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Dan & Jamie

August 27

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your time so much!

Loved this wedding so much and have been looking forward to sharing just a few of my favorite images. I’m constantly blown away by how small this world really is. I met Dan back in my IU days through a close friend. This means nothing to most of you but I have the most vivid memory of Dan and one of his groomsmen, John, hanging out at my place sophomore year when I lived on Hunter St. on the south side of campus – right around the corner from the Subway where Jared got his start.  Fast forward to present day and Dan is married to Jamie, who you will see very soon is stunning, and I originally met Jamie through a mutual friend (hi Ellen!) before making the connection that she was dating an old friend. When these two reached out about their wedding, of course I was excited. We met for a drink and dinner a couple weeks before their wedding in July and I swear the more time I get under my belt in this career, the more grateful I am for the friendships that form because of what I do. I know I’ll keep up with Dan and Jamie and vice versa and that is just awesome.

D&J – Beyond happy for you guys and so excited to see what the future has in store for you. Thanks for being a special part of my 2014 wedding season. Always wishing you two the best,


See what I mean about stunning? Ooo-eee! Jamie, you’re just as beautiful inside as you are outside, friend.

Thank you, Gaby Cheikh for capturing some awesome moments with me that day! Especially of Dan and his groomsmen. You’re wonderful!

Dan looked super dapper in his bow tie. I’d like to add too that this guy has a heart of gold! Such a gentleman.

Adore these two.

Thank you, Zanndoo, for keeping the party going!

Back soon. Have a great one! xo, C

Johnnyswim: Home

August 18

Meghan, Brian & Poppy

August 15

Happy Friday!

I recently was lucky enough to photograph this sweet family and you may actually recognize them. I photographed these guys a little over a year ago when Poppy was just months old. Now she’s two and I’m blown away yet again at what a difference a year can make. I especially love photographing families every year to see the kiddos grow and develop. There are some families I’ve photographed every year now for almost five years and it’s so fun to see them age and develop their little personalities. Poppy is a charmer  and unafraid of letting the fact that she’s a little girl getting dirty and having a blast. About twenty minutes into our shoot, Poppy just laid down in a puddle of water and was completely amused. Better yet, Meghan and Brian didn’t throw a fit and just let her do her thing. Quick outfit change and we were good. Meghan, by the way, is one of my oldest Irish dance friends. She lives around the corner from my parents and just the other day while visiting my Mom and Dad, I heard a “Caityyyyy!!” I look up to see Meghan riding her bike with Poppy in tow. I love Indy.

M, B & P – Love you guys! Great to see you as always. I hope these photos are a reminder of how incredible your family is.

Lots of love,


Kylie & Cody

August 6

Happy Wednesday!

I first met Kylie and Cody several months ago now. Kylie and I had a chance to catch up and get to know one another while waiting for Cody to make his way through rush hour traffic. Kylie’s one of those gals that I instantly connected with and knew I wanted to be around. When Cody arrived to our meeting and we all chatted about their big day, I knew it really would be something special. And it was. These two had a perfect celebration at Mustard Seed Gardens a few weeks back and I had the honor of documenting it all for them. I’ll let these beautiful people in the images speak for themselves. So excited to share these with you all!

C&K – It’s be so incredible getting to know you. I’m still blown away by your wedding and so grateful to have been a small part of it. Thanks for making the world a brighter and funnier place. I appreciate you guys so much. Looking forward to keeping in touch.





Special thanks to Megan at Mustard Seed for helping Kylie & Cody’s big day run smoothly!



Maybe a new favorite wedding portrait. These guys tho. They’re pretty beautiful together, ya?


Cody’s younger brother in the squeeze kiss : )



Thank you Molly Connor for all of your wonderful help!

Have a good one, guys.  XO