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Navy Pier Engagement: Jack & Paloma

July 25


This couple has one of the best stories ever! Remember Catherine & Tommy? I shot their wedding back in 2014. Well, not only were they one of my favorite couples ever, but also Jack and Paloma met at their wedding. They were both in the bridal party and now are engaged and planning to wed in Spain!!! How awesome?! We met up at Navy Pier to take some photos and I’m so glad we did. These two are crazy about each other and it’s so clear to see. They are also so photogenic and made it so easy on me!

Thank you both for coming out!! So excited for what’s to come! : )

Initially, Paloma wanted these photos to be a surprise. So when they first showed up at Navy Pier, I knew to take a few photos hidden away ¬†before running to up say hi and hug them both! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how those photos would go seeing as Jack didn’t know I’d be there. And let’s be honest, unless a couple knows their photo is being taken, they probably aren’t naturally ready for an engagement photo to be taken. I kid you not, within 3 minutes of taking a few photos of these two without Jack knowing, he picked that flower (below) for Paloma and was putting her hair behind her ear. Ladies, we all know how awesome it feels when a guy does that. I was BLOWN AWAY and thought for sure they both knew I was there.

Nope, just turns out Jack is really that sweet. All of the time apparently. High fives, Paloma! You got a good one!


Putting the hair behind the ear unprompted. So sweet.




One of my favorites.




These two plus Spain as the backdrop!? Amazing!



And high fives, Jack! Paloma is such a gem.




So happy for you two!


Chicago Engagement: Valerie & Grant

July 25


Hi there! Happy Monday!

I had such a fun time with Grant and Val on their engagement shoot in downtown Chicago. In between outfit changes (part 2 is coming soon) we took a quick break at Grant’s apartment. When I stepped foot onto his 32nd floor balcony and saw Chicago’s skyline before me, I knew we had to take some photos out there. We were warm from the first round of photos, so I had them cool down by kicking off their shoes and grabbing a glass of wine while we hung out on their balcony for a few. I wouldn’t consider myself scared of heights until leaning up against their balcony to get these shots. But really? This view!¬†My apartment is on the 2nd floor in Indy and my view is the bus stop for little kiddos going to school. While it is definitely entertaining at times, it’s not this view. So glad we took advantage!

Also, Val and I hit if off almost instantly on the phone a few months ago. Ideally I like to meet with brides face to face so¬†they know I’m a real person ūüôā but since Valerie and Grant are in Chicago and I’m based out of Indianapolis, we had to hop on the phone. You know how you get a pretty good idea of a person on the phone before meeting? Valerie didn’t disappoint. I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding next June in Indianapolis! Special thanks so Sara Fernkas for sending this sweet couple my way.

Enjoy part 1. Including appearances from the famous Doughnut Vault in downtown Chicago. Apparently this place sells out of their goods in no time each day. How adorable is their storefront?






Hot hot hot! I think these two will look pretty incredible on their wedding day, wouldn’t you agree?





This is a little different for me. Just like the dreamy feel. Looking forward to sharing more their session soon.


The Dausmans: Jeff, Tigon, Bella, Lilah & Hudson

July 11

Shot on Fuji Superia 400. I challenged myself to shooting one roll of film for this 15 minute session. Love this sweet family and these moments! Happy Monday, friends!










12 Corners Winery Wedding: Brian & Carli

July 5


Happy July! Can you believe it? Officially halfway through the year. I think I love the 4th of July the older I get. Mine was pretty lazy and yet packed with so much. How does that happen? Hope yours was spent with those who make you happy.

This wedding. So beautiful! I’ve got a fun tie to this couple. The groom is my sister-in-law’s brother. No one tells you how fun it can be to get to know your in-law’s family. We have loved¬†getting to know the Sauer family over the last 5 years since Makenzie, my sister-in-law, came into the Sullivan family. Carli fits into the Sauer family so perfectly – the best match for Brian. They married at 12 Corners Vineyards & Winery in St. Joe, MI. I’ve said this before but as much as I love Indy and shooting here, I really welcome the chance to get out of the city and shoot somewhere new. And a winery? Not bad, either!

I was in heaven getting some of these film scans back. I really hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway because it never gets old. I love to think of a couple’s kids getting their hands on these photos at a time when they really get it – just how cool Mom and Dad are. If you know my mom, you’re hearing me say this AGAIN and thinking, “Apple doesn’t far from the tree.” NOPE. It surely doesn’t. Call me sentimental. This job is really special.

Brian and Carli – Thanks for having me out to celebrate and document your perfect day. Wouldn’t have been anywhere else! This is just a very small handful of my favorites, and I can’t wait for you to see the rest soon!





This cake! And Brian’s serious groom swagger. 100%!



I think I actually gasped when I pulled this up on my computer for the first time. Carli, you are so stunning!



Husband and wife.


To recap, just as I’m aunt Caity to Noah and Etta, below is their Uncle Brian.


Carli! Again! Stunning!! Ps for inquiring minds, Carli’s show stopping dress is BHLDN.¬†




Hey, I know that cute little face!!! That’s my nephew, Noah, and his sweet cousin, Nell, dropping petals behind him.






Two of my favorites.


A treasure from this wedding. Of course my brother and his family were guests at this wedding so I had to pull them aside for a few photos and every time I come back to this photo, I love it more.



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