The Dausman Family

October 24

Oh happy day! The Dausman family is BACK, you guys! Looking better than EVER!

Where do I even start with this family? For those of you who have followed my work since the beginning, you will likely recognize this photogenic bunch. I’ve photographed them since Hudson was just a few months old. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my business to have them grow alongside me. Literally these kids have grown up before my eyes and my camera. Bella is in HIGH SCHOOL now! Wow!!

I say with confidence that this collection of photos is my favorite of them yet. We initially had to reschedule when Indy was experiencing crazy heat waves. I’m so glad we held off for this sunshine and no back sweat. 

Dausmans – I love you guys! I can’t possibly say enough positive things about your family. I think the world of you! Thanks for being a bright spot each year xoxo

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