll never forget it. All the best in the future. I look forward to keeping in touch.



Amanda and Alex married at the Indiana State House – this space and all of the natural light never disappoints.

Special thanks to Alex and Amanda’s sweet as can be (and hilarious) planner, Julie, for all you did to help this day run smoothly. You’re the best and I enjoyed getting to know you over dinner!

Specials thanks to my sweet and talented friend, Amanda Fales, for helping with this wedding. You’re the best!

Have a good one! See you soon.



A Surprise Proposal: Tom & Abbie

June 13

Happy Friday!

Oh man, I’m so excited to share these images. I’ve been wanting to photograph a proposal for some time now and this entire experience of photographing Tom and Abbie’s was a perfect reminder that hey, you don’t know where you could be a week from now! You never know what can happen in a day much less an hour. Always keep your chin up because you don’t know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

The truth is, as of 14 days ago, I had never met these two. I came home after shooting a wedding two weeks ago to find an email from Tom in my inbox. We exchanged a few more emails and I asked what his plan was!

“I am planning on having Abbie dropped off at the soccer fields where we coach at (and where we first met) located on 91st street between College and Meridian. The soccer fields are surrounded by a large wooded area. There is a large parking lot adjacent to the soccer fields where there will be a path of soccer balls, mason jars with candles in them, and rose petals leading up to a soccer field where I will be standing. There will likely be some candles and soccer balls around us. My plan is to spend about 3-5 minutes dancing to one of our favorite songs. I am planning on proposing at the end of the song.”

YUP. You got it, Tom. But seriously who wouldn’t clear their calendar for this? I was elated to be free that day anyway. I met with Tom to check out the space and hear his plans in person and immediately he felt like a friend I’ve know since I was 5 years old. When I showed up on the big day to him setting the scene, as a female, I kind of couldn’t help but melt. This guy went above and beyond.

A few of Abbie’s loved ones secretly joined in on the fun.

Oh you know, just a handsome guy waiting to propose. NO BIG DEAL.

There she isssss!!!!

Please keep in mind I’m almost completely submerged in a bush at this point. A bush with thorns. Tom didn’t mind if Abbie saw me but I wanted to be hidden away for at least the beginning and let me tell you those thorns were worth it!

Tom had a city car pick up Abbie from her apartment and drive her to the site. He even had a note and outfit set out for her. That shirt Abbie’s wearing? The same one she wore on their first date! : )


This entire shoot was a challenge for me to be honest because I typically shoot really tight and close up. But honestly I love the simplicity and space in these photos.

Tom and Abbie danced for a bit at the end of the aisle. The moment I knew Tom, Abbie and I were destined to be friends was when he told me they were going to dance to K-Ci and JoJo’s All My Life. I cannot tell a lie.. I know every word to this song and I’m not even a little bit ashamed.


Tom on his new fianc√©e: “Abbie is incredibly smart, thoughtful, and passionate. She is absolutely my angel. I have never felt more comfortable being myself around anyone. She loves me for me, but challenges me daily to think beyond myself and my comfort zone. I have never met anyone with such passion for life. Her commitment, dedication, and faith to all things are so contagious. Her smile lights me up and her eyes make my heart skip a beat. I still get butterflies when I see her. She makes me laugh until I cry, she let’s me drink all her bottled water, and eat all her cereal! She is absolutely the greatest blessing in my life.”

The moment Abbie turned around and realized we weren’t alone.

Hey Tom – well done, my friend.

You’re ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!! Yessss!!

These two are awesome.

And of course I got a few photos of them doing soccer tricks. What kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t? That is, after all, how they met. But really Tom could kick the ball down the length of the field without letting it touch the ground. I’m impressed. ; )

And this kind sir jumped in to wish these guys congrats! Can’t make this stuff up.

Awesome. Soo awesome. Congrats, Tom and Abbie! Nothing but love for you two.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sam Smith: Lay Me Down

June 11

Special thanks to my brother in law, Marcus, for sharing this song with me. Unreal.

Happy Wednesday, friends. Much to come. xo