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Kate + Davis

December 16

Happy Tuesday!

I couldn’t think of a better wedding to close out my 2014 season with than this one. I’ve known Kate since I was 5 tiny years old. She’s known me through all of my awkward years, and there were many, and through them all she has been like a big sister. When I think of Kate, I think of that mega watt smile of hers and how she quite literally lights up this world with her warm personality and infectious laugh. I know her and her wonderful family through my many years of Irish dancing. Kate also danced, as well as her sister, Liz, and we spent many practices, St. Patrick’s Day, and weekends competing across the midwest together. When you grow up competing in a sport, you spend so much time together that those people become your secondary family. For many years and still to this day, Kate is a part of that family to me. There are just certain things that only Kate would understand in my life and vice versa. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kate & Davis – I couldn’t be happier for you guys. Thank you for asking me to be a part of such an amazing day. I love both of you and can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you!



Chicago weather was so good to us. I’m so happy these two had sunshine and warmer temps. I think we all can agree that Kate was a stunning bride, yes? Absolutely.

I can’t even begin to describe just how LOVED and ADORED this pair is. Holy cow! From the moment I posted their engagement photos, nothing but love flooded in for these two. After spending a few minutes with them, it’s really easy to see why. From the beginning, Davis had big shoes to fill dating Kate as she’s loved by SO MANY. He has most definitely stepped up to the plate and then some. Such a great guy!

Maybe my favorite bridal party photo ever.

Hey, bean! : )

Kate’s dad before walking her down this aisle: “I got my one wish.” I am not kidding any of you, I was weeping. I am just thankful there was no one there to see and that I had a giant camera to hide my sloppy tears. Goodness! I was told before the ceremony that I might not be able to take very many photos because St. Patrick’s has their own photographer. I’m so glad I was able to sneak these next two in.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Loft On Lake for putting together such a magical space for Kate and Davis’ reception. It literally took my breath away!

I love this girl. She’s makes the world a better place.

Kate pulled both of her parents up and danced to Brown Eyed Girl. It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve photographed all year! : )

Thank you, Katie Destry, for all of your wonderful help at this wedding!

Have a good one, friends. xo

Molly & Matt

December 8

Happy Monday! It’s December, which means Ellen is doing her 12 days of giveaways, which means I’ve laughed myself to tears watching this clip of Ellen’s PA, Ryan, slipping up while wheeling out a TV. While I was out visiting my sister and nephew last week I saw this throwback clip and couldn’t help but laugh. I cannot even begin to explain how much this two minute clip encapsulates my sense of humor almost perfectly. I think the human hot cocoa that continues to skip around despite the slip up is what did me in.

I’m glad you’re here today. Thanks for dropping by! If you’ve been to this corner of the internet before you might remember Molly and Matt. Remember their engagement photos at Bankers Life? And the super awesome story of how we met? Our mutual love for the Pacers is really what brought us together. The whole stepping onto the court at Bankers Life remains to this day one of the greatest thrills of my life, much less my career. It’s been so fun getting to know these two over the past year and their wedding was nothing short of amazing.

M&M – Thank you so much for asking my to be your wedding photographer. It was so special to be with you on this day and share in the excitement with your friends and family. Perhaps the best part of this all – from meeting you by chance when we just happened to be seated next to each other at a Pacers game to photographing you as husband and wife – is that I’ve got two new friends. Hope your holiday season is magical and I look forward to keeping in touch.


Molly and Matt married at the gorgeous Canal 337 downtown just off of the canal.

If you’re an NBA fan, as I know Molly and Matt are, this image might make you think of Patrick Ewing. πŸ™‚

Molly, you were breathtaking that day! You are truly beautiful inside and out and have been such a wonderful bride to work with…


Molly and Matt’s wedding took place after Paul George’s severe injury that took him out for the entire 2014-2015 Pacers season. Matt and I had a moment of sadness talking about the season, but quickly followed up with well, at least tickets will cheap. Sometimes you have to look at the bright side. I’ve loved the Pacers (even through the brawl in 2004) and won’t ever stop!

Mr and Mrs Jones!

These two danced to a cover of Songbird. I’ve known and loved this song since I first heard it in Love Actually.

I honestly can’t think of a better photo to end on than this one because look at how happy this man is. I love him!!!

Thank you, Katie Destry, for all of your awesome help at this amazing wedding!

Have a great night, friends! xo