Brandon + Cara

September 14

Happy Thursday, friends! My favorite day of the week!

It’s a good one over here because I’m lucky to share images from Cara and Brandon’s beautiful wedding! Oh man, their weather was seriously insane. You know how you think August in Indy = lots of sweat and heat. Man, these two lucked out! It was gorgeous outside with plenty of glowy light and and a gentle cool breeze.Β Add in one happy and stunning newly married couple and this girl is in heaven!!

This was my first time photographing at the Willows in Broad Ripple and it did not disappoint. Indy folk – you know as you drive north on Westfield and see the Willows on the right as the road starts to curve? I thought all of the festivities were going to be there! Fun fact: I went to (a) prom there. I went to like 4 proms or something? I digress. NO! All of the festivities were just south of that spot in a hidden gem I NEVER knew was there. A beautiful outdoor ceremony site – and I mean incredible – tucked away in the shade with privacy. Few things make me happier shooting weddings than when I get to shoot a ceremony outdoors in full shade. SIGN ME UP! We shot their family formals there too. It was the perfect backdrop!

Cara and I went to high school together. She was a year younger than me, but I’ve always known her sweet personality and when she reached out after she was engaged, I was so happy to hear from her. Basically, she’s been a dream bride through and through. So laid back and always remembering the “why” to their wedding day. I loved meeting Brandon at their engagement session last fall and knew then not only were they perfect for each other but their wedding was going to be a blast.

Cara and Brandon – Hope your honeymoon was incredible and that you two get to pour out a glass of wine together and relive the best day! I’m so honored you asked me to photograph your special day. Thank you for everything and I look forward to keeping in touch!

Okay, let’s get started, ok?

The details, guys. They are among my favorite to photograph on a wedding day and I was mildly obsessed with Cara’s invitation!

I mean, look at that all together! Why yes, I’d very much love to receive that happy mail in my mailbox.

Cara’s dress was a dream and just perfect for her.

Such a cool group of guys! That’s Brandon’s nephew in front on the right. πŸ™‚

Brandon got ready at his parent’s home on the northeast side of Indy. From my understanding, they are moving soon and wanted to have some photos in this space before they do. So happy we could make that happen for them!

Cara and her girls got ready at the Hotel Broad Ripple. Funny story, they actually have added a full building on there (unbeknownst to me) and I marched on up to the room I shot in last time I photographed a bride there, and I walked in…and everyone looked at me like, “HI! Who are you!?” Lol, there were two bridal parties getting ready there that day. I marched in with confidence to find the bride, had a very brief moment of panic when I didn’t see Cara (or ANY faces I knew!) and then my nerves were put to rest when one of the girls told me they were next door. Indy photographers, now you know!

I ADORE Cara’s mom! Who has known me since I was a teeny tot. I love the way this business had built all sorts of beautiful connections.

The handsome Mr. & Mrs. Scearce <3

Fun fact again! That’s Katie there on the left – she also went to high school with me and was Cara’s matron of honor.

Heyyy bridal party! Looking good! I had climbed up on this ledge and got mulch all over my pants for this shot. I’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll tell ya!

One of my favorites.

LOOK at this little nugget! And that light!

There’s that nugget again. I always love the time when I have to kneel way down to capture the little people carrying rings/flower petals down the aisle. πŸ™‚

I love taking these type of photographs.

Look at Brandon’s face! Just the best!

This actually gave me chills when I first saw it while running through images from their wedding day. Sometimes we shoot so quickly, we don’t have time to pour over what we got. I was so happy to see this moment captured so perfectly! It’s exactly how I remember seeing it unfold.

See what I mean about this space though?

Cara & Brandon put their wedding bands in a small bag and passed the bag around through each row of guests for prayers and well wishes. I thought this was such a neat idea. I’ve never seen it done before. Also, see that woman in black and white stripes on the right? Her name is Terri and her son, Ben, was in my class in grade school. These webs, you guys! They are intricate and they are awesome! I never know who I’m going to run into at a wedding!



Lol, I feel you girl.

All the heart eyes!!!

The details at their reception were the perfect touch to their day. I especially loved their cake. I won’t lie, it’s usually the first detail shot I take at a reception. Who doesn’t love a good cake?

This was so much fun! Cara’s father played the accordion for their first dance. Cara grew up with memories of her father playing. I even asked her girlfriends if they remember him playing at sleepovers to which they all replied, “OH YESSSS!” I love touches like this that are unique to a couple’s story.

This had me crying, too.

Heartfelt toasts…

And an awesome time had by all.

Specials thanks to my talented and super sweet friend, Katie Destry, for all of your amazing help at this wedding! πŸ™‚

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