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Gabby & Andrew

October 28

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to share these two with you today. I’ve known Gabby for years, dating back to our grade school days. We grew up going to Rivi and CYO dances with mutual friends and  while I can’t really remember the moment I formally met her, I just remember thinking…wow, that girl is pretty! It’s weird what we remember from our younger days, yeah? Gabby was and still is very close to Maggie, also a friend of mine who went to the same grade school as I did – there’s a small bunch of us that hail from St. Thomas. Grade school years were by far my favorite years but that’s for another post. When Gabby got engaged, and I will shamelessly admit that I really actually did this (and have done this several times with various brides in the past), I saw the photo on Facebook and crossed my fingers and toes. When you’ve got a gal as pretty and loved as she is, you hope it works out and that you see her name pop up in your inbox. When I did? I was seriously thrilled. Working with Gabby and Andrew on their wedding day was nothing short of amazing.

G&A – Thank you so much for everything! Spending the day photographing your wedding was really special but in my opinion the best part of this all has been getting to know you two a little better and calling you friends. Hope Ireland was a blast and that married life is all you hoped for and then some. Did I mention you two are beautiful together and made my job very easy? Thank you for that, too. : )

All the best,

Caitlin 🙂

Gabby and Andrew married at Holy Cross on the east side of Indy. I had never shot there and man, this church is a hidden gem.

There’s Maggie on the left. It’s so fun to see things come full circle and watch people dance back into your life. These two are very tight and photographing them was somethin’ really special.

Speaking of tight, this was Maggie’s reaction when she realized Gabby was wearing a necklace on  her wedding day that Maggie gifted  her…

This is easily one of my favorite getting ready shots in recent memory.

These two are stunning together, yes? 100%.

But seriously, I WASN’T WRONG.  Gabby, you are a stunner!

Love is grand.

Not only is Andrew a really sweet guy, his last name is Sullivan. Thumbs up!

I love this. Maggie a) you’re a smoke show and b) you’re a much prettier crier than I was when I was my sister’s maid of honor. Way to be!

Special thanks to my sweet and talented friend, Katie Destry, for all of your awesome help.

Have a great night, friends!

The Smith Family: Brandon, Katie, Oscar & Charlie

October 22

Happy Wednesday!

Right in the thick of busy season over here and while I can’t believe there’s less than 10 days left in October (seriously, where did this month go?) , I will do my best to soak up the finals days of one of the greatest months the midwest has to offer. My sister-in-law texted my a photo the other day of Buddy the Elf with text that read, “Just 11 Fridays until Christmas.” I’m blown away that the holidays are upon us. Indy friends, remember last winter that time we couldn’t be outside for longer than a minute before our eyelashes would frost up and lungs would burn like crazy? Doesn’t that seem like it was just a couple months ago??! I’m not ready so I’ll cling to the weather I’ve had for these amazing family sessions lately.

This may be one of the sweetest families I’ve ever photographed. Brandon and Katie are also photographers  – Bungalow Photography.. you must check out their beautiful work when you have a minute. If you like cute kids? Well, you might stick around their work a little longer to see their  adorable little ones, Oscar and Charlie. I only met Katie a year ago over dinner with a couple girlfriends and we instantly connected. When she reached out to have family photos taken, I was honestly thrilled. It’s always an honor to photograph anyone but especially when someone who you respect from your field asks you to do so. Brandon and Katie were nice enough to have me out to their cozy piece of land to take these photos. If it’s up to me, I like to take photos at a family’s home. There’s just that level of comfort and familiarity there for the kids and a space for them to really act themselves. I used to worry so much about where  to take my photos but once I placed importance on who is in the photo, those worries and anxiety melted away. There were so many moments I loved. Oscar stole my heart early on and I’m sure you’ll see why pretty soon. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Smith family – You guys make me happy! I’m so glad to know you and have 4 new friends. I hope you look back at these photos one day and remember how awesome this time of your lives really was and how lucky you are to have each other. I think you guys are awesome. All the best and keep in touch,


Charlieeeee! Such a little love muffin!!

I’ve photographed a lot of moms. Katie is an incredible one.. in every which way.

