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Spanish Summer Wedding: Paloma + Jack

July 19


Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Oh man, what an exciting post. If you’ve kept up with me at all in the past couple of months, you probably know I shot a wedding in Spain. This was a bucket list item for me to shoot an international wedding. What I wasn’t expecting was just how rewarding it would all be for a handful of different reasons that I’ll explain as we go. First let me catch you up to speed.

A few years ago I shot a wedding in Chicago with my sweet friend Amanda. It was Catherine and Tommy’s wedding. To this day, their wedding was one of my most favorite to photograph. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more welcomed on a wedding day than I did at Catherine and Tommy’s wedding. They just…went above and beyond. Their families were so warm and inviting. I felt like one of their own. At the time that Catherine booked me, I had written in my “About” section on my website that one of my favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail. This still holds true. Don’t you just love NYC in the fall? Makes me want to buy school supplies. She told me early on You’ve Got Mail was one of her favorites too. So a connection was made. Isn’t it crazy that putting that totally random piece of information out there in the cyber world started this thread in my life that has literally woven the coolest tapestry? I have a feeling it’s not done weaving either.

Paloma and Jack were both members of Catherine and Tommy’s wedding party. They met as a result of Catherine and Tommy’s wedding. They even WALKED DOWN THE AISLE together. I mean, as a wedding photographer, I’m not sure it gets any cooler than that? When Paloma messaged me that they were engaged and was wondering if I’d ever be interested in shooting their wedding in Madrid, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Paloma (one of 12 – yes, 12 – hang tight for more on this) is from Madrid and wanted to marry her best friend there. So to Spain we go! I studied in Florence junior year of college and I never made it to Spain but always wanted to. This was a no brainer for me.

I had a few blips on my radar getting over to Spain. For one my flights were postponed a day due to weather and in addition my luggage didn’t make it. Well, it actually DID make it to Spain with two days left in my trip. At which point I figured hey, it’s worth it to interrupt plans to go back to my airbnb to wait for the airline representative to deliver it, but they never showed after 2 hours of standing outside of my airbnb. With the help of Paloma’s very kind brother (did I mention the customer service number they gave me was all in Spanish with no apparent button, despite my best efforts lol, to press for English) I had the luggage sent home. At that point I had already bought enough clothes and underwear to get by and was emotionally prepared for not having my things.  What’s hilarious is the luggage actually beat me home. This all honestly made me so much stronger. I traveled to Spain on my own with all of my gear, shot a wedding on my own, and I will say I’m proud of this gallery. I know I’ll always look back with a full heart on these moments.

Paloma and Jack – What a chance of a lifetime to come out to Spain and photograph your wedding! I am eternally grateful to you and your incredible families for all all that you did for me during my time in Spain. I’m so thankful I was able to play a small part in your big day. I am always sending my best to you and look forward to grabbing a drink next time I’m in Chicago!

Paloma and Jack married at San Jeronimo el Real. This is where royalty gets married in Spain. I had several family members tell me over in Spain that Paloma just knows how to get things done. She made some connections and somehow, this church that is near impossible from what I understand to use as your ceremony venue, well…she booked it. I wish you could have seen my face walking up to it for the first time. Isn’t it stunning?

Oh Madrid…you are a magical place for sure.

Okay, I know I mentioned Paloma is one of  12 earlier in this post, but did I mention Jack is one of 7? Including Jack and Paloma, there are NINETEEN siblings between these families. I laugh when I think I thought I came from a big family. How incredibly handsome did Jack look on his wedding day?

Paloma’s father passed away year ago and her brother stepped in his place to walk her down the aisle.

Couldn’t have loved Jack’s mother and family more. This trip was Jack’s parents’ first trip out of the country. I spoke with them quite a bit at the rehearsal dinner and they said they could get used to it. 🙂

Guys, Paloma just IS joy and light. Everywhere she goes.

Okayyyy.. now let’s talk about this church. Jaw drops.

During their ceremony, I found myself imagine the construction of this church and all of the ornate details. I mean, can you imagine? That shrine to Mary and that podium. Who made those?! What was their story? How long did it take them? It just blows my mind.

Not only do I love Paloma’s face of adoration in this photos, I love all of her family in the background. Which you can’t even see in entirety! I’m pretty sure Paloma has 27 nieces and nephews (forgive me guys if that number isn’t spot on!) but holy huge family!!! So freaking awesome!

