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The Dausman Family

October 24

Oh happy day! The Dausman family is BACK, you guys! Looking better than EVER!

Where do I even start with this family? For those of you who have followed my work since the beginning, you will likely recognize this photogenic bunch. I’ve photographed them since Hudson was just a few months old. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my business to have them grow alongside me. Literally these kids have grown up before my eyes and my camera. Bella is in HIGH SCHOOL now! Wow!!

I say with confidence that this collection of photos is my favorite of them yet. We initially had to reschedule when Indy was experiencing crazy heat waves. I’m so glad we held off for this sunshine and no back sweat. 

Dausmans – I love you guys! I can’t possibly say enough positive things about your family. I think the world of you! Thanks for being a bright spot each year xoxo

Emma + Michael

October 19

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a great week. Every year, I do my best to take one weekend off in October to enjoy with my family and friends. I fight the urge to book anything that weekend so I can be available to do, well…anything. That’s this weekend for me! I’m looking forward to soaking up the fall weather, going to a baby shower and doing all kinds of happy fall things with my little nephews. I’m proud to share I’ve withheld myself to only eating one full bag of candy corn on my own up until this point of the fall season. I’m pretty proud of that!

I’ve been so excited to share a few images from Emma and Michael’s stunning wedding.

As you can probably see, these two had amazing weather. I think perfect weather must just follow them wherever they go. We had amazing weather for their engagement photos too! Glowing light and all. I was so happy to spend some time with them at their engagement session to get a feel for how they are together before their wedding day. They are pretty perfect for each other and make such a great team. Did I mention they are sweethearts – both of them – to the core. It was such a joy to spend their special day with them and I’m so honored they asked me to be their wedding photographer. I’ll never forget them sneaking up behind me at Hannah and Ryan’s wedding in July and saying with a huge smile across their faces, “We’re next!”

Well guys – everything was perfect. From the weather to your awesome friends and family to every detail perfectly executed ..I couldn’t have asked for a better day with you two. Thank you so much for the honor of being your wedding photographer. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing your future together unfold! 🙂

Okay, here we go. I will never NOT love a bride that wears simple and elegant (+blush!) wedding shoes. Have I mentioned here that I love photographing details? Oh yes, probably at least 50 times.

LOOOOK at this gorgeous couple!!!

Okay really, see what I mean by perfect glowing light? This is my dream time of day to photograph anyone or anything. Soft light. Backlit. With a halo of light around my subjects. Yes please!

I pushed myself on this wedding and shot one roll of black and white. You can NEVER go wrong with black and white, am I right? My photography student days are surfacing as I say that. So much time in the dark room in college. If you had told me then that I’d be photographing film at weddings one day, I would have thought you were nuts. I’m so glad it’s the case! My beloved Indy – I love you so! Emma and Mike – you two are a dream to photograph.

HOLY smokes those flowers! Can you imagine sitting down to start building that bouquet? My mind is blown. Such awesome talent!

Someday, Mike’s kids will look at this photos and think, “Man, Dad was a babe!” Does anyone else look at photos of their dad back in the day and do the same? Mine rocked a serious mustache and it was incredible.

Beautiful, you two.

More black and white. So timeless. Couldn’t love this image any more!

Does a blush bridesmaid dress ever go out of style? No it does not! Look at these 6 gorgeous ladies!

Many thanks to my friend Molly Connor for all of your wonderful help at Mike and Emma’s wedding!! I appreciate you so much!

Someone fun onlooking the groomsmen and cheering on the groom. It’s not uncommon for this to happen while taking bridal party photos.

Did I mention these two saw each other before their ceremony? Opened up plenty of time to get tons of photos beforehand. The best!


These two had some really special toasts!

With her father. Man I love this so much!!!

Have a great night, friends! Thank you as always for your support!


Kelly & Josh

October 11

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are well and enjoying the fall wherever you are. Can’t say that Indy has much to show for fall just yet! These warmer temps are nuts! Never have I experience so much back sweat shooting a wedding in October 🙂 but guys it’s all been worth it! I’m so excited to share Kelly and Josh’s beautiful wedding with you all today.

First of all, that first photo? Holy smokes! Kelly and I got together the week of their wedding. I actually said to her that day, “Can we for real be friends after your wedding?” I’m so lucky to stay in touch with so many of my couples (stay tuned for past couples in this post!) and I’m hoping the same rings true for these two. They are the real deal and so tuned in to what really matters. Kelly had this carefree spirit about her wedding. To be honest, we actually talked more about her excitement for their honeymoon (they are in Portugal as I type this!) and I just knew going in to their wedding day that they’d be no fuss and a whole bunch of fun. Sign me up!

