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Cambrie, Ryan, Liv & Colt

June 22

Hi friends! So happy you’ve stopped by! I’m so excited to share this wonderful family with you all today.

Meet Cambrie and her beautiful family : ) Cambrie is a photographer as well and that happens to be how we met. I’ve only actually been able to hang out with her a handful of times in person (I remember bumping into her smiling face at the Indiana State fair a few years back, when I think of Cambrie I always remember that moment!) but even still, I always enjoy seeing her. She is full of life and an absolute blast! Cambrie and her husband, Ryan, recently welcomed the most beautiful twins into the world and I was so honored when she asked me to come out and photograph her little family.

It’s crazy how you can go one year from praying for the gift of a healthy baby to two beautiful – boy AND girl- twin babies within twelve months. Cambrie has been open about their infertility journey and more than ever, I saw these babies for what they really are when photographing this family- miracles.

Colt and Liv make the sweetest pair of twins. Also, Cambrie is looking incredible post twins! These were taken one month after the babies came! Wow to you, Cambrie. You look amazing and so happy!

I told Cambrie before these photos that they’d be more geared towards her and Ryan cuddling with the babies. I do love newborn photos but they are not my strength (seriously, my hat is off to newborn photographers! you amaze me!) so I happily stuck to photos of everyone cuddling and snuggling up to each other. I love┬áthis moment.

Here’s a better look at Liv and Colt – how BEAUTIFUL are they? ┬áPurdue alum in this household so we made sure to grab a few of the twins in these fun onesies.

I look at this photo and honestly one word comes to mind – supermom.

Colt’s sweet little face on the left : ) This family is so special.

As Father’s Day was yesterday, I couldn’t help but appreciate the moments of Ryan a little more when pulling this post together. Someday these babies will know how lucky their are to have Cambrie and Ryan as their parents. Happy belated Father’s Day, Ryan! Hope you guys had fun celebrating.

Love them! I did for a quick second get to hold Liv and man these babies are tiny and so so so precious!

Ryan, it was great to meet you! And so awesome getting to see you again, Cambrie. Thank you both for having me out to photograph your gorgeous family. It was an honor. I am so happy for you guys!

I’ll end with a Cambrie’s sweet birth announcement from Facebook. These two traveled a long road to be able to share these words: “Ryan and I are SO excited to announce that Liv and Colt joined our family yesterday afternoon (May 7th!) We are over the moon in love with these sweet babies, and absolutely cannot wait until we can take them home!”

Happy Monday, guys. Have a good one.

An Oliver Winery Engagement: Liz & Mike

June 16

Hi friends! If you’re new here and stopping by the first time, thanks for dropping in : ) My name is Caitlin. I’m a virgo, the youngest of four, adventurer at heart and a Chipotle addict. It’s nice to meet you!

Meet Liz & Mike. I first met these two early on this year when we got together over coffee and they told me about their plans to wed in Riviera Maya. As with most meetings in life, you can tell pretty early on if it is a good thing. That was the case with Liz & Mike. We clicked instantly and the more they told me about their wedding, the more I hoped to be a part of it. I should take a step back of minute. I technically met Liz years ago when she was a bridesmaid in Amy & Peter’s beautiful summer wedding.┬á Fast forward a few years – I found an email in my inbox from Liz and now here I am, sharing their engagement photos.

We took these at Oliver Winery in Bloomington, a special place to Liz & Mike, on a Sunday with temperamental weather. It poured a good half of the day yet somehow we found a pocket of no rain and sunshine that evening to squeeze these in. Mike played football at Butler and Liz’ one request was that we get a few with a football : )

These two are your quintessential power couple. Awesome people on their own but together even better, always bringing out the best in each other.

Perfect day to finish up with a bottle of white wine. I stayed after photos to just sit and talk with these two. Can’t say enough positive things about them!

Liz made that “See you in Mexico” sign seen on the right. I just can’t believe I’m get to be with these two on their wedding day! In Riviera Maya!! It’s sure to be AMAZING!

I asked Liz & Mike that day what made them go the destination wedding route. They explained Indianapolis would be destination for most guests anyway since most of their family lives out of state. Why not get married in a tropical place and give guests a reason to vacation? I like the way you think! Thank you both so much for asking me to be your photographer. I’m beyond excited and honored.

Such a handsome couple! Love you guys!

Off to an Indians game. Enjoy your evening, friends!

Noah Ritter on Jurassic World

June 15

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Definitely a perk of being self employed is being able to turn on the TV to unplug for a few minutes during the middle of the day. I usually do at 3 to watch a little bit of Ellen because, who doesn’t enjoy watching that show? When I saw Noah Ritter on Ellen’s show for the first time when he was interviewed at his local state fair and kept firing off the world “apparently” (you can watch that video here), I hoped he’d appear again on the show because he’s truly hilarious and adorable.

Apparentlyyy he saw Jurassic World and liked it very much. : )

Chicago Engagement: Kristen + Scott

June 10

Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday : ) I’m super excited to share this awesome couple with you today! I met Kristen through my friend, Julie, a few years ago now. Julie (whose gorgeous wedding I was in at the end of May in beautiful Greenville, SC) lived with Kristen and they both did the Teach for America Program. I hung out with Kristen a few times and even though they were few and far in between, I always noticed how sweet she was. When I saw her name pop up in my inbox after she got engaged, I really got excited then!

Kristen and Scott currently live in Chicago and invited me up for their engagement photos. We truly could not have had better weather. Historically speaking, Chicago has thrown me some curve balls so I will admit… I’m always a little nervous traveling there but without fail, every time, I come home with images I’m proud of. Like Kate and Davis’ wedding last October! Or Peter and Teresa’s engagement photos when we had a orangey pink sunset over the Chicago skyline! Speaking of, I just bumped into Peter and Teresa a few weeks ago while out for pizza with a girlfriend and it made my night. I had so much fun revisiting their wedding

Back to Kristen and Scott, aren’t they beautiful?

Kristen showed up in CSP brand colors and I knew early on this would be fun. : ) And it was. We had a blast together.

The golden hour light? Was truly perfect.

Quick wardrobe change and some popsicles later….

Have I mentioned how much fun I had with these two? And how much I love this photo and the life tip behind them? And the color? I really love when moments like this come together.

Sand is maybe one of the best natural reflectors out there.

You guys are the best!!! Can’t wait for your wedding next month!


Coming Soon

June 1

So much goodness to come. Including Liz and Mike’s engagement session at Oliver Winery in Bloomington, IN. It POURED almost the entire day but we found a pocket of sunshine to fit their photos in and I couldn’t be more excited to share more.

Happy Monday!