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Alex + Ellie

June 1

Happy Thursday!!

Feels a little bit like Christmas over here because the NBA finals start tonight. Yes, I’m that girl that still watches as many of the playoffs games as I can even when my team loses in the first round. It’s okay, Pacers. I’ll always love you!

More than the game, I’m so excited to share these images with you. How beautiful is this couple? Ellie and I go back to our childhood days. I remember swimming with her at the Rivi – the local swimming pool – and to think, fast forward twenty years, and I get to photograph her as bride? Well, that’s just awesome!

From the second they arrived looking THIS sharp, I knew my job would be easy. Honestly if this is any indication of how amazing they will look for their wedding, I know I’m in for a treat. These guys are perfect for each other and I’m so happy to see a childhood friend glow this much. Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together at their engagement session 🙂

I’m a lucky girl to photograph such beautiful people! And let’s talk about Ellie’s hair. On point!

Film just gets it. THOSE HEELS!

Does this groom win most incredible teeth!? Lol, if that were a thing, he’d be up there. Holy beautiful smile!

Can’t wait for September, you two!

Kelly + Josh

May 8

These two beautiful people are getting married in September – my most favorite, glowiest time of year in Indy – and I couldn’t be more excited! You can tell A LOT about a couple from how they navigate having to reschedule a shoot. I think we ended up rescheduling this shoot maybe 3 times? Even the day we had this shoot, it was insanely windy and I thought about rescheduling once more, but than I thought heck we are going to have some fun with this. Kelly was so kind, so easy going about it all. We patiently waited for nice(r) weather and it was so worth it.

Taking these photos was the first time I actually met Josh and Kelly in person and in literal seconds it made so much sense that we came together. They’re just awesome people. So much fun. So light hearted.

See, I told these two they were my first session getting back in the game. That is to say, I definitely have a quieter season in the winter months and their session was one of my first back. I’m officially ready to rock this 2017 season (hellooo Spain next month!?!) and I can think of no better couple to kick it off with than these two.

Okay. How stunning is Kelly in this red dress?! See wind ain’t all that bad, am I right?!

OLLIE!!!! The love Kelly has for her dog…I respect very much. 🙂

If I’m taking your photo soon and you’re wondering if you’re allowed to bring your pet – I encourage it. 🙂

Hey, this is one of those moments where I’m like dang, this job though. So fortunate. All the praise hands.

I shot a little film with these two and so glad I did. Man I can’t wait to see them all dolled up as husand and wife.

Ollie wants some action too 🙂

Happy Monday, friends!

Here’s to a great week.

Emma + Michael part 2

March 28

Emma + Michael

March 27

Happy Monday, beautiful people!

Listening to Vance Joy while pulling these images together. Light flooding in through the window next to me. I feel like it’s going to be a really good week. I can think of no better way to kick it off than by sharing a few moments from my time with Emma and Michael. These two lovebirds are getting hitched this September and I can’t wait to document it all. They are such warm, easy going hearts. I have no doubt their wedding day will be one for the books. Also, just to reiterate, September is my favorite month to photograph literally anything. The light in Indy during that month is unmatched. I’m going to have a blast with these two. Can’t wait to see them all done up with their favorite friends and family on earth.

My favorite. Love is awesome!

Not at all hard on the eyes. Such a beautiful couple!

Ohhhh fall…you’re some kind of special. And let’s talk about Emma’s dress! Heart eyes for sure!

So excited for you two!!!! Few more from this session to come….

Hannah + Ryan

October 25


Happy Tuesday, internet!

This super sweet team is getting married next July and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their big day. When I first met with Hannah over the summer, we hit it off instantly. Her sense of humor especially. I mean really, within five minutes of being around her, I knew we were on the same level and because of that I was at ease much faster with her from the get go. She told me about Ryan and how he proposed. How she actually met me years ago at a bar but because of my sketchy memory from that time, I don’t remember. Sorry about that, Hannah! 🙂

We took these photos around Hannah’s parents neighborhood. A neighborhood that I drove past EVERY DAY during my high school days and had never seen for myself. There’s something to be said for having a quiet space to take photos. It’s weird having your photo taken – at first. For some people it’s strange the entire time and I get that, too. I always say if you aren’t having fun, I’m not doing a good job.  I’m no stranger to those first few minutes with a giant camera in your face and the expectation to just “look natural”. I stopped trying to get the perfect photos with the perfect setting and backdrop long ago. For me it’s become much more about just slowing down with people who care a lot about each other and being able to create some space for them to enjoy each other. Having a quiet space without too many onlookers helps 🙂

Wait until you see their dog, Penny. Softest and sweetest dog I think I’ve ever photographed…


Such a sweet pair…





I’ll always tell couples to close their eyes and check in. We move so freaking fast these days, it’s rare we take a minute for something like this. Love this so much.