Remember their engagement photos? Part of why I encourage having engagement photos taken and include them in my coverage is to get to know the couple before the wedding day. Also, it’s nice for the couple to see how I work going into the wedding day.  I’m so glad I had some time with these two and their beloved pet, Ollie. Kelly and Josh are the perfect validation of my brand doing EXACTLY what I want it to do which is to attract really cool, really laid back, really great people (with amazing families to boot) to my business and my life. These two tied the knot at the Columbia Club downtown on a sunny September day and everything was perfect. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is a special treat for the photographer when everything for a wedding is in the same location. No logistics for hauling the bride and groom or their bridal party around. Kelly gave me full reign for these photos and I just took them out to the circle and went to town. I’m crazy over these images – a small glimpse into their day. I always tell inquiring couples that I average delivering around 75 images an hour. So, it’s my hope that these two can pour over their gallery with wine in hand overlooking some insanely picturesque view in Portugal this evening. Seriously, Portugal. That is a first for my couples! So cool!

Kelly and Josh – Thank you a million times over for the honor of being your wedding photographer. If it’s not already quite obvious, I think you guys are pretty neat. All the best, always. Have a glass for me in Portugal! Hope you’re having a blast…

Here we go now…are you ready?

Let’s just dive right in with a few of my favorites. How classic and stunning does Kelly look? And how adorable is her mom?

Josh proposed with help from a puzzle. Yes, this couple keeps getting better. Kelly loves doing puzzles and when coming to the finish line and falling short one piece, Josh pulled out this piece below and proposed. One of my favorite rings shots probably ever for this little detail.

Okayyy handsome groomsmen!!

Classic. Timeless. My friend, Crystal, did a remarkable job on Kelly’s makeup!

These two. Such wonderful people. Thank you, October, for all of the sunshine!

YESSSS! Yes. I’m a fan 🙂

Have you been to the Columbia Club? It’s stunning in there!!!

Special thanks to my second shooter, Katie Destry, for all of your amazing help and for especially for capturing such amazing candids during this ceremony. Holy smokes! This light was perfectly illuminating the front row.

Sneaky 🙂

I posted a photo of the groomsmen, Ian, on the right to my Instagram stories a few days ago when editing this wedding. To all of my FRIENDS fans, doesn’t he look like Ross Gellar? By the way, Ross is my favorite friend BY FAR.

A few more beautiful moments from Katie shooting from above…


Such a handsome couple. Also, film I love you sooooo much.

OH hi, downtown Indy! You’re looking fineeee!

Always down for a couple sitting down for a few of their portraits for a different look…


Such a fun bridal party!

Okay now on to the reception….my oh my they had a fun one!

The bottom right? A CARICATURIST! Again, these two with the ideal couple theme. This guy was a HIT. He had a line the entire night! Such a fun treat for your guests! And Kelly even told me he was cheaper than having a photo booth at their reception for the same amount of time. Stay tuned for a few more photos from this artist.

Did I mention I was so happily surprised to see not one but TWO of my past couples as guests at this wedding? Remember the stunning Grace and Matt!? SO good to see them!! They’ve since added a little girl since their wedding to their family and have another little girl on the way. So good to see you two! How awesome is their caricature? I wanted one so badly but didn’t get in line in time!

Such a fun night of dancing for these guests. Here’s another connection. That couple on the bottom right? I ALSO photographed their daughter Dana’s wedding!! I’m telling you, I kept turning my head to see more people I’ve photographed at this wedding and it made me SO happy! Also I should add, just to hit home how small Indy really is, my mom is best friends with the Dana’s dad’s sister-in-law. Okay, that was a stretch and might take a second to put together in your brain. 🙂

And another CSP couple!! Katie and Chris!! I realize their wedding was only last September, but guys – I still have people comment on Katie’s dress and flowers (done by the insanely talented David with the Empty Vase – the florist I tell ALL of my brides about!) … take a trip down memory lane to see their photos.

Heartfelt toasts from siblings are the best…

MOREEE dancing…

Can we please take note of Josh’s face before the hora?

This place went wild!

This caricaturist was seriously the coolest. I was watching him as he was drawing this, and he accidentally blotted the pen he was using on the eye of the man he was drawing in the photo. What did he do? He drew an eyepatch over the spot and THIS was their reaction upon seeing their drawing for the first time. Seriously so much fun!

Just adore the couple!

You guys – there is SO much more to come. I’m at the time of the year where I wish there was like 12 of me to get all of these photos out. Stay tuned because there’s so much goodness to come!!!