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The James Family: Meghan, Brian, Poppy & Levi

November 16


You might remember this family! They have added a little once since I photographed them last and it was SO good to see them! Meghan and I irish danced for many years together and it’s how we met. I went to her wedding (and danced at it too with our friends!) and it’s been so fun watching her family grow. I photographed Poppy as a little babe and now her little brother, Levi, joined in for a few photos this time.

Isn’t Brian an awesome dad? And hello adorable Levi!!! It is so amazing to meet you!


High fives for this beautiful family and fall!


Levi may only be 3 months old but man is he loved already! It was tough getting smiles out of him to start but Meghan said, “If I hold him up, we may get some smiles!” We sure did : )


Morning light in the fall is the best! Meghan, you are such an awesome mama!



I love this family.


I’m just saying this because Poppy is so gorgeous but whoa will these two have their hands full with this sweet girl. That pony tail? The cutest!



The Held Family: Andrew, Karin, Carolin, “Rew”, Emma Jane & Sam

November 9


Hi friends! Happy November! 🙂 Man it’s been crazy busy over here (always a good thing this time of year!) and there’s so much to share. I just closed out my wedding season this past weekend with the sweetest couple. Beautiful weddings and big happy families coming your way. For now though, please help me welcome the Held family to the blog! It’s their first time and I’m so excited to have them!

Whenever a mom emails me and says, “I’m friends with Tigon!” my ears perk up a little. As you may already know, the Dausman family is one I’ve grown to love and I’ve photographed several times over the years. My circle of families that I’ve photographed over the years has slowly but surely grown over the years thanks to T and all of her friends and adorable kids! Karin emailed me late summer inquiring about photos. She warned me she had a big and crazy crew. When I found out she has a family of 6 (YESS! I come from a family of 6!) and there were 2 boys, 2 girls (YESSS again! That’s my family, too!) .. I knew this would be fun.

Let’s get to the photos. We had some beautiful light that morning. October, I love you so! That’s big sister Caroline on the left and Emma Jane on the right. And Karin’s incredible hair in the middle.


Every family I’ve met through the Dausman family looks like they have stepped out of a magazine. The Held family was no different. I especially loved meeting “Rew” (short for Andrew) on the right. He made me work but he kept things fun and full of energy! Plus, that smile? The best!



Sammmm! Could he be any sweeter? Sam and I hold the same spot in our families. We’re the babies. I’ve always loved being the youngest. Something tells me with the family he has, he will love it too.



I see you Rew! Also, I’d love to know where I can find your shoes in my size.


I’d say four kids later, these two look pretty incredible, right? You couldn’t meet a sweeter pair, either. So great spending the morning with you guys! Thank you so much for inviting me out to your home to photograph this special time for you guys.



I love family. There’s nothing better in the world.



The older I get, the closer I am to my mom and sister. What fun these girls have in store!


Sam HAD to have this stick toward the end of the session. Sometimes, actually all the time, it’s important to roll with this kind of thing. It’s real life and it’s awesome.


What you can’t see in this photo is me waving that stick like a crazy person to get Sam to smile. It worked! 🙂



What I love most about photographing kids (and what happens to be the most challenging at times as well) is that they are unapologetically themselves. They haven’t learned what it’s like to worry about what they look like in a photo. They just are themselves and it’s the best.


Sam’s a daddy’s boy and didn’t want to be far from him during the shoot. So sweet.


Okay I’m off for the night to go enjoy the Pacers game. Love and happiness!-C