I can’t wait to photograph you two as a bride and groom!






PENNYYYY!! Sweetest little nugget ever.





I love you, fall!!! You make photos feel extra warm and cozy.


If I were you guys, I’d frame this for your parents and watch them cry when they open it as a Christmas gift. Is that just my mom???




SO much more to come in the coming weeks. But did you all hear the Pacers season kicks off tomorrow? This girl is soon excited!

DC Engagement: Kali & Ryan

August 2


I’d say I kind of flew under the radar in high school. At the time, a lot of my friends were at another high school and while I kept a small circle of friends at Brebeuf, I wasn’t hugely involved. Kali and I actually went to high together but weren’t really friends at the time. Our friendship actually starts years later when we took an art class together at IU. I think it was a sculpture class of some sort? Help me here, Kali. Oh god, I’m forgetting. That’s how far removed I am from school. At any rate, Kali was the only familiar face in that class so naturally we sat next to each other and became fast friends. I’ll honestly never forget the day we talked about studying in Italy together. We were talking about it on a whim, but it quickly became more serious. Summer after sophomore year I made my plans and got everything in place. I didn’t see much of Kali that summer and leading up to leaving didn’t know for sure if she was planning on it, too. On my 21st birthday, my mom and brother dropped me off at the airport. We had a drink at a spot in Indy’s old airport. The bartender had the same birthday as me so we toasted each other. I remember walking up to my gate to see Kali’s friendly face and feeling so relieved that I’d have a friend along for this ride!

And oh man it was an adventure. Anyone out there study abroad? You know how you have memories with those people that can’t be touched? They’re almost holy in a way. We lived together in a tiny but quaint apartment a few doors down from our school in Florence. We had a bakery where I loved to buy meringues down the street and a convenient store called “Happy’s” around the corner. We were a 10 minute walk from the Duomo and the fresh market.  We ate way too much gelato, traveled the country together and were lucky to branch out to other areas of Europe including Germany for Octoberfest and Paris two weeks before Christmas where I cried when I saw the Eiffel Tower twinkling and Kali housed the best nutella crepe of her life. I am so happy I share these memories with her.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years. Kali found her match and they are getting married in DC in October and I am so looking forward to it! I was out in DC a couple weeks ago and we all got together for a few photos. So glad we did.


Ryan is truly perfect for Kali and fun fact! He writes for the Wall Street Journal. So he’s definitely not an underachiever.



For those familiar with DC, we took these around Blagden Alley per Kali’s suggestion. Worked out well as a backdrop! 🙂





It’s a special feeling to see your buddy so happy. I am so excited to see her all dolled up as a bride!


I encourage slow dancing pretty much everywhere.




Have a great evening, guys! Lots of come.

Navy Pier Engagement: Jack & Paloma

July 25


This couple has one of the best stories ever! Remember Catherine & Tommy? I shot their wedding back in 2014. Well, not only were they one of my favorite couples ever, but also Jack and Paloma met at their wedding. They were both in the bridal party and now are engaged and planning to wed in Spain!!! How awesome?! We met up at Navy Pier to take some photos and I’m so glad we did. These two are crazy about each other and it’s so clear to see. They are also so photogenic and made it so easy on me!

Thank you both for coming out!! So excited for what’s to come! : )

Initially, Paloma wanted these photos to be a surprise. So when they first showed up at Navy Pier, I knew to take a few photos hidden away  before running to up say hi and hug them both! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how those photos would go seeing as Jack didn’t know I’d be there. And let’s be honest, unless a couple knows their photo is being taken, they probably aren’t naturally ready for an engagement photo to be taken. I kid you not, within 3 minutes of taking a few photos of these two without Jack knowing, he picked that flower (below) for Paloma and was putting her hair behind her ear. Ladies, we all know how awesome it feels when a guy does that. I was BLOWN AWAY and thought for sure they both knew I was there.