That painting too!! I mean…WHO MADE THAT? Did I mention this church was built in the 1500’s. I can’t even wrap my brain around it. This job is so amazing.

Absolutely stunning.

NEVER have I loved taking reader photos more. I mean, come on.


This was one of those moments on film I couldn’t wait to see come back in my scans. It did not disappoint.  Did I mention Paloma’s little sister made her flowers? Love when the families get involved! Also, I’m forgetting the man’s name shooting with a film camera on the left, but he was so nice and we connected at their reception over photography and shooting film. We talked about our love of Ektar film.


Hey guys, 10 years ago I sat in college classes not not knowing what the heck to do with my life. I knew I was interested in photography and took some risks and they all lead me to this moment. I’m not the best photographer in the world but I’m proud of my story and for taking some huge risks. I keep showing up for my business and while it’s been a roller coaster of emotions it almost never lets me down. I am beyond grateful for the lessons and opportunities.

Hey Tommy!!! That’s Tommy on the left looking fly shooting some photos. Also, that tailcoat. SO SHARP.

One of my favorite parts of the day is to grab formal photos outside in beautiful light. That’s Paloma’s mother on the left and Jack’s on the right. Aren’t they beautiful? This was a special request of Paloma who was standing by me as I took this photo….

…and seconds later, Paloma – onlooking this merging of families, threw her arms around Jack and looked at him like this. I quickly turned a took this photo and I think it may be my favorite moment from their entire day. When it all sunk in their families just doubled in size and love.

Okay, have you ever met a family with 6 boys? This is what it looks like! And they have a super awesome sister, Liz, too! I just, look at all of those siblings. I’m even missing one.

Okay wait. Now this photo. When I found out Paloma was one of 12, my immediate thought was, “Oh, surely there are some multiples in there!” Nope, 12 separate pregnancies. And with that, I bow down to Paloma’s mother. Suddenly I feel like the ultimate underachiever. Lol. Look at all of these beautiful humans. Man, what a LEGACY. This is all of them in birth order.

Okay, I lied. This may be my favorite photo of the day. Jack, Paloma, Catherine + Tommy. I literally wouldn’t have had this opportunity without these four beautiful people. You have no idea how happy I am to know them and call them friends. Thank you! ALL of you!

I had to just throw this in here too because, I mean, how lucky is Paloma to join this crew?! There’s Liz in the blue too 🙂 I know it’s an in between moment, but those are oftentimes my favorite ones.

This is Catherine’s sister, Anne. Leading up to the wedding, I spent some time with Catherine’s whole family who all flew out to help celebrate this amazing celebration. We all went to the oldest restaurant in the world called Botin where Ernest Hemingway would frequent. How awesome!? I ate white asparagus and drank red wine and again felt like I was part of this family of friends. I just had to share a sweet sentiment regarding their family because I’m so lucky I got to spend some time with them.

Remember that time I shot a wedding in Europe?

It was pretty incredible.

One of my favorite captures from my time in Spain.

Now let’s party! I am not kidding any of you, this was the craziest and best reception I’ve ever photographed. Paloma warned me there would be dancing until 4 am. Thanks to the time change, I still wasn’t fully adjusted and had no problems staying until the dancing ended. It was a blast!

The middle on the left is Paloma’s younger sister. The one who made the flowers. 🙂

Another shoutout to this awesome duo who can seriously throw down on the dance floor. Catherine and Tommy – you guys are the best!

I’m not sure the relation is to the man in the bottom left with the yellow shirt and blue hat – but I assure you, he was one of my favorite to photograph on the dance floor that night!

We’ll end on this because look at the mega watt smile. What a dream.

SUCH A FULL HEART. Have a good night, friends.

Valerie & Grant

July 6

Hey friends! Happy Thursday!

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least over here. I’ve shot 3 incredible weddings in 2 weeks, one of which was in Spain, and it’s been SUCH a blast and it feels like I’m just now catching my breath from it all. With another amazing wedding in store this Saturday, this stretch has been one of the busiest I can ever remember in my business. I can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!!

