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Katelin, Zach & Henry

August 10


Is there anything sweeter than newborn bliss? Hold on, actually yes. Yes there is. Photos with a newborn, his parents and his big brother who happens to take his job very seriously. But really, the photo above to the left? So awesome! I went to high school with Zach. It was wonderful to meet his wife, Katelin, and be able to spend some time with them in their home documenting these first days as a family of 4. I couldn’t love these photos any more. Relaxing and soaking up their perfect little dude. They’re just simple moments that don’t beg for attention. When it comes to newborns, I always take more of a lifestyle approach in the photos where the baby is always being held and cuddled and loved on for sure. They are almost always more comfortable there anyway 🙂 we even got a few smiles from Henry. He did so well!

So happy for you guys. Wishing you all the best and nothing but newborn magic in the holiday season around the corner…



That smile?! I’m done for! So sweet!


Lol, the best dog. It can be SO hit or miss adding pets to family photos but I’d say this went pretty well.




DC Engagement: Kali & Ryan

August 2


I’d say I kind of flew under the radar in high school. At the time, a lot of my friends were at another high school and while I kept a small circle of friends at Brebeuf, I wasn’t hugely involved. Kali and I actually went to high together but weren’t really friends at the time. Our friendship actually starts years later when we took an art class together at IU. I think it was a sculpture class of some sort? Help me here, Kali. Oh god, I’m forgetting. That’s how far removed I am from school. At any rate, Kali was the only familiar face in that class so naturally we sat next to each other and became fast friends. I’ll honestly never forget the day we talked about studying in Italy together. We were talking about it on a whim, but it quickly became more serious. Summer after sophomore year I made my plans and got everything in place. I didn’t see much of Kali that summer and leading up to leaving didn’t know for sure if she was planning on it, too. On my 21st birthday, my mom and brother dropped me off at the airport. We had a drink at a spot in Indy’s old airport. The bartender had the same birthday as me so we toasted each other. I remember walking up to my gate to see Kali’s friendly face and feeling so relieved that I’d have a friend along for this ride!

And oh man it was an adventure. Anyone out there study abroad? You know how you have memories with those people that can’t be touched? They’re almost holy in a way. We lived together in a tiny but quaint apartment a few doors down from our school in Florence. We had a bakery where I loved to buy meringues down the street and a convenient store called “Happy’s” around the corner. We were a 10 minute walk from the Duomo and the fresh market.  We ate way too much gelato, traveled the country together and were lucky to branch out to other areas of Europe including Germany for Octoberfest and Paris two weeks before Christmas where I cried when I saw the Eiffel Tower twinkling and Kali housed the best nutella crepe of her life. I am so happy I share these memories with her.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years. Kali found her match and they are getting married in DC in October and I am so looking forward to it! I was out in DC a couple weeks ago and we all got together for a few photos. So glad we did.


Ryan is truly perfect for Kali and fun fact! He writes for the Wall Street Journal. So he’s definitely not an underachiever.



For those familiar with DC, we took these around Blagden Alley per Kali’s suggestion. Worked out well as a backdrop! 🙂





It’s a special feeling to see your buddy so happy. I am so excited to see her all dolled up as a bride!


I encourage slow dancing pretty much everywhere.




Have a great evening, guys! Lots of come.