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Dausman Family: Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hudson

October 15


Yessss! They’re back! The incredibly beautiful Dausman crew! If you’ve followed this blog since it started, you will likely¬†recognize this family. If not for how strikingly gorgeous they are but how each year, they have impeccable style and taste. I have joked with Tigon that I need her to style all of the shoots in my life. She has an incredible eye and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to seeing how she styles her family each year for photos. This year was not a let down, that’s for sure.

Let’s just dive in.


Hudson on the left, big sister Bella in the middle and Lilah on the right. There may have been a healthy amount of reverse psychology used during this shoot. “Don’t smile, Hudson!” ¬†“Don’t sit still!”
“Noooo! Don’t do itttt!” Sometimes moms look sick with worry mid shoot when her kid/s won’t sit still and smile for me. But I get it. I wouldn’t really want to do that either, Hud. (And really it was just for this shot.) So, it’s up to me to keep it fun and moving along with lots of energy!


I’ve talked in the past here about how I used to stress so much about WHERE to do my shoots. I’ll admit, I still do – even if just¬†for the sake of keeping things fresh creatively for me – but I can’t stress enough how in my own personal journey I’ve discovered it’s much less about where I’m taking them and much more¬†about the tone I’m setting and moments I’m helping create. This photo was taken in¬†the street in front of the Dausman home. Just a regular ol’ street – no bells or whistles. But you don’t need any. This family is doing all the work for me!



I first met Hudson at 6 months old when I did my first shoot ever for Tigon. I still remember photographing him at their old home – all cozied up on Jeff and Tigon’s bed next to a window with tons of natural light. ¬†He has quite literally grown up in front of my camera!


SUCH awesome kids!!!!


If you’re wondering, Tigon’s jacket is the Regents jacket from JCrew and yes – I looked it up online the same day as the shoot.





Bust a move, guys! I cannot get over how much these kids belong in a crewcuts magazine.



For someone who loves to shoot with everyone loving all up on each other, a photo like this sadly feels like QUITE the stretch creatively. That might sound sad as they are still two steps away from each other : ) but I do try my best to switch things up.


Auggie!!!!!! This was a first to have Auggie join in on photos as he’s new to the family since I photographed them last. He did great, don’t you think?





This was taken towards the end of the shoot and Hudson was starting to check out. I told him, ‘You get to stand wherever you want!!!” And this is what he did. I love the way Lilah’s leaning back into her mom and how beautiful everyone looks. Dausman family – you are one in a million and I love you guys so much! Thank you for everything!




Picture perfect : )


I’d like to call attention to Lilah’s face on the right. She’s all, “Lady, you want me to look at what now?” Hudson, you nailed that¬†shot, little man!





Some photographers hear “families” and run the opposite direction. I couldn’t run fast enough to them, myself.




We’ll end on this one. How sweet is this family dog? So happy we were able to get some with him.


Up for a trip down memory lane?

Dausman 2011

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Man that was fun! Much love, you guys!


Grace + Matt

October 7


Happy Wednesday, friends!!! Goodness things have been so busy, as they always are this time of year,¬†and between busy season, an R&R trip to California (complete with my first time camping ever at Yosemite!), ¬†spending time with family and growing nephews and a sweet niece who just started saying “uh oh!!”, celebrating a birthday, attempting to start training for another marathon (more on that later), and all things business related – it’s been a whirlwind over here. So grateful and I’m so excited to share this special wedding with you guys today!

My oh my this was a BEAUTIFUL day! When Grace first inquired, I knew I recognized her last name. Dubach. HOW do I know this name? And with a little investigation, I realized I know her name because her little sister (Hi Laura!!!) has been a bridesmaid in a wedding of mine (and is friends with several of my brides!) and with that quick connection I just knew this was a wedding I wanted to shoot.

I met Grace and within seconds it was an easy and fun fit. Matt showed for the last ten or so minutes of our meeting and after hearing their story and plans for their day,¬†I was so pumped to have found another couple I vibe so well with. We took their engagement photos at the Rathskeller a few months ago (they met there AND Matt proposed so that place holds special meaning to them!) and they showed me real quick how photogenic/ good looking they are together and how truly awesome of a pair they are…

Their sunny September wedding was absolutely perfect. They married at St. Johns, we took tons of portraits around the city and then celebrated at their reception at the Hilbert Circle Theatre.



I adore this couple so much and couldn’t love this image any more!




Sometimes as a photographer you take a photo that, in the same moment you’re seeing it unfold through your viewfinder, you’re sure you’ve captured an image that aptly sums up your brand. To me, this is one of those images. It makes me so happy!


Just a girl and her bridesmaids minutes before walking down the aisle. Loved this group of girls! And so random, but the bridesmaid on the left kept reminding me of Zoe Saldana all day. And now I want to watch Guardian of the Galaxies. You guys, I am a nerd and love love love that soundtrack! So does my mom. That means nothing to any of you, but now you know.


Love this image my second shooter, Katie, captured of Matt with his brother and Mom before seeing his bride.



One second…


… 3 seconds later. Love this in black and white!


I’ll be honest, at the time I didn’t really notice Grace’s soft curls laying at the side of her face, and now that I *do* see them I think they’re just the best! ¬†Grace, you were such a stunning bride and made my job so easy.



You guys are married!!! Mr. & Mrs. King!





How much fun are these girls?I want to hug all of them! The two girls to the left of Grace are her sisters!


In planning the timeline of their day, Grace said what was most important to them was portraits of the two of them. That we can do! : ) This is a girl after my own heart as portraits of just the bride and groom after the ceremony are some of my favorites to take.



Handsome groom.


And his awesome group of guys!


Grace also said photos of her and Matt’s family and siblings was important. So here she is with her sisters (maid/matron of honor) and joyful dad! By the way, I mentioned Laura was a bridesmaid in a wedding of mine – it was Gabby and Andrew’s last September!¬†I love the connections I’ve made and continue to make in photography.




Loved their simple but charming cake.


Some truly heartfelt speeches. This was my first time shooting at Hilbert Circle theatre and I loved it.



And the party continued…


Thank you, Katie Destry, for all of your awesome help!

Thanks for stopping by!! I’m off to get some more work done before I grab tacos with sweet friends for dinner. Indy friends, have you been to Indy’s Best Tacos?¬†If you haven’t, check it out!