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A Summer Engagement: Ashley & Jon

August 27


Happy Thursday! My favorite day of the week! It’s been a little on the chilly side these past few days in Indy and while I’ve loved the touch of fall, especially sleeping with my windows open and that breeze that fills my room (the best!), these photos are helping me appreciate what’s left of summer. I think I’ve always loved the holiday season too much to be able to really savor the summer months. I’m usually too excited for fall to arrive – or in other words, I’m excited to watch football, eat buffalo chicken dip, photograph tons of families and a handful of weddings in the the fall colors and light, go to Pacers games, and just spend tons of time with my family and friends! We have a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations in the fall so it’s always an exciting time in my family.

One thing I love about this job is you never know who you will hear from. When I saw Ashley’s name come up in my inbox, I thought to myself, “Hey, I think she grew up down the street from me!” I had to confirm with my parents and yes, in fact, this is the same Ashley 🙂 we didn’t really know each other very well but I certainly knew her name. When she explained she was engaged over froyo and shared plans she had for her wedding, within SECONDS I know we were a great fit. As if the growing up down the street from me wasn’t “small world” enough, Jon went on a missions trip to Africa with my sister and past bride. Remember Kaitlin and her husband Joe? Jon, my sister, Kaitlin and a handful of others went to Zimbabwe years ago together. Now I’m photographing Jon’s wedding in May.. to a girl I grew up on the same street with! So fun!

Let’s dive in, yeah? If you’re familiar with Indianapolis, you probably know of the adorable market across the street from Mama Carolla’s on 54th street. We took most of these photos there. I stepped in before hand to make sure it was alright, and the owners and people working there couldn’t have been nicer!

Ashley Jon-32

You are looking at the future Mr. & Mrs. Jones : ) aren’t they beautiful?!

Ashley Jon-143


Ashley Jon-54

I honestly adore these two together. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other. And really, it’s a toss up as to who is the kindest. They are good people. REALLY good people. Ashley and Jon – I am so honored and excited to be a part of this exciting time for you guys!

Ashley Jon-17

Ashley Jon-101

They’re getting married in May and throwing a party at the Scottish Rite to celebrate and I’m so looking forward to documenting them in their first moments as husband and wife. Also, unrelated, but I know come February when I’m struggling in the frigid midwest, I’ll probably look back at the light and these photos and wish for summer to come faster.

Ashley Jon-41

Jon and Ashley knew each other for a while but didn’t start dating until they crossed paths again at a Halloween party a few years ago. I keep meaning to ask them what they were dressed up as. I’ll get back to you on that!

Ashley Jon-129

Ashley’s a peach. See what I did there? If I were on my phone now, I’d insert a ton of emojis. But really, joking aside, Ashley is one of the most incredible brides I’ve worked with to date.


And Jon? My sister told me, ” Just wait until you meet him. He is the nicest guy ever.”  It’s true! Call the search off. I’ve found him. (Might even be nicer than my own dad and in my eyes that’s saying a lot. Insert more emojis)

Ashley Jon-106

She fits perfectly in his nook. : )

Ashley Jon-193

Ashley Jon-154

Off to get ready for the Foo Fighters concert. My first concert of the summer. Better late than never?

How Do People With Puppies Get Things Done?

August 12

No clue.


Adrianne, Michael, Miles & Baby On The Way

August 11

I’ve been so lucky to get to know a photograph this family several times over the past few years.  I first met them through friends around four years ago now and they are always such a treat to catch up with. I photographed them when they were pregnant with Miles, when Miles was born, and a few times since. I was blown away at how much Miles has grown since I saw him last which was in the fall of ’14. He is a LOVER and all boy.

I was so excited to hear they are expanding their family! When you make kids as cute as Miles, it’s a shame not to make at least one more, right? So on behalf of the population who appreciates cute kiddos, THANK YOU!

Adrianne is due in November. I’ve always thought it would be so cool to have a baby in November, right in the thick of all of the holidays and time with family. What an awesome time to have a newborn around : ) they are waiting to find out the sex! Miles thinks he’s getting a little sister. I happen to agree with him (with means nothing because we’re all guessing here) BUT…. I am anxious to see come November!

Miles is one lucky dude to call these two parents!! By the way, these two photos melt me. Miles was so well behaved and such a lover – always cuddling up when I asked him to.

Such a gorgeous family!

Throwing a kiddo on top of his or her dad’s shoulders never gets old to me.