Nope, just turns out Jack is really that sweet. All of the time apparently. High fives, Paloma! You got a good one!


Putting the hair behind the ear unprompted. So sweet.




One of my favorites.




These two plus Spain as the backdrop!? Amazing!



And high fives, Jack! Paloma is such a gem.




So happy for you two!


Chicago Engagement: Valerie & Grant

July 25


Hi there! Happy Monday!

I had such a fun time with Grant and Val on their engagement shoot in downtown Chicago. In between outfit changes (part 2 is coming soon) we took a quick break at Grant’s apartment. When I stepped foot onto his 32nd floor balcony and saw Chicago’s skyline before me, I knew we had to take some photos out there. We were warm from the first round of photos, so I had them cool down by kicking off their shoes and grabbing a glass of wine while we hung out on their balcony for a few. I wouldn’t consider myself scared of heights until leaning up against their balcony to get these shots. But really? This view! My apartment is on the 2nd floor in Indy and my view is the bus stop for little kiddos going to school. While it is definitely entertaining at times, it’s not this view. So glad we took advantage!

Also, Val and I hit if off almost instantly on the phone a few months ago. Ideally I like to meet with brides face to face so they know I’m a real person 🙂 but since Valerie and Grant are in Chicago and I’m based out of Indianapolis, we had to hop on the phone. You know how you get a pretty good idea of a person on the phone before meeting? Valerie didn’t disappoint. I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding next June in Indianapolis! Special thanks so Sara Fernkas for sending this sweet couple my way.

Enjoy part 1. Including appearances from the famous Doughnut Vault in downtown Chicago. Apparently this place sells out of their goods in no time each day. How adorable is their storefront?






Hot hot hot! I think these two will look pretty incredible on their wedding day, wouldn’t you agree?





This is a little different for me. Just like the dreamy feel. Looking forward to sharing more their session soon.


Lauren & Ron, part 2

June 28

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than taking off those shoes and cuddling up on the couch with your person. Don’t you think? Loving the tones in these images of sweet Lauren and Ron. Don’t forget to check out part 1 that I posted last week! Beyond excited to help celebrate these two in November. Will be a wonderful treat to be a guest at a wedding during one of my favorite months.  : )





Lauren & Ron, part 1

June 24


For anyone who has been following for any length of time, you probably know I spent much of my life Irish dancing. I started at just 5 years old when I was a tiny nugget with a terrible haircut. I danced competitively until the age of around 22. I danced through college and would drive from Bloomington to Indianapolis for practice every Wednesday during the school year. It was a really important and special time of my life. I made some of my dearest and closest friends dancing. Lauren is one of those friends. She happens to me my oldest friend, too! 🙂 We go back to preschool days – heyo Butler Co-Op!

I recently was lucky enough to take a few photos of her and her fiancé, Ron. These two are tying the knot in November and I couldn’t be more excited to stand up there with them! As a photographer, especially one who shoots any number of weddings, it is always such a treat to be a guest at a wedding. Especially when the bride and you go way back.

For any photographers out there wondering, these were all shot with my Canon 1v and Kodak 200 film. I am truly having a blast shooting more film. It’s been a wonderful challenge. Special thanks to Crystal Haffner for Lauren’s perfect makeup. Brides, if you’re looking for makeup for a special event, Crystal’s your girl for sure! Can’t wait to see the magic she works in November!



Love you, L! It’s a wonderful feeling to see your friends happy.





Honestly, I could get all emotional about what Lauren’s friendship has meant to me but we don’t really need to go there, do we? Nobody has time for tears on a Friday afternoon! Suffice it to say, Ron – you’re a really good one. Couldn’t have picked a better guy for Lauren! Thanks for making Lauren so happy.


At the top of my plans for this weekend is to spend time with my sister and little nephew at an Indians game and I can’t wait. Give me the Coors light and some nachos!

Have a good one, friends! See you back here next week for part 2. Much love.