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Emilee & Matt

September 30

Happy Tuesday, friends! Thanks for taking a second to stop by today.

This wedding was so amazing for so many reasons but in my mind I loved it especially for the families involved. Coming from a close family myself, I so enjoy working with families that are tight. ¬†Even better when it’s a big family, too! Emilee is one of 8. Yes, 8! I thought I came from a big family myself being the youngest of 4. Working with Emilee’s mother, Sacha, leading up to this wedding was nothing short of wonderful. I say with confidence that she is one of the nicest mothers I’ve ever worked with and I very much look forward to keeping in touch with her and her incredible family. Thank you again for everything, Sacha.

Remember Emilee and Matt? Let me refresh your memory a bit – here are there engagement photos.¬†¬†With Emily, it was hair envy at first sight. This girl is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Matt compliments her so well and when he wanted extra photos in their Chicago Blackhawks jerseys, being a sports fan myself, I knew he’d be awesome from the start.

E&M – It’s been so fun getting to share this amazing time with you guys. I’m excited for your future and look forward to seeing what you two have up your sleeves. Thank you for inviting me into your lives at such a special time. It’s been an honor.

All the best,


Remember how Emilee is one of 8? She’s got 5 older sisters and they are all beautiful. Special thanks to David and his team at Empty Vase for doing a remarkable job on Emilee and Matt’s florals. The first time I met David was when he did my sister’s flowers for her wedding last November and I found myself wanting to hang out with him during any and all spare time I had after our first consultation. If you’re a bride looking for stunning florals and a blast, David’s your man!

Matt is crazy about Emilee. It’s the best to see.

Thankful for your kind and generous heart, Emilee.

You can imagine I couldn’t even handle this flower girl…

Love this shot my awesome second shooter, Rebecca Bridges, captured. Thanks for all of your wonderful help!

Emilee has 2 brothers and I loved this shot of one of them hugging their sweet mother, Sacha, after walking her down the aisle at the ceremony. As far as I can see, having raised 8 beautiful, kind and respectful children, ¬†you’re looking at a modern day superhero right there.

If memory serves me, Emilee has 14 nieces and nephews. They are all absolutely adorable.

Timeless. Love these two!

Have a good one! See you guys again soon.

Jay-Z & Beyonce: Forever Young

September 25

I’ve always been an enormous Beyonce fan. I could watch this over and over again. A small dose of eye candy. Happy Thursday, friends.

The Inglis Family: Gavin, Wendy, Connor & Bailey

September 16

Happy Tuesday!

The Inglis family was one of the first families I ever photographed under my business years ago and I’ll honestly never forget it. Connor and Bailey aren’t so little anymore and yet again, I’m amazed at how these insanely gorgeous families I’m lucky enough to photograph all look like they have stepped out of a catalogue. Not sure what I did to deserve having these good looking people in front of my camera but I’m super grateful.

Inglis family – Thanks so much for coming out. It was amazing to see you all again and how your family has grown. You’re just as sweet as last time. Excited to keep in touch,

Caitlin : )


This family is crazy beautiful, right? Wendy pulled out her phone case before we started taking photos and showed my a photo from our last shoot (back in 2010) that was printed on the case of her iPhone. An awesome blast from the past and reminder as photographers that no matter when we take these photos, they matter to someone. This particular photo was of their pup Charlie who they brought to their last shoot.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one!  -C