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June 10

Okay I can’t lie. I first heard this song on Dancing With the Stars. Yes – there was a short while when B and I got into that show this past season. Great mindless television, right? ¬†Did you watch? Did you see THIS DANCE?!! Two things. Love the red high tops. Also, can I please just be a professional hip hop dancer now? I was a little obsessed. ¬†Anyway, the song above – not only does it make me miss playing keys, but boy does it give me chills. So good.

Lot of pretty people coming to the blog soon. Matt & Katie’s stunning Eiteljorg wedding:

Clark & Katie’s super colorful Indianapolis engagement session:

The adorable Heidt family – Joe, Stacey, Nola and 1 month old JJ. Feels so good to dive back into family shoots.

Off for an evening run. Have a great night, friends.

The Mehl Family: Ryan, Nicole, Asher, Abram & Baby Girl

November 16

Hi there! Thanks for being here with me today : ) Not only am I happy that it’s Friday and less than a week until Thanksgiving, I’m downright thrilled that the latter of the two means that next week my Christmas tree is going up in my apartment. There are few things in the world that light my heart up the way Christmas time does and with this Christmas being my first ever in my own place, there is sure to be hot cocoa, tinsel, white lights and Frank Sinatra’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” to boot.¬†Every year around this time, I start to get sentimental at the thought of this past year’s shining moments. Truthfully, I’ve never been so happy and busy in my life. There has been remarkable growth in my business over the past year and perhaps the best part about this growth has been all of the fabulous people I’ve met and worked with over these last 11 months. The Mehl family is no exception…

A few months ago now I found a note from Nicole in my inbox. We exchanged a few emails and started to throw out a couple of dates for family photos. I did not know this at the time but Nicole is also a photographer – an extremely talented one, by the way. The first date I threw out was a no go and Nicole explained to me that she couldn’t do that date because she had mini sessions scheduled for that same day. In that moment, the butterflies in my stomach started to dance. I went to Nicole’s site, perused her work and was truly blown away by her talent and also smitten with her precious family that I had never met but would soon have the opportunity to photograph.

Being asked by a photographer to be “their photographer” for any special occasion is such an honor. I’ve been blessed to work with a handful of photographers over the past year and I’m so thankful. When I found out Nicole and Ryan were adding to their crew, I was even more excited to photography their family. The Mehl family traveled down from Goshen, IN to take these photos. Early on in our shoot, Nicole told me they are expecting a girl! HAPPY! ¬†Asher and Abram will be the coolest big brothers.¬†Baby girl¬†is due to debut almost any day now. I can only imagine the excitement that is stewing in the Mehl household these days. Life is about to get crazy beautiful!

Mehl crew – I am blessed by your friendship. Thank you so much for traveling down to Indy and spending a sunny October morning with me. I am so thrilled for your family as you prepare to welcome your baby girl. I can’t wait to see her sweet face!¬†Prayers for a safe delivery and transition…



Two things: ¬†1) Nicole has the most amazing hair in the universe and subsequently I’m envious and 2) there is nothing more adorable than a little boy with his hands in his pockets!

That’s Nicole and Ryan’s oldest, Asher, on the left. Mama’s boy, Abram, on the right…

Can you tell Asher is a charmer? : ) He had plenty of kisses to hand out.

I can only hope and pray I will be this stunning when I’m pregnant. Wow to this beauty!

Nicole – I have found your doppelganger: Jessica Biel. Or is it Jessica Timberlake now?

Enjoy your weekend!! Soak it up and love big. XO, C

Happy Birthday to My Brand: One Special Giveaway

August 9

A year ago yesterday, I launched my new brand. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. I stand before you, 118 posts deep, with so much love and appreciation for coming back to visit. You’ve all helped play a part in seeing my dreams come to fruition. Thank you from the deepest parts of my heart!

I try my best to live each day with optimism and gratitude. I sincerely hope that translates in my work and in sharing my life here on this blog. We always have so much to be grateful for. In that same spirit and to help celebrate 365 days of chasin’ my dreams, I’m hosting a giveaway!