Right now I’d love to share just a few of my favorite moments from Valerie and Grant’s amazing day. Where to start with these two?  I knew after taking their engagement photos that this couple would be a great time. I’ll never forget making a quick stop at Grant’s place in downtown Chicago for a wardrobe change during photos. I walked in, saw Chicago’s skyline through his windows AND almost simultaneously noticed his porch, and KNEW we had to take a few out there. After all, it’s not often I have a balcony up in the sky to shoot with. I told them to pour a glass of wine and sit your butts down and enjoy each other while you have a drink. They probably thought I was crazy! 🙂 But I still have people talk about those images! If you need a refresher, you can find those images here. 

These two married tied the knot at St. John’s in downtown Indianapolis with a serious party (and some of the best speeches I’ve heard to date!) at the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art after. I loved spending the day with their sweet friends and family. It was a perfect day with plenty of sunshine. It may have been a little sweaty at parts – hey, it’s Indy in June – but these guys were such troopers. Man I had such a blast shooting portraits of these two! Can you say models? Oh also, Grant is going to Harvard business school in the fall. So, they’re crazy smart too.

Valerie and Grant – I’ve so loved getting to know you guys during this special time in your lives. Thank you so much for the honor of being your wedding photographer. I wish you two all the best and can’t wait to see how your life unfolds in MA! xo

Possibly my favorite image from the wedding! Val, you are STUNNING!

Love this shot my sweet second shooter, Gail, captured of Grant getting ready.

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know this couple. They have such bright future ahead!

This is one of those images that I think their kids will especially love one day. Such a beauty.

Such a fun group! What an amazing day this was!

What a long way I have come since day 1 of business. I am so grateful.

There’s just something about a moody black and white! <3

Look at that bling! 🙂

Timeless beauty.

Their first look was so sweet! A few weeks before their wedding, Val emails me telling me of this idea she has to do their first look on this rooftop. Her father owns the building so we’d have access and privacy for a first look and I was sold. I really prefer a first look with privacy. It just lends itself well to the couple really having an uninterrupted, special moment to themselves. When you think about it, a bride and groom don’t get much time to themselves on a wedding day. Val and Grant’s first look was one for the books!

It was also a bit windy up there 🙂 love this image!

Handsome groomsmen. Thank you to my second shooter, Gail, for capturing this! It was such a treat to have Gail team up with me at this wedding.

Val and Grant had their ceremony at St. John’s downtown on Capitol street. I’m always so blown away by the ornate details all throughout this church!

I was mildly obsessed with this space for their cocktail hour. How INCREDIBLE is this backdrop!?

Val’s dad gave a touching welcoming speech…

I always love to photograph the parents during speeches. They always have a glow about them. 🙂

The best man’s speech had everyone laughing!

I LOVE this image of Grant’s mom!


Now let’s party…


What an incredible day!!

Stay tuned for so much more, friends. Until then, have a great night!

Washington D.C. Wedding – Kali + Ryan

November 2


Hey friends! Happy Wednesday and game 7 of the world series! Who else is super into this series?  I’m a huge fan of sports in general but baseball admittedly has always been lower on my list. This series though, I’m loving it and honestly who can’t get down to watch a good game 7? I can’t imagine how electric Chicago is feeling today. Cleveland too! I’m not mad at you! But you already took the NBA championship this year so maybe let’s not get greedy? It’s fun to bring up Chicago today because that charming city plays an important part in Kali & Ryan’s love story.

Kali and Ryan met at a chance meeting at a bar in Wrigleyville. Kali was living in Chicago at the time and Ryan was in town visiting for a couple days. The short version is that Ryan and his friends helped Kali avoid stepping in someone’s vomit at the bar. If that isn’t romance, I don’t know what is. I share this openly here because well, they do with anyone they meet (and their bridal party shared this story at their wedding, equally awesome!) and that’s one of the things I love most about these two. Down to earth, go with the flow, always a great time, don’t take themselves too seriously.  They parted ways after that meeting and the rest took care of itself. Did I mention they would text each other Dumb and Dumber quotes in the beginning days of getting to know each other long distance? They are a blast. And my kind of people for sure.

Their ceremony took place at the Spanish steps in DC and I always say I love to shoot outdoor ceremonies, but this spot took that feeling to another level. It was a dream! Afterwards they threw a serious party at Long View Art Gallery. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that amount of people up and dancing the entire night. I suppose an enormous live band will help with that! A highlight of the night was watching Ryan and the bridal party do the dance to “Uptown Funk” together – a surprise to Ryan because he thought only his family knew the dance but little did he know the bridal party was in on the secret and learned the dance too. Fun fact, did you know there’s a Youtube video that teaches that dance? Brb while I go learn that.