When I ask a little boy this age to hug his little sibling…

… this often happens.

If the kids aren’t laughing and having fun on the session, I’m doing it wrong. Brandon is a FUN dad!

Oscar…stop it.

I adore this family.

I hope Charlie grows up to absolutely love this photo of her and her dad when she’s older.  I’m pretty smitten with it.

Lots of love, guys. -C


October 21

Thank you to my sweet, dear and oldest friend, Lauren, for sending this in the mail. I really think snail mail can change this world!

Hey friend, whatever it is you might be struggling with.. this too shall pass. And you’ll be better and stronger for it. Hang in there. Be brave. There’s so much to be thankful for.

The Murphy Family: Charles, Ali, James, Isabella, Evie, Henry & Ollie

October 16

Hey there!

Remember this crew? Man it’s always a fun time with them. This is my third year photographing them and each year gets better. Here are there photos from last year to jog your memory a bit!

Growing up as one of four, it amazes me to see how adding just one more kiddo to the mix really switches the dynamic up. In my eyes, Charles and Ali are nothing short of modern day superheroes leading this pack. Each kid is special and always there for one another. I especially love seeing James help his parents out with his younger siblings. James reminds me so much of my oldest brother, Colin, growing up. Colin and I had a really tight bond when I was little and seeing James interact with Evie reminded me so much my siblings and I in our younger years. Last week I photographed a family of six and the oldest, Annie, was a tremendous help to her parents. I’ll point her out when I blog the Leppert family in the coming weeks. All that to say… I photograph some really wonderful kids.

Murphy fam – Amazing to see you all again. Always an adventure with you guys! Thanks for supporting a dream of mine and giving me reason to be thankful. I appreciate you guys so much. Happy fall and I look forward to staying in touch.


James there.. such a great big brother.

Speaking of brothers, Henry and Ollie are all boy and full of energy.

I don’t know that photographing families will ever get old to me.

I love this shot of Ali. Such an incredible mother. If I were James, I’d frame this and put it on my desk. Ali, you are amazing!

That shot on the left is one of my favorite family portraits I’ve taken in some time. It also makes me excited to be a mama someday.


Be back soon.  Enjoy your evening. xo

Dana & Brad

October 6

Happy Monday! So happy you’re here.

In in the thick of busy season and what feels like shooting at least every other day these days. No complaints here, I’m so lucky to do something I love for a living. Please help me welcome Dana & Brad this happy corner of the internet. This world is small. Dana is my mom’s best friend’s husband’s niece. Shew, you follow me? It’s not as complex as it sounds. One of my mom’s best friends (hey Sylvia!) was at this wedding as a guest, along with her husband and three sons who are Dana’s cousins, and I had a moment at Dana & Brad’s reception where I honestly was so struck by how awesome it is that this world is so small and someway or another we always connect back. I also ran into an old classmate from Brebeuf (hey Molly!) and I met her new husband. Not to mention I shot with my great friends John and Jen of Northerlight Filmworks. If you’ve got a couple extra minutes, treat yourself by clicking your way through their beautiful wedding films.

Dana and Brad married on a perfect Sunday in August at the Mavris downtown. The Mavris has an incredible view of downtown Indy. Add in a beautiful couple and there are some amazing moments to be had…

D&B – Thanks so much for everything. It’s been really special getting to know you two a little better as of late. I hope you two have an amazing time in Thailand on your honeymoon when that time comes. In the meantime and always, sending you guys all the best.


Such a sweet group of women here!

Dana & Brad saw each other before their ceremony. Brad was choked up which no doubt made me tear up too. He loves his bride so much. He’s a great guy.


Remember Empty Vase? This is his beautiful work once again! Dana, you are one stunning lady.

Maybe it’s that I have an older sister I’m very close with, but that shot on the left gets me.

Hey Indy, I love you! Hey Brad & Dana, you guys are beautiful!

Lotsss of beautiful people happening here.

Do you know one of the best things about living in the same city as your family? Being able to drive swing by for a hug whenever you feel like it. Mom and Dad, I’m comin’ for ya!