Here’s what’s up for grabs: A lifestyle shoot – engagement or family. You can enter to win for yourself or for someone else. Please keep in mind this shoot must take place this fall in Indianapolis.

How to enter:¬†¬†Leave a comment below telling us what you’re grateful for this week and why.

It’s as simple as that. Voting ends Monday, 8/13 at midnight EST. A winner will be selected at random and announced on Tuesday, 8/14.

I appreciate you guys. Yes, I sure do!!

Amanda, Andy and Sweet Babe to Come

July 31

Happy Tuesday!!! Oh have I got somethin’ sweet to share with you all today!

I first met Amanda a little over a year ago now. We met over ice cream actually. I usually like to meet people over ice cream if I have any say in the matter. I take new clients out for ice cream. It just makes me happy. Who honestly is in a bad mood if they’re eating ice cream!? In any case, this is how I met sweet Amanda, too. I remember chatting with her for a long while over a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip as the fire next to us quietly cracked and popped. Amanda is also a photographer (a very talented one at that!) and I was so excited to meet her in person and make a new friend in the industry. She was bubbly. She was sweet and she was warm. It didn’t take long for our friendship to form.

When I found out Amanda was expecting, I was totally overjoyed for her. I heard a little more about their journey to become parents when we met over lunch one day weeks ago. Her joy and excitement to be a mom emanates from her entire body. I squeaked with excitement as she grinned from ear to ear, recounting the moments she first knew she was pregnant. There is no doubt that Baby Shaw is the greatest, most perfect gift in Amanda and Andy’s life right now. Glittery gold bow and all.

Amanda had fun plans to reveal her exciting news. She told me about her ideas over lunch and together we brainstormed details that would truly make her news shine. Amanda put this shoot together in just a few weeks time and every ounce – every last detail – was perfect. Even down to our weather. Baby Shaw totally brought the magic together for us that day.

Amanda, Andy, Cheddar and precious baby Shaw – Geez! I’m bursting with excitement for you guys over here!!! This particular shoot is one of the most JOYFUL I’ve ever photographed. No words are special enough to express my love and happiness for your wonderful family. Thank you from the deepest parts of my heart for inviting me into your world during the most exciting time in your lives. It has meant the world to me. Can’t wait to cuddle with your lil babe in February!

So much love and gratitude,



Amanda went to great lengths to see that this shoot was everything she dreamed it would be. She and Andy bought that oven at an antique store just days before our shoot! God Bless Andy for hauling that thing out to that field!

Oh, the light that day – it was spectacular. Thanks, Baby Shaw! ; )

Andy and Amanda are incredibly warm people – always aware of those around them and sure to go out of their way to make them feel comfortable and at home. They’re going to make one incredible pair as parents.

This dream like field? It’s behind their house. Couldn’t have picked a better spot for these photos!

That adorable Bun in the Oven banner in the background? Amanda’s friend helped her put that together and it was a perfect sprinkle on top of a this joyful shoot.

CHEDDAR! Oh how I love this guy! He is a bit on the rambunctious side but we managed to get him to hold still for a few photos ; )

Amanda and Andy have started a happy lil blog to chronicle the exciting months leading up to Baby Shaw’s debut. Be sure to visit them there and leave some love.

As always, we have much to be grateful for.

Sarah, Dan + Baby Girl

March 27

I think the term baby currently coincides with springtime. Happy spring! Happy baby season!

Babies everywhere : ) I love babies so I’m not complaining. I’m so excited for Sarah and Dan as they welcome their first next month. A little girl! She couldn’t be in better hands as Sarah and Dan are as sweet as can be. So much fun to hear about baby girl and see their love and excitement.

S, D + babe – Thanks for spending some time with me and letting me in. Photographing maternity makes my heart sing because there’s no time quite like the present for you guys. Your world is about to be rocked in the best way! I couldn’t be happier for you guys.



