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Kellie & Benton

July 22

Hi friends!! Sun is shining outside, I’m about to head out for lunch with a sweet friend and then head over to spend time with my mom, sister and play with my adorable nephew who’s¬†thissss¬†close to walking¬†– it’s a good day to have a good day. I’m so happy to share this super sweet pair with you guys today.

Meet Kellie and Benton ¬†: ) They are the best! I first spoke with Kellie on the phone back in the winter. ¬†Kellie and Benton live in Chicago and we arranged a time to quickly chat on the phone so Kellie could tell me about their wedding plans. You know when you can tell just by talking ¬†with someone on the phone how wholesome and kind they are?? ¬†That was my experience with Kellie 100%. I remember it being cold and dark as I looked out my window but talking with this girl absolutely brightened my day. I couldn’t wait to meet her in person and after having spent an evening with her and Benton, I’m even more excited to be a part of their wedding in November. No doubt it will be an unforgettable day!

I think it’s safe to say that Kellie will be a breathtaking bride, right? She’s incredibly photogenic. I can’t wait to see everything come together on their wedding day!

Benton!!! Such a nice guy! I have to laugh because at one point during these photos I asked Benton to give me a more serious face and the three of us burst out into laughter because he’s just one of those people who can’t do that. So much respect for that! He’s so good to Kellie and I can already tell he will be one of the nicest grooms I’ve ever worked with.

You guys remember Kaitlin and Joe’s beautiful wedding at Story Inn last September? SUCH an awesome day! Well, Kellie knows Kaitlin from law school and saw her photos when I posted them last fall. I love so much when connections like this take place!

Such a beautiful couple. I can’t wait to capture you as husband in wife in a few short months! Time is flying!

Special shoutout to Kellie’s sweet mama who came out for these photos. You were such a treat to chat with, Kay! And whoa have you raised an awesome daughter!

We’ll end on this one because it make me smile : )

Have a good one. Make today count. I appreciate you! -C

Grace + Matt

July 21

Happy Tuesday!! What a perfect day to introduce you all to Grace and Matt! These two are so wonderful!

I met with Grace over hot chocolate on a cold day in February and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we really did hit it off immediately. She has a warmth about her that made getting to know her a little better so special. She told me how her and Matt met – at the Rathskeller, one of Indy’s best summer spots just off of Mass Ave downtown, at a time they least expected to find love. Their story reminded me in the very best way that your life can change for the better in an instant. You just never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

Matt was able to swing by at the end of our meeting and as soon as he arrived and I saw him with Grace, they made perfect sense. I am so excited to photograph their wedding in September at St. John’s! ¬†They make a stunning couple, don’t you think?

The biergarten at the Rathskeller is one of my favorite places to grab a drink in the summertime. There’s an awesome view of the Indy skyline and oftentimes live music – perfect place to gather with a handful of friends to catch up! This is where these two met. Its crazy to me to think that maybe these two wouldn’t be together if it weren’t for that night at the Rathskeller? I loved that they wanted to take photos here because it’s meaningful to them.

Did I mention Matt proposed at the Rathskeller too? Yes! Had a private dinner arranged for Grace and proposed at the end of their meal – nice job, Matt!

I really do love my job. I can’t wait to photograph your big day soon!

Grace changed into this colorful dress and I was in love. ¬†Every once in a while I like to do a more serious photo…

…but that never lasts long, haha! I prefer to see people smiling and laughing in photos. Grace – you are going to be such a stunning bride!

You guys are a BLAST!

We’ll end on this because…this couple is awesome and Indy, I love you! Grace and Matt – can’t wait for 9/12!


The Werner Family: Gail, Nick & Dean

July 9

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping in tonight.

I’m always happy and excited to photograph this beautiful family. Gail and I have known each other for a handful of years now. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and that happens to be one of my most favorite things about her. She’s incredibly talented in many areas of life and, speaking of, in the past year launched a beautiful site dedicated to one of her oldest passions and newer callings: writing. I met Gail through photography initially and she has since moved into a new lane to pursue this dream and it’s been so inspiring to see her go for this. ¬†We met over lunch on a bright and sunny day in December to catch up and take a few head shots for her when she told me her plans. She shared a Taylor Swift quote that she had stumbled across (I think it was Twitter?): “If you chase two rabbits, you lose them both.” Say what you will about Taylor Swift – that sentiment resonated in me that day and I hope in sharing it here it will inspire one other person. If you haven’t seen her awesome site, definitely check it out here.

You may recognize this family as I photographed them a few years ago when Dean was a tiny little guy. So tiny, I can’t believe how much he has grown. He’s developed such a fun little personality and I loved being able to photograph him again. Pretty clear to see why, right?

I’ve driven past this wall downtown several times and always planned at some point to bring a family here. All of the colors seem super on brand and when I got this shot below, it was as if I had in an instant captured everything it is I love so much about photographing families with young kids: The joy, the energy, the light and the playfulness.

I hate to say it but I think we’re all thinking it. This kid is gonna be a looker when he grows up, right? Such a beautiful boy! Easy to see why with beautiful parents.

Parenthood looks good on you guys. Way to set the bar really high for the rest of us! Okay kidding aside, it’s amazing to see you both shine so effortlessly at this parenthood thing. Dean is a lucky little guy to have you as parents.

