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Kaitlin & Joe

November 10

Hey there! So happy you’re here. If you’re new here today, welcome! Thanks for dropping by. It means more than you know. I’m currently trying to figure out a) how Thanksgiving is only 2.5 weeks away and b) what really happened during Interstellar because I promise you I have no idea what that all meant but man it was a beautiful film. When anything is that complex, and particularly when it involves science which was never my strong suit growing up, I always joke that “It’s okay guys, I’ll just go make art for a living.” ¬†It’s worked out beautifully so far. My dad is a physician and my mom teaches 4th and 5th grade science lab. I’m sure there are days where my parents wonder what happened to the science gene during that transfer – that maybe it was lost on me – but I still love Star Trek and nerdy science things so at least with that I know I’m safe to stick around as a Sully for a long while.

I’ll be real honest with you guys… I am still buzzing from this wedding. Kaitlin and I went to high school together and when she reached out last fall about photographing her wedding I was beyond excited. Kaitlin’s older sister, Breanne, was in my sister’s class at Brebeuf and between catching up with her and all of the familiar faces who were classmates of mine in high school, this day was just an awesome walk down memory lane and also a beautiful reminder of how far I’ve come since those days. I say “those days” because next year will be 10 years since we graduated from Brebeuf. ¬†Crazy! Totally have gray hairs, it’s cool. Really though, I am blown away at how everything came together so perfectly for Kaitlin & Joe’s wedding. The weather was incredible, the venue was charming, the most epic dance party I’ve seen yet at a wedding but the stars of the show, Kaitlin & Joe, are really who brought this tapestry together. These guys are so loved. The kind of people you fall in love with after spending 10 minutes with them…

K&J – I’m so happy to have you guys in my life. Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I’m completely honored and will be forever grateful. I hope you are settling into married life nicely up in Chicago. Hope to see you over the holidays!



Kaitlin and Joe married at Story Inn in Story, IN – such a lovely and colorful space for a wedding.

Who am I kidding?! ¬†I adored so many people at this wedding but one lady at the top of that list is Kaitlin’s mom. I’ll run into her and her sweet group of girlfriends at Einsteins from time to time and it’s always such a treat to catch up with her and hear how Kaitlin is doing. This gives me chills.

When Kaitlin started to get teary eyed reading her note from Joe, her bridesmaids started singing Happy Birthday to her. Brilliant, actually. Helped keep the tears at bay and put a smile on Kaitlin’s face. I promise you I will start doing this with brides in the future.

As you can imagine, these two made my job very easy.

Such a fun and good looking group! And lots of familiar faces – hey Allison, Megan, Katie & Meg!

The light that day was spectacular.



Joe, you are the man. I mean it.

If you have these people in your life, you are very lucky. They truly make the world a better place to live in.

There is ¬†nothing ordinary about this job. Capturing this moment for Kaitlin is magic in my life. Kaitlin, you were such a stunning bride and I’m better off for having you as a friend.

There are many times where I’ll take a photo like the one below and not think twice about how much it might mean to the people in it. I don’t remember taking this, but after pouring over their images, I kept coming back to this image of Joe with his parents right after the ceremony. I love it so much. I love the way Joe’s mom is looking at her son and the way Joe’s looking at his dad. I love this job.

Yesss! Married!

Kaitlin & Joe’s first dance was to The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still”. Listen here.

I cannot convey the depths to which this image makes me want to sob my eyeballs out in the very best way. I adored Joe’s parents.

Special thanks to Don & Jean Kingen with Dancin’ DJs for putting on the most epic dance party I’ve seen yet as a wedding photographer. If playing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” 5 times throughout the night for your guests is wrong, I don’t want you guys to be right. The dance floor was packed the entire night. You guys were seriously awesome to work alongside!

¬†Kaitlin & Joe’s engagement photos here : ) Thank you so much to Hilary Webb for all of your wonderful help at this wedding. I appreciate you.

Happy Monday, you beautiful people!


