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Katie & James

April 22

Hey friends! Hope all is well. The older I get, the more I love the transition from winter to spring. Even more than summer to fall. Nothing better than forgetting how to dress for warmer weather and that first perfect spring day when literally everyone is outside in t-shirts and sunglasses. The happiness meter gets a major boost and it definitely feels like everyone is in a better mood. Tulips at spring time always remind me of Bloomington and walking through campus to class knowing summer break was just weeks away. Remember college? When what you stressed about most was writing a 5 page paper? About chocolate, no less? Did I ever mention I took a class on chocolate at IU? ┬áCHOCOLATE. My knowledge on cacao nibs has officially taken me… nowhere really. But I supposed it’s a fun fact about me. Also a fun fact… I spilled red wine all over my pants on my flight out to Florence to study abroad on my 21st birthday. That was a great conversation starter.

I took these photos a few months ago but since their big day is around the corner, I just wanted to share a couple photos and some love for Katie and James. Katie is a dear friend of mine. We both went to IU but I didn’t meet her until we had both graduated and were back in Indy. I just remember thinking early on that this girl was fun┬áand I wanted to get to know her a little better. We became fast friends and have since shared so many awesome memories. Katie is the definition of an incredible friend and I couldn’t be more excited to stand by her side when she marries James on June 6!

I think it’s really adorable but, whenever Katie comes up in my conversation with my parents, my dad from time to time, like a broken record, will say “Oh Katie, she’s sooo pretty! She has the prettiest eyes!!” It’s true and so sweet. I’ve told Katie this before and we always have a good laugh about it. But truly, this girl is stunning. I can’t wait to see her as a bride! I know I will sob happy tears.

I remember the night these two met. We were out in Broadripple with friends and our group of friends ran into James’ group of friends and the rest is history as they say. It’s crazy to think that night changed everything.

LOVE you guys and can’t wait for your big day!



PUBLISHED: Wedding Day Magazine, Winter 2015

April 20

LOVED every minute of Kaitlin & Joe’s fall wedding and so thrilled to see their story shared in the current issue of Wedding Day magazine. Happy happy!