I envision my relationship with my parents to be very much like this. I think of my dad with his hand at my back, gently guiding me through life’s ups and downs. ¬†Maybe it’s that my siblings are becoming parents and I’m navigating adulthood’s twists and turns, but I have a new found appreciation for my parents support. ¬†Mom and Dad, I love you guys!

Such a perfect, curious, gentle, sweet little guy you’ve made. I texted Gail a few photos including the one on the left below to her the day after we took these. Her response: “Oh my goodness! Such joy in these photos! Thank you for reminding me what a precious gift from God my son is!” Amen.

Perfect little family, don’t you think?

We’ll end on this happy moment. Love and appreciate you guys very much.

Enjoy your evening! -C

PS Up for a great cry? Watch this film by Rewind Documentaries.


Indiana Landmark Center Wedding: Jennifer & Joel

July 1

It’s JULY! Can you believe it? Where is this year going? Really though. I had a friend share a photo ¬†with me of buddy the Elf that said it’s 20 Fridays until Christmas. So crazy! Well I can’t think of a better way to kick off the month than to share this sweet pair with you.

Remember Jennifer and Joel? I took their engagement photos a little while back (loved Jennifer’s pop of red!) and they recently married just down the street from where I live. I joked I’d walk to work that day. I’ve always wanted to photograph a wedding at the Indiana Landmark Center. I run by it often and it’s just beautiful. It was a hot one that day – full sun almost everywhere you looked and the sun danced between the clouds, constantly changing the light, but these two were troopers and couldn’t have looked better together. Between Baron Hill officiating their ceremony (so fun!), to Jennifer’s brothers and family providing music for their ceremony, to their delicious buffet of greek food, to Joel’s touching words about his father who has passed – this wedding was full of personal touches unique to the couple that made it so special and meaningful to photograph.

Let’s dive in! Sure you remember these two. They are gorgeous, don’t you think? I have fun connections with both of these awesome people! Jennifer and I (and many familiar faces at this wedding) went to St. Thomas grade school together. Jennifer was also an Irish dancer growing up so we shared that as well. Joel went to the same high school as I did and was actually in the same graduating class as my older sister. The older I get, the smaller this world seems.

Everything came together beautifully. Thank you Oberer’s flowers for dressing up Jennifer and Joel’s wedding so colorfully. ¬†Loved Jennifer’s flowers so much.

Jennifer has a twin sister, Diane, who is pictured on the right with the bride! I’ve always thought the bond a twin has is so cool. Remember Tori and Brian’s Bloomington wedding a few years back? They each had twin siblings in that wedding and I actually have friends (hey Ellen and Andrew!) who are getting married next Saturday who are twins, too! So rare and so awesome. Thank you, Diane, for all of your wonderful help that day.

That pretty girl to the left of Jennifer? That’s Rachel. She also Irish danced and I’ve known her for a long time! Another fun detail is Jennifer’s bridesmaid on the far left was her flower girl. She had never been a flower girl and always wanted to be one so she finally got that wish. I’m a huge proponent of doing what makes you happy and works for you at your wedding.

Sharon, the mother of the bride, works with my mom at St. Thomas. They teach science lab! : ) Jennifer is one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever photographed. Truly. She is stunning, inside and out!

Another St. Thomas alum РChristie is expecting  so we made sure to grab a shot with the three of them!

Ahhh, Joel. Such a gentleman. One of the kindest grooms I’ve worked with to date. It’s easy to see after spending the day with him that he’s constantly looking out for other before himself. Jennifer, you picked a good one!

Special thanks to my wonderful friend, Gail Werner, for helping me capture this day. You are always a blast to be around and I’m so thankful for you!

Handome groomsmen. Love this shot!

Indiana Landmark is truly beautiful inside.

Jennifer is one of four like myself and EVERYONE in that family is crazy talented and smart! Jennifer has two older brothers. That’s Matt on the left and Brian on the right. They played music during the ceremony which I loved. If you’ve followed CSP since the beginning you may recognize Matt on the left. His wedding was the first wedding I ever shot as lead photographer years ago. Hello to his wonderful wife, Abra! : ) Great to see you both and catch up.

You may recognize the officiant on the left. That’s Baron Hill! So cool! Jennifer and Joel met working for Baron and the rest is history. It was really neat to have him be a special part of their day.

Married!!!  See what I mean about Joel being a gentleman?

You guys are the best. Thank you for braving the oppressive heat that day. So glad we were able to capture these! You’ve got such a bright future together.

Several heartfelt speeches at this wedding. It’s easy to see these two are so loved! And can we talk about Joel’s white jacket he changed into? So sharp with that bow tie!

Finally I want to thank Natasha with Xpressions of you for helping Jennifer and Joel’s wedding run smoothly! You’re awesome!

I’ll end on this because it makes me smile. Thank you, Jennifer and Joel, for having me out to photograph your wedding. I was honored to spend the day with you. Wishing you guys all the best. Always!!!



Venue: Indiana Landmark Center / Catering: MBP Catering / DJ: Track Seven DJ / Makeup: Perchance Makeup Design / Hair: Sarah Smith / Coordinator: Xpressions of You / Flowers: Oberer’s Flowers/ Cake: Taylor’s Bakery

Have a good one, friends. I appreciate you being here.