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Anthony Hamilton: Fine Again

July 31

On repeat. This is my jam. Happy Thursday, friends!

The Jones Family: Liz, Jeff, Will & Addie

July 23

Hi friends! It’s been a rainy morning in Indy but I’m willing to bet this family will add a splash of sunshine to your day. Especially little William.

Liz is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Remember Davis and Kate’s engagement photos I posted recently? Kate is Liz’ big sis! They both went to St. Thomas with the Sully kids but more importantly, I grew to be super close with Liz during our many years Irish dancing together. We spent so many Wednesdays together at practice and she and her sister, Kate, have always felt like sisters. Doesn’t really matter what length of time or distance comes in between us, we can always pick up right where we left off and we’ve got memories to fire off and laugh about for days.  Liz and Jeff just had their sweet Addie and I was so excited to go spend some time with them at their home. Spending time with these guys just makes me happy about life. And William helped us all log some extra cardio.

Liz, Jeff, Will & Addie – SO awesome seeing you guys since becoming a family of 4! Super glad you live in the hood so I can come visit you guys and see Oscar too. Hope to see you again really soon!



Sure do love Miss Addie. She was a trooper these photos!

Nailed it!

My favorite thing about William, other than everything about him, is that he loves to watch Wheel of Fortune. How great is that?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I so love photographing families. It truly sets my heart on fire.

Will was getting antsy towards the end of our shoot and in a desperate attempt to find something funny to make him smile, Jeff plugged his nose and started talking to Will and BOOM! SMILES FOR DAYS.

Liz, always knew you’d make an awesome mama!

Have a good one, guys! Thanks for stopping by.

Catherine + Tommy

July 15

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!

When Catherine and Tommy sent me a note early on in getting to know one another that said among other things that they would be praying for me, I knew working with them would be nothing short of an amazing experience. I didn’t actually meet these two until their wedding day but honestly felt like I’ve known them for years within minutes of showing up. To this day, Catherine and Tommy’s friends and family are some of warmest and most welcoming people I’ve ever been around while shooting a wedding. So grateful for them!

Catherine and Tommy married at St. Mary’s Church in beautiful Lake Forest, IL. Their reception was at Westmoreland Club in Winnetka, IL. Their day was perfect in every way.

C&T – It’s been so amazing getting to know you two. Thank you for the honor of documenting your wedding. I’ll never forget it and I’m excited to see what’s in store for you.  And hopefully visit when I’m in Chicago : )

All the best,


Early on in getting to know a couple, I typically send a brief list of questions. Catherine’s response to how Tommy proposed, well.. I’m just not sure I’ll forget this one. You just don’t forget a proposal story involving a Vespa, right?

How Tommy proposed (written by Catherine): This is an epic story that will be spark-noted. We’ve been dating for 6.5 years and I’ve been expecting him to propose to me since last May, yet he still managed to surprise me! It was on Sunday September 8th (a special day for both of us). I was walking to get a cupcake with my roommate, Kate.  Tommy pulls up on a Vespa playing the song that we first danced to (Move Along, by All-American Rejects haha) wearing a suit and tie. I was shocked and dumbfounded (he was supposed to be in Green Bay, WI where he now lives for his work). The entire line of 30ish people at the bakery shouted at me to get on the vespa. I proceeded to hop on, we rode around the city for a while and ended up at North Ave Beach. We ran across the beach to this point where you can see the whole city, Navy Pier, and all the waterfront. Then I realized I was surrounded by flowers and candles (his wonderful sisters had spent hours trying to light votive candles against a windy Chicago night).  He then played the soundtrack to “Its a Wonderful Life” (Our Fave Movie). We danced in the sand and laughed and cried and then he proposed! I said yes : )

And with that, I think we all just gave Tommy a resounding high five!

I’ve never met a nicer groom than Tommy.

This means little to many of you but my Dad’s name is Thomas and he went by Tommy growing up so I’ve got a special place in my heart for that name. You’re already up a few points in my book when you’re a Tommy. : ) Also, those two handsome gentleman to Tommy’s left are two of his brothers. Tommy is one of 8. Love a big family! And the good looking groomsmen to the right of Tommy is Catherine’s brother. These guys were a blast.

There are absolutely no words for how beautiful Catherine is – inside and out, through and through.

Favorite activity (by Catherine): This is hard. It’s a 4 way tie between talking with each other, going on adventures together, making each other laugh, and dancing.

Many thanks to my sweet friend, Amanda, for tagging along for this amazing weekend. I appreciate you so much!

Have a good one. See you all soon.