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The Harkins Family: Jon, Kaila, Ezra & Clary

January 22

Pinching myself with how beautiful this family is. I first met these wonderful people in the spring of 2014. One of my favorite things in the world is sticking with a family and literally being able to document the kids as they age. Especially in their younger years. So happy to know them!

Clary’s pigtails though. Oh my gosh! Sweetest love bug ever!


Wow to all of this beauty.

How can someone so small be SO handsome? Man, I love this family!!

Do you want to put her in your pocket, too? She’s just as sweet and adorable in person.


The Leppert Family: Bill, Kathleen, Annie, Billy, Mary Margaret & Josephine

January 20

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

Do you remember this family? I photographed them a few years ago and they have since added  a fourth, Josephine, to their mix. I look back at that shoot so fondly because I think in many ways that was the time I really knew I was on a path to photograph tons of beautiful families and I was loving it so much. Every time I photograph a family with four kids, I walk away with a renewed appreciation for my own parents and all they did to raise us kids. As the youngest of four,  I was so connected to this family on another level when photographing them. They’re so gracious, so kind and so much fun.When I first arrived to their home to take photos, Annie (their oldest) came right out to greet me with a big smile and hug. Followed by Billy and then Mary Margaret. It had literally been a couple years since I had seen them, yet they warmed up to me right away, smiled, gave me hugs and said, “Hey Caitlin!” as if no time had passed. It really doesn’t get much better.

Bill and Kathleen – I’m in awe of you for raising such awesome kids! Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for you and I’m so excited to keep in touch!



Josephine is the sweetest little firecracker. She kept me moving.

I really do  love these kids. They are great friends and it’s so amazing to see.

We took these photos around the Leppert’s home. If possible, I love to take family photos at the family’s home. It just creates a space for the kids to be comfortable and themselves and I love that so much.

Such a great dad. We’ll on on this. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by. Means so much. Hope you have a great rest of the day!

Michaela + Scott

January 6

Happy 2015!!!

It feels great to be back and have a fresh year ahead. Hope you guys all had an amazing holiday season spent with those you love most. It’s possible I gained 5 lbs of cookie in the last 6 weeks. Yes, as in, I think I ate several pounds of cookies alone over the course of December. Joking aside, I did a lot of soul searching in 2014 and I’ve grown so much. I’m excited to make some changes this year both in my business and personal life. More than anything, I’m just ready to choose present over perfect and focus on the joy in my life. Wishing all of you all of the happiness and adventure 2015 can offer! And plenty of cookies. I’m excited to share more on this blog here in the coming months…

For now, please help me welcome this sweet pair to my blog. Michaela and I go way back. She’s one of those beloved “irish dance” friends of mine. I thought it would be fun to real quick take a walk down memory lane. I’d like to call attention to how everyone is smiling sweetly and behaving in this photo except for me on the right there. What’s going on there? Michaela is fourth in from the right. This was at Nationals one year in Nashville when we competed in our “8 hand”. I love and miss these people so much! And no, that is not our hair. : )

Okay back to photos of Michaela and Scott. It was cold out so we tucked away in the front lobby of the library downtown. This space and its light are breathtaking every time. I am so excited to photograph their wedding at St. Pete Beach in March which, somehow, is only two and half months away.

Michaela and Scott both went to Brebeuf as well and graduated a year after me. If memory serves me correctly, I’m prettttty sure Scott and I were in the same chemistry class and I can pretty much guarantee Scott blew me out of the water in that class because I’m telling all of you, science is not my strength! Sorry, Mama! But truly, Scott is such a gentleman and so good to Michaela. Love him for that.

When I think of Michaela, I think of three things: her laugh, her wit and her joy.  I asked Michaela to do a few straight face/little more serious photos and within seconds she was laughing. She just carries that joy wherever she goes. It’s a wonderful thing.

We’ll end on this because it makes me smile. Have a great night, friends!