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St. Petersburg, FL Wedding: Scott & Michaela

March 30

The initial plan was to get married over Thanksgiving break. When I met with Michaela for lunch at Shoefly this past fall, she said she wanted a small and intimate affair in downtown Indy. A couple weeks later, I found an email in my inbox from Michaela with the subject line: Struggle Bus, New Route! This humor is typical when it comes to Michaela. She is witty and hilarious and it’s one of my favorite things about her. I opened the inbox to read she and Scott had new plans to get married in St. Petersburg, FL at the Don Cesar, a hotel Scott and his wonderful family frequented over the years. As luck would have it, I was free for their March 8th wedding! So I happily accepted the invite and was so excited to be a part of this day!

As I’ve mentioned here before on this blog, I’ve known Michaela for some time. We Irish danced together for many years. She and her husband, Scott, both went to Brebeuf and to make the deal sweeter there were some familiar faces at this wedding. Awesome friends from Brebeuf who came out to support Scott and Michaela. Photographing a wedding is always such an honor but it’s taken to another level when there’s history there with the bride or groom.

Their day? Was perfect. From the incredible sunset to the amazing and stunning couple, inside and out, I’m reminded how lucky I am to call this my job.

Scott and Michaela – Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! I’m so happy we all live in Indy and can stay in touch. I look forward to doing just that.

Much love,


There ceremony site was average. And by average I mean INCREDIBLE! They married on one of the two rooftop terraces at the Don and sunset.

These two got ready together which I rarely see but so loved being a part of.

Michaela’s mom passed away several years ago. I remember her from my dancing years. She was such a light and so so so loved. Here’s Michaela pinning a photo of her mother to her bouquet. This might be my favorite photo of them all.

Michaela, you are just the best. I’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t adore you to pieces. Thanks for being in my life, sweet friend.

We took a few photos at Hotel Zamora…the hotel these two stayed at right down the street from the Don. This also is where they hosted their rehearsal dinner. One of the best meals I’ve had in some time…

The handsome (and tall!) groom. I love the way he loves Michaela : ) one of the sweetest grooms I’ve ever known.

These two have a love for trivia and the officiant had a few trivia questions he asked during the ceremony on marriage.

That fella in the red tie back there? That’s Ryan! Hey Ryan!! He was in my class at Brebeuf. I’ll never forget learning his birthday is the day after mine. I swear I’ll always remember that about him now. So good to see you, friend!


I could not love this photo any more. You guys are stunning.

That sunset? It was just perfect.

Have a good one, friends! I appreciate you stopping by!

Jennifer & Joel

March 18

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday!

Super excited to have Jennifer and Joel on my blog today. This world is so small. Jennifer and I irish danced together for many years and also both went to St. Thomas for grade school. Joel went to the same high school as I did, Brebeuf, and was in my sister’s class. AND, Jennifer’s mama (hey Sharon!!) works with my mom now as a science lab teacher at St. Thomas! How fun is that? Between St. Thomas and dance, there will be lots of familiar faces at this wedding in June and I couldn’t be more excited.

These two flew in from DC where they currently live for a visit in Indy, a bridal shower for Jennifer and we squeezed in some engagement photos. I asked if they had plans to move back to Indy at any time and Jennifer joked it’s really hard to work for Congress anywhere other than in DC. Touch├ę, my friend! : )

Jennifer and Joel…thanks so much for being so fun and such good sports! It was beyond awesome seeing you and I can’t wait to be with you when you become husband and wife in just a few short months. It’s going to be incredible!


My favorite!

I told Jennifer she belongs in a Pantene commercial with all of that amazing hair. So gorgeous!

Jennifer has a twin sister (hey Diane!!!) and I never really thought they looked too much alike but man, there were so many times editing these photos that I just saw so much of Diane in Jennifer. Or vice versa. This shot on the right, Jennifer especially looks like her twin sister.

I LOVE this shot of Joel – so handsome and such a gentleman. He asked how my sister was doing and loved on Jennifer so well for these photos. Nice catch, Jennifer! : )

This might sound odd, but posing a couple apart from each other makes me wildly uncomfortable which is why I’m exploring that more this year. The best stuff happens when you get outside of your comfort zone. I’m not sure whether it’s just that I’m used to tighter shots but I literally could feel myself getting outside of my comfort zone for this shot (and also the first one of this post). I’m laughing because they aren’t THAT far apart…like maybe one human apart from each other, but it’s a baby step. ┬áMaybe next time I’ll put my couple a few yards apart. Okay now I’m just getting carried away.

Beautiful..inside and out.

Have a great night, friends! Thanks for stopping by.

Sneak Peek: Michaela & Scott

March 10

I’ll be honest. I’ve had the iPhone 6 for a couple months now and I’m not hugely impressed with it. Except for the camera. The camera is pretty incredible! Here’s a quick shot I caught during sunset at Michaela and Scott’s beautiful wedding in St. Petersburg, FL. Can’t wait to share more from their day.