Miles is going to be such a great big brother. It’s easy to see already. Also, I know what you may be thinking. WOW to Michael’s muscles. They are no joke. Last session I shot with them, Michael threw Miles up in the air for a photo, higher than I’ve EVER seen a kid thrown, so much so…he ripped a whole in his pants in the process. Hulk mode. Super human strength. Ha!!  That still makes me laugh to this day. Good memories, right?

Sometimes I take photos and while I technically know it is a good photo, I wonder if it will mean anything to the parents or whoever the recipient of the photo is. But then I think if I were a parent, and I could show someone a photo of my son like this, I’d be really proud. I mean, look at him! What an amazing gift. Cute as a button!

So excited for you guys!!!

Family. Family. Family. Family matters most. Tell those who mean the most to you that you love them. Right now! Go! : )

Happy Tuesday, friends!

PS Seeing these guys live on Friday in Cincinnati. Can’t wait!

PPS Here’s a goat that sounds like Usher.

Arielle, Bob + Baby Will

August 10

I’m so excited to share this sweet family and their amazing story on the blog today. Hi friends! How are you? Hope you guys had a fun weekend. I’m finishing up watching Jon Stewart’s final episode on Hulu for the second time. I admit I didn’t watch much of him but always appreciated what I did see and I have a lot of respect for the career he’s built over the last 16 years. In his final episode, and this may come as no surprise to anyone reading and knows me at any level, my favorite part is when with tear filled eyes he thanks his wife and kids for “teaching him what joy looks like.” Is there any greater thank you? Watch it here if you have a few extra minutes to spare.

I know Arielle from my irish dancing years. When I heard her and Bob had adopted a baby, I was so excited for them. But what’s even better is when I heard the details of their adoption at our shoot. I have friends who have adopted over the years and you learn a little bit how the process works. The biggest takeaway for me has been that adoption, among many things, takes time and patience and a whole lot of heart and faith. In Arielle and Bob’s particular case, they got a call one afternoon that they had matched and as Arielle tells it, the voice on the other line next said, “Are you sitting down?” As it turns out, the mother was in LABOR! That same moment! As in… are you two prepared to become parents in the next 48 hours?!! Arielle and Bob met up at Babies R Us after work that day and each split off with a cart. Talk about a call that will change your life forever! This all happened a little over a month ago and I was lucky enough to photograph some of their first days as a family of three.

Will is beyond precious, don’t you think?

Adoption is an incredible gift. Arielle and Bob’s story gives me chills and I also think it’s a great reminder that we have the power to change someone’s life for the better – in small and large ways – every day.

Will was fresh – just a few weeks old when we took these photos. Such a tiny little guy who slept the entire time! Even through a fire engine passing us at the beginning of the shoot. It was so special meeting him.

To me, it always comes back to family.

Does it surprise anyone that Arielle was a dancer? Hello, calf muscles!! : )

Arielle and Bob – I’m SO happy for your little family! You guys are beautiful together! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me and braving the oppressive heat. I’d say it was definitely worth it, don’t you think?

One of my favorites. We’ll end on this because it makes me smile!

The Drummy Family: Brian, Tori, Griffin & Davis

August 6

Happy Thursday! My favorite day of the week!

It’s been raining of and on all day as I work on finishing up some sessions to send them out. I have a terrible joke to tell you. Why does Snoop Dogg carry around an umbrella? FO DRIZZLE. I can’t take credit for that. I heard it on Ellen a while back and I always think of it when someone talks about it “drizzling out”. Okay, moving on.  : )

You may remember Brian and Tori! I photographed Brian and Tori’s beautiful wedding in Bloomington back in 2011. Man, time flies! They have since added two little men to their family. I had met Griffin, their oldest, a while back when I did an extended shoot of Brian’s family but I hadn’t yet met Davis. It was so much fun to visit with these guys for a short while and photograph this awesome time in their lives! It was HOT, and I made the terrible decision to wear jeans that day, but even so I had such a great time.  I’m pretty smitten with this adorable family and something tells me you will be too.

I love Davis. His name, his chubby cheeks, his little outfit…he’s the best!

Brian reached out to have updated photos taken for their anniversary. How sweet is that? Griffin took his role as bubble blower super seriously. Davis was less than impressed.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of photographing families. I’m lucky to know these wonderful people. Brian and Tori – you guys are such fun parents and obviously doing a wonderful job with your little guys!

We’ll end on this because look at that smile!! With parents this good looking, I think these boys will be heartbreakers for sure.

Another terrible joke for you! What did the mayonnaise say when the lady opened the fridge? Close the door, I’m dressing!

I’m really done now.