November 7

Cheers to an amazing weekend! I’ll be helping celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary so there’s much to celebrate‚Ķxo


The Swisher Fam: Chris, Kelsey, Tucker, Tanner, Ripley & LuLu

November 5

I’ve known this family for a handful of years now. They came into my life when my sweet friend, Kali, introduced us and shortly thereafter I babysat Ripley for a few short but insanely wonderful months. I watched Ripley around the time that I did my rebrand and my life was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Spending time with him each week and watching him develop his awesome little personality was icing on the cake. With this family it takes about 5 minutes to fall in love with them. They are the sweetest, most genuine people and just to wake up in the morning and know they’re in my life – even if we go weeks at a time without chatting – is an enormous blessing. ¬†They seriously bless my life beyond measure and I’m so lucky to call them all friends.

Swish pack – Love y’all like crazyyyy. Thanks for being a part of my life. You make my days much sweeter knowing you’re there…

Much love,


Here he is. He stole my heart years ago when he fell asleep on my chest at just 6 months young. Ripley Duke. I was with him when he rolled over for the first time. I changed tons of his diapers and spent some amazing moments with him. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! I started watching Ripley around the time Instagram started and I used to take dozens and dozens of photos of him. So fun to go back and relive that time in my life. Today is Rip’s birthday today so I have to take a minute to wish this handsome (NOT BABY) face the best birthday ever! I love you so much, buddy!

This family is magic. I hope and pray to have a family like theirs someday.

Four of my favorites little ones in the world. Lulu, Tanner, Ripley & big bro Tuck.

Next to my own parents, Chris and Kelsey are the greatest parents I know. Their littles are lucky to have them.

Sweet LuLu has a rare skin disease, Ichthyosis, that affects 16,000 babies each year and is characterized by thickening or scaliness of the skin. Chris and Kelsey apply a lot of lotions and creams to help keep her skin moist and on days hotter than 80 degrees Lu has to stay indoors due to her body’s inability to sweat. I’d love to blog further in depth about this special little lady’s condition but in the meantime, suffice it to say‚Ķthis SPIRITED little one inspires me to no end. She’s a fighter with a precious little voice and a go getter mentality. Seeing her three big brothers care for her and look out for her is incredible. Don’t mess. These boys will always have their baby sis’ back. Learn more about Lulu’s conditions by watching WISTV’s coverage here!

And if you’re interested in taking a trip down memory lane, here are a few times I’ve photographed this wonderful family. Here, here and here.¬†(Man am I lucky to keep up with these families!)

Happy 34th birthday to my brother, Dave! Excited to celebrate you tonight.

Have a good one, guys. See you soon.

Johnnyswim: Diamonds

November 4

I cannot even begin to tell you how much this music lights my heart on fire. Seeing these two live in December in Nashville for their Christmas show and I seriously can’t wait. Hope this inspires you, Indy friends and beyond…

The Dausman Family: Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hudson

November 3

They’re back! This insanely beautiful family!

If I’m lucky enough to photograph the Dausman family every year until the kids go off to college, I’ll be so happy. Not only are they really honestly one of the most stunning families I’ve ever had in front of my camera, they are some of the sweetest people to be around. I always look forward to seeing them each fall and what’s awesome too is Tigon has truly become a friend of mine – one that I keep up with during the year and love to hear from. Jeff & Tigon have great kids – Bella and Lilah are amazing big sisters to Hudson who, I’m sure you’ll see quickly, was the star of this show. I always find myself leaving these sessions with the Dausman family more grateful than ever to have discovered my love for photographing the fleeting and ever changing moments of a family with young kids. The kids change so fast. I’ve been photographing this family since Hudson was just 6 months old and somehow he looks like he’s a few years shy of middle school. Man, time flies.

Hey Dausman’s – Thanks for being a bright spot I have to look forward to every year when the leaves change. I love ya guys. You’re the best.


Hud wasn’t messing around and made me work for these shots but that’s okay because look at him.

Lilah (left) has the sweetest little heart. I’ve photographed a lot of BEAUTIFUL children but when I think of one who I think belongs on the cover of a magazine, it’s this adorable face.

Bella (right) might be the best big sister ever. Lilah and Hud are lucky to have her.

Tigon could have a side gig styling family shoots, right? This family always looks incredible.

Ladies, if you’re wondering, T’s heels are from Madewell : )

And just for fun, here are a few other times I’ve photographed this family in the past here,¬†here¬†AND here¬†¬†: )

Go Colts!