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Dive In

August 29

When I first started my business years ago, someone once told me to pick one mountain and climb it. I struggled. I loved shooting weddings and I loved shooting families but they really are very different markets. I didn’t want to give up one or the other. I worried what others would think of me and whether or not I would be able to build a successful business shooting both. I made the decision early on to climb both mountains and it has been one of my greatest decisions yet under CSP.

Truthfully, photographing weddings and families both set my heart on fire so why should I give either of them up? One of my greatest blessings each day is waking up with my business every morning and slipping into bed at night knowing that I am 100% responsible for where it is today. There have been failures, lessons, successes, baby steps/huge leaps of faith to rejoice in and be thankful for and there are many more of each to come. What I’m most proud of is that I’ve paved my own way. I’ve made decisions for me.

Sometimes we lose sight of our ownership of our lives. This is your life. You make the decisions. You call the shots, you determine your fate and that is incredibly powerful. Let all of the amazing opportunity around you ignite your happiness.

Get out there.

Lisa Moyer: The Cupcake Girl

August 24

I had the honor and privilege of working with Lisa Moyer, aka the Cupcake Girl  and owner of Scout’s Treats for my styled shoot featuring Emily and Dax and several other inspiring talents. Lisa is just about as sweet as her treats and I wanted to share some of her story with you all.

Here today is my first installment of Dream Chaser. I wear my heart on my sleeve on this blog and write passionately about how important it is to live your life doing that which sets your heart on fire. I’m inspired by those who stop at nothing, all with a smile on their face, to see their hopes and dreams come to fruition. I look forward to sharing more inspiring stories and dream chasers with you all.

Life is too short to play small. Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for being a part of my life. xo

Please meet Lisa Moyer. Aka the Cupcake Girl…

Tell us a little bit about Lisa Moreno Moyer.

I have three beautiful girls ages 17, 15 and 12. I have a “girls”  best friend and his name is Moose and he is a 4 lb yorkie that I rescued. While there are a few cloudy days here and there, when I wake up, I LOVE life. I love to work hard and play hard. I have a dry sense of humor that I work hard at taming, sometimes successfully, sometimes, not so much. I love meeting new people every day because everyone has a story. Famous or infamous, everyone has a story. I enjoy acquaintances, like new friends, love family and cherish best friends. I retired from the corporate world 12 years ago and knew one day I wanted to start my own business. While I enjoyed baking from an early age, the cupcake thing just evolved. I saw food trucks a couple of years ago and I was intrigued. The two then just married – food truck and cupcakes. Wanting to diversify, I decided to add popcorn, to debut in 2012. In general, a bit about me: I love storms, dark chocolate, memoirs, I love to write, Marco Island, music, massages, pasta with homemade sauce, not from a jar, a clean car, Saturday mornings, black cars, collecting boots and of course, wearing them, people that are different than me, Sharpie markers, pictures of people I love, best friends, a glass of Layer Cake red wine and a night with friends, new and old.

When and how did your business start?

I worked on getting my business started for the last year and a half. I did an enormous amount of homework to learn the intricacies of starting your own business. I asked a million questions and got a million answers. I have been one of the luckiest girls in the world by the great gifts of help from many people that I didn’t deserve from website help, to graphic design, to mascot making and even a faithful friend to help me weekly at my house when I was working 19 hour days. I opened on July 27th and did my first tv interview while at the same time, my Treat Truck was down the road, broken down. The interview went off without a hitch, so much that they asked me to return and do another interview, and while off to a rough start, it was still a start and one of many bumps that forced us to learn better practices. The mistakes have made us smarter.

It all comes down to the cupcake. It must be the best and the service must surpass it. It’s more than just a cupcake. It’s selling a cupcake to someone that buys a days hard work and we make their day just a litte better. Cupcakes and our truck, Pink Pippa, just seem to bring out the best in people or even a smile. After approximately almost one month out, we have almost 1200 followers on Twitter and 700 friends on Facebook. We have been very well received by the community including the Honorable Mayor and his wife, and are grateful for every moment of it.

Were you always interested in baking?

Not as a business. I was just always interested in the business end and had to pick a product that I enjoyed. They always say to do what you love and you will do well with it. End of story.

If you were to have a dream home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

La Jolla, CA. Something on the ocean. While I love Indiana, and the seasons, I love this place. It has a special place in my heart.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Don’t take no for an answer. Learn from every mistake. Be fiscal. Save and work hard for what you are about to build; you’ll appreciate what you’ve built even more. Study from those that are successful. Read, read, read. Find a mentor of life coach. Use them. Study, study, study. Find the answers to every question and don’t be afraid. If you are not technically savvy, then learn to be. Buy a laptop and learn how to sync it with your phone, and iPad if this applies. Technology will allow you to work smarter, not harder. Become Social Media savvy. Find or hire someone to help you through social media. It is the strongest networking tool today. Plan for long days in the beginning. Nothing is for free. There are only 24 hours in the day. A few for sleep and the rest to divvy out to family, friends and work. Time is liquid gold. Don’t waste it. Lastly, – work hard, play hard and have fun.

Who has been your inspiration?

Not just one person, but many. The leaders in my corporate years that taught me lessons when I didn’t expect them. How to handle problems and almost welcome the challenge of problem solving. Great leaders respond to challenges and problems, they don’t react. Every problem has a solution. There may be a cost to it, but there is always a solution.

Which cupcake is your favorite? Be honest.

The one that my daughters brought into my room after the very first night of cupcake testing some many months ago. It flopped and I went to bed a bit discouraged, but still got on my laptop to work. 40 minutes or so later, my daughters brought in the same cupcake recipe that had flopped and presented it to me on a plate – this time, looking quite beautiful. It was still warm. It was a European recipe, made from scratch, and was the best, and I mean the best cupcake I had ever tasted, and my own girls made it, after I couldn’t. It’s called the Mama Cha Chi Chocolate and … and yes, I cried. It was my sign that we were going to be just fine. Just fine.

How did you come to be known as “The Cupcake Girl”?

After applying for my license with the Marion County Health Department, the contact that I was working with mentioned that the food trucks were on their way to Indy. Lots would apply for licenses, but “you’re our first cupcake girl”.

What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

It’s just simply rewarding to call something your own. I own the branding, the product and surrounding myself with strong, friendly and creative people. Building a team of people to work with has been rewarding. They share the vision of building this business. In the end, the favorite part is making a cupcake from scratch and literally handing it off to a customer and seeing their reaction. From all levels of means, their reactions are the same. It’s extremely rewarding. Getting a call from that one person that loved your cupcakes and now wants to order 600 is pretty fun too, let’s be honest.

Your truck’s name is Pippa. Where did this originate?

My great, great Aunt Pippa and her husband Jack came over here from Europe. She brought fabulous recipes and that’s about it.

Your current state of mind as this interview ends?

Determined. While I should be sleeping at 1:42A, I would prefer to share my story. It’s one that makes me happy. Knowing that the community has embraced Scout’s with open arms provides a fuel for me to keep going. Okay, and let’s be honest. The rest of my state of mind, quite frankly is,…tired. I’m now going to bed. Meeting my vegan baker early in the morning. And,…before that, there are lunches to make. I’m still a mom and I love that too.