If you follow the blog, you may remember Kali as my friend I studied abroad with in Italy. It meant a lot to photograph her as a bride and I’m so happy I was there to capture the day as it unfolded. Enjoy just a few of my favorites from their incredible wedding.

Kali and Ryan – Wishing you nothing but the best in your life together. You make a crazy awesome team and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding. I honestly won’t ever forget this day! 🙂




So timeless and beautiful.


BHLDN knocks it out of the park again! Seriously, do they design anything less than jaw dropping dresses?





Kali is a crazy talented designer who designed her wedding invites and they are among some of the most beautiful I’ve EVER seen! Such a fun touch to their wedding. When I found out she designed the invites, I knew I wanted to photograph their rings on her design. Done and done! 🙂



Special thank you to Stem and Sprigs for your gorgeous flowers and artistry that day!



Ahh Spanish Steps + Kali as an ethereal bride walking down to see her groom for the first time – basically a DREAM. What a freaking cool venue and a fun change of pace to photograph!!! This moment literally took my breath away. Kali has always loved Alexi Murdoch and walked down to meet her groom and have their “first look” in front of all of their guests to his song “Love You More”. To this day, Alexi Murdoch’s music always reminds me of Kali. This moment gave me chills everywhere and made me cry. I don’t like to choose favorites from a wedding day, but if I had to, this would be high on the list.



Among the guests in this photo was a surprise overweight cat with a red collar that lingered the entire ceremony. One of the many fun details from this day! 🙂



That LOOK on Ryan’s face! Taken for sure.



You did it!!!! You’re married!



But seriously, some major swagger at this wedding. Such great style all around.






Such a great day with these beautiful people!



Another special thanks to Alexa and Victoria with Long Aisle Events  for you perfect execution of this day. I know you had tons of help from a very talented bride with a great eye, but we couldn’t have done it without you and you two are awesome!!!



Kali and Ryan arranged to have a tequilla shot ready for each of their guests to partake in- definitely a decision I can get behind.



Their entrance into the party…


…and that Uptown Funk dance I told you about. This honestly was one of my favorite reception moments ever.


Not to be outdone by CROWDSURFING AT YOUR OWN WEDDING. We’ll end on this for obvious reasons.


Downtown Indianapolis Wedding: Katie + Chris

October 10


Hey friends! So good to be back!

It’s been a little bit but for good reason. I literally have shot so much in the past month and between all of those photos and shoots and traveling, and a move too, it’s been crazy over here. I’ve been pouring over all of these images and film scans and wish I could just share them all at once for the world to see. Instead I will practice patience and know that tons of goodness will be shared over the next few months here.

Starting with Chris and Katie. As some of you might remember, I know Chris from high school. When I initially got the email from his fiancee, Katie, I was excited to get together to hear more. We immediately hit it off and it honestly felt like Katie and I had known each other for years. With each detail of their wedding plans they shared, I knew we were a perfect fit. From Empty Vase‘s florals to Chris’ navy tux to Katie’s show stopper Anne Barge dress – I was literally in heaven. There’s way too much to share from this wedding, so for now these will do.

To the newlyweds – I can’t thank you enough for this honor. I hope you love these moments as much as I do and share them with your loved ones for years to come. Wishing you guys all the best and can’t wait to keep in touch! 🙂











Heaven. I was in heaven.



Probably my favorite bridesmaid photos to date. So these were taken under a bridge next to the Mavris, where the reception was, and I always have to warn people that I like the location not so much for the setting but for the light. You can’t beat that natural light with the dark background! And the colors are insane! So gorgeous!








Every photo in this post is film  – shot with Kodak 200 on a Canon 1v.











The weather was touch and go for a bit on Katie and Chris’ wedding – in the end they made the call to keep their ceremony outside as they had planned and the skies cleared and the sun was shining. The recessional is always one of my favorite moments to photograph.






My god a navy tux will never go out of style in my opinion. So handsome!






Katie looked absolutely flawless and got way too many compliments on her dress to count and for obvious reason. With that light breeze? Incredible!




So timeless.




I’ll end on this because they even have the dip down.


12 Corners Winery Wedding: Brian & Carli

July 5


Happy July! Can you believe it? Officially halfway through the year. I think I love the 4th of July the older I get. Mine was pretty lazy and yet packed with so much. How does that happen? Hope yours was spent with those who make you happy.

