Indianapolis Mavris Wedding: Hannah & Ryan

August 8

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you all had a great weekend with your people and that your fresh week is off to an awesome start! I couldn’t be more excited to share a handful of my favorite images from Hannah and Ryan’s images from their spectacular wedding day. Strap in, there are a lot.

Okay one second though, let’s go back to the start. I knew almost instantly when I met Hannah that we were a good fit. You know when your humor with someone aligns instantly and you think to yourself, “Wait, you get me.” This is how I felt about Hannah. We met last summer through the recommendation of an angel saint santa jesus girl, her name is Sara (hiii Sara!), and last summer Sara just started passing my name out like free candy to all of her friends who were engaged. My recommendation to all business owners is to find yourself a Sara! Hold on one more second. Does everyone remember Tigon? Yes, that beautiful family I photograph every year that looks like they stepped fresh out of a Jcrew magazine? Sara used to nanny for the Dausmans and thus…this is how she discovered me. I tell you, it almost never gets old hearing how a couple initially discovers me. It’s so fun to see the connections made and how small this world really is. Anyway, these girls in Sara’s sorority are all getting hitched, and I’m so lucky to have photographed two including Hannah now (looking at you too, Val!) and then a third in September (waving at ya, Emma!)…it’s been a blast getting to know these awesome women!

My engagement session with Hannah and Ryan last fall was a breeze in part thanks to their special guest, Penny. You will want to stick around for more of her in this post.

These two ended a string of 4 weddings I shot in less than 4 weeks and I couldn’t have asked for a better day or couple. They tied the knot at the Mavris downtown on a perfect summer day last month. Tons of sunshine and guests, a super meaningful ceremony, bright and colorful flowers (hello pops of yellow!) with the most insane art direction and execution from David Reilich with David Reilich Occasions. Seriously, wait until you see their reception details. Thank you, David, for your wizardry!

As for Hannah and Ryan – you guys are the real deal and I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographer and for letting me in on your intimate day. I can’t remember the last time I blubbered more during a speech (looking at you, Sophie!) and I must say, I loved every second of sharing this with your family and friends. You guys are so loved!  Wishing you guys all the best and I can’t wait to see how your marriage unfolds and what good you two will do!

Ooookay…let’s get started, shall we? Film, I love you and that golden light! Look at this couple that beams!

Thank you, bridal party, for being a blast! 🙂

If you had told me back in the 8th grade that I’d grow up to be a professional photographer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Though, I would say, that’s when I started to have some confidence in myself. Not trying to brag but I was the president of my 8th grade class sooo 🙂 lol let’s be honest, that doesn’t mean much.

GLOWING! Look at that mega watt smile! Obsessed!

Okay, can we take a moment to admire this chuppah. Wow!!!

Cute as a button!

Love this city so much.

Love this image of Hannah with her mom. If I were her, I’d frame this.

Reading his letter from his future wife…

How about a precious look with the father of the bride? I SO enjoyed getting to know Hannah and Ryan’s family.


Ryan was adamant about waiting to see his bride for the first time at the end of the aisle 🙂

When all eyes are on the bride…

This was my first time photographing a ceremony indoors at the Mavris and I loved it!

Jewish ceremonies are so beautiful.

Okay, let’s talk about the real star of the show. Penny. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a ceremony photo more.

These two are pretty smitten with this dog and having spent a little time with her at their engagement session too, I can totally see why. I love how she’s stopping to sniff the petals 🙂 special thanks to my talented second shooter, Katie Destry, for all of your help at this wedding! My photo is above, and the pair below are below are hers. If you look closely, you can see me crouching down at the front of the aisle in the photo on the left.


So handsome. Way to be beautiful, guys.

Beautiful ladies…

Remember how I’ve said I’m working harder at getting great shots of the groom too? Glad I made that a goal of mine!

Owow!!! Look at this couple though!!! Your children will be blessed. Just sayin!

LOOK at these details. INSANE!

It was all a dream…

Quick shout out to all of these beautiful sorority sisters! Remember Val (second to right)? And hey that’s the awesome Sara I told you about on the far right!

These two got up to say a word of thanks and before they said anything, Ryan said something along the lines of “Well let me get my wife up here with me!” This was her response.

Sweetest speeches. Sophie made everyone cry. Thanks, Sophie. Lol, no really…you were AWESOME!

Ok…this image. I couldn’t love it more. Clearly that is mother and son there. 🙂

Sorry Penny, I think this wins out actually. Come on now with this shot of the Hora! The best!!!

Such fun!

Special thanks to Endless Summer band for keeping the party going!

Thanks for following along. Much to come so stay tuned. I’m one busy bee these days. xo

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