Special post to come tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Adrianne, Michael & Baby Boy to Come

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

I’m really happy and excited this morning to show you these. There is so much love in these photos! Maybe it’s that it’s Valentine’s Day, but even pulling these images together to post gave me chills, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and even put a couple baby tears in my eyes. My job is powerful. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to capture some of life’s most exciting moments.

Adrianne and Michael are expecting a baby boy in March. To say I’m thrilled for them is an understatement. There’s something extra special about capturing parents who are expecting their first child – there will never be a time quite like the present for these two.

A, M & lil man to come – Thank you for inviting me into your home and sharing this special time in your lives with me. Really, it means more than you know and I count myself lucky to call you two (okay, 4 including Maizey) friends now : ) Looking forward to meeting your little guy so soon.



Andy, Courtney & Baby Girl to Come

December 13

So happy you’re here with me now. I’ve been really excited to share this family of 3 with you. Please, follow me for one second…

My older brother, David, had a handsome little boy named Noah last May with a beautiful girl named Makenzie.
Makenzie is Courtney’s younger sister.
David ‘s best friend is Andy. They have played in a band together since high school.
Andy and Courtney are expecting a little girl in January. Very soon. This little girl will be Noah’s cousin.
Or, in other words, two best friends and their sweet babes are related. Amazing, right?

Life is wild. Two years ago I didn’t have a clue we’d all be here today. That just so happens to be what I love most about life. I am so excited for the future. For the beautiful unknown.

A, C & precious little girl to come – I am SO, SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL! Really. Happy tears filled my eyes as I saw these photos come together. I can’t think of two better people who deserve the world. I know baby girl will give you just that. I can’t wait to meet her and take way too many photos of her with baby Noah. It won’t be long. What an amazing Xmas gift to us all…

Here for you and thrilled beyond measure,




Martha, Fletcher, Stella & Baby Girl to Come

November 1

Such a cute family on the blog today.

When Martha first contacted me to take photos of her twins, I squeaked out of excitement. I’ve never photographed 2 year old twins before and I was excited for the challenge. Then, I heard their names are Fletcher and Stella and I almost fell to the floor. Seriously?! Not only did Martha get a boy and a girl with one try, she outdid herself when she gave them adorable names.

That’s not all. Martha is expecting another girl in December. God bless this woman! She is extremely patient, gentle and kind – the perfect mother for twins. Fletcher and Stella were all over the place during this shoot and Martha always had a smile on her face. Let’s not forget that all the while, Martha is chasing after her little ones at a healthy 6 months pregnant. This woman deserves massive cyber high fives and a gigantic box of chocolates. Together we did what we could to make this shoot fun and exciting for the little ones. We even got Fletcher and Stella to kiss! A moment that Martha was so excited to capture…

M, F, S and sweet pea to come – Oh I am so thrilled for your sweet family! What an exciting time these next couple of months will be for you with all of the holidays and the arrival your little baby girl. I can’t wait to meet her! Please know I’ll be sending warm and happy thoughts your way over these next weeks before she arrives. Thanks for spending time with me and for all of the fun. I appreciate each of you more than I could say!

Bear hugs,




Erin, Gary & Baby Boy to Come

October 10

Oh man do these give me reason to smile so big on this Monday!

I am so excited to share this sweet couple with you. I have so enjoyed shooting more maternity lately. There is an excitement in the air that is unspeakable between a couple when they are expecting and I’ve really loved exploring that dynamic. It’s even more awesome when a couple is expecting their first like Erin & Gary. Erin, Gary, wee man (as Gary calls his little boy) and I went to Lockerbie Square ¬†just east of downtown Indianapolis for these photos. I love the brick streets and cute homes. The fences, the colors, the light and the couple… I love these photos in a big way.

E, G & wee little one – I am more excited for you than I could say. You were easy to photograph and so fun to spend time with! Wee little one – boy I can’t wait to meet you! Won’t be long. Just a few more weeks. Be good to your mama and papa over these remaining weeks before you make your debut. They are doing such an amazing job!

Lots of love,