This wedding. So beautiful! I’ve got a fun tie to this couple. The groom is my sister-in-law’s brother. No one tells you how fun it can be to get to know your in-law’s family. We have loved getting to know the Sauer family over the last 5 years since Makenzie, my sister-in-law, came into the Sullivan family. Carli fits into the Sauer family so perfectly – the best match for Brian. They married at 12 Corners Vineyards & Winery in St. Joe, MI. I’ve said this before but as much as I love Indy and shooting here, I really welcome the chance to get out of the city and shoot somewhere new. And a winery? Not bad, either!

I was in heaven getting some of these film scans back. I really hate to sound like a broken record, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway because it never gets old. I love to think of a couple’s kids getting their hands on these photos at a time when they really get it – just how cool Mom and Dad are. If you know my mom, you’re hearing me say this AGAIN and thinking, “Apple doesn’t far from the tree.” NOPE. It surely doesn’t. Call me sentimental. This job is really special.

Brian and Carli – Thanks for having me out to celebrate and document your perfect day. Wouldn’t have been anywhere else! This is just a very small handful of my favorites, and I can’t wait for you to see the rest soon!





This cake! And Brian’s serious groom swagger. 100%!



I think I actually gasped when I pulled this up on my computer for the first time. Carli, you are so stunning!



Husband and wife.


To recap, just as I’m aunt Caity to Noah and Etta, below is their Uncle Brian.


Carli! Again! Stunning!! Ps for inquiring minds, Carli’s show stopping dress is BHLDN. 




Hey, I know that cute little face!!! That’s my nephew, Noah, and his sweet cousin, Nell, dropping petals behind him.






Two of my favorites.


A treasure from this wedding. Of course my brother and his family were guests at this wedding so I had to pull them aside for a few photos and every time I come back to this photo, I love it more.



Thanks for stopping by.

Lauren & Ron, part 1

June 24


For anyone who has been following for any length of time, you probably know I spent much of my life Irish dancing. I started at just 5 years old when I was a tiny nugget with a terrible haircut. I danced competitively until the age of around 22. I danced through college and would drive from Bloomington to Indianapolis for practice every Wednesday during the school year. It was a really important and special time of my life. I made some of my dearest and closest friends dancing. Lauren is one of those friends. She happens to me my oldest friend, too! 🙂 We go back to preschool days – heyo Butler Co-Op!

I recently was lucky enough to take a few photos of her and her fiancĂ©, Ron. These two are tying the knot in November and I couldn’t be more excited to stand up there with them! As a photographer, especially one who shoots any number of weddings, it is always such a treat to be a guest at a wedding. Especially when the bride and you go way back.

For any photographers out there wondering, these were all shot with my Canon 1v and Kodak 200 film. I am truly having a blast shooting more film. It’s been a wonderful challenge. Special thanks to Crystal Haffner for Lauren’s perfect makeup. Brides, if you’re looking for makeup for a special event, Crystal’s your girl for sure! Can’t wait to see the magic she works in November!



Love you, L! It’s a wonderful feeling to see your friends happy.





Honestly, I could get all emotional about what Lauren’s friendship has meant to me but we don’t really need to go there, do we? Nobody has time for tears on a Friday afternoon! Suffice it to say, Ron – you’re a really good one. Couldn’t have picked a better guy for Lauren! Thanks for making Lauren so happy.


At the top of my plans for this weekend is to spend time with my sister and little nephew at an Indians game and I can’t wait. Give me the Coors light and some nachos!

Have a good one, friends! See you back here next week for part 2. Much love.

Ashley + Jon

June 15


Happy Wednesday!

Oh it’s with much joy that I share a few of my favorite moments from Ashley and Jon’s perfect day. From the start, I’ve been blown away by the kindness in these two. First with Ashley when we met over froyo months ago. Of course, if you remember her beautiful face, you might remember I’ve known her for some time. She grew up down the street from me but it was one of those things where we weren’t really friends but knew each other’s names. Then we met to talk about her wedding and honestly within the first 2 minutes of talking to her I’m thinking, “How the heck was I not friends with this girl growing up!?!” Pretty much every speech at her wedding, each person talked about her love for others and how she treats people so well. It’s so true. And of course Jon, who I also knew by way of Brebeuf where we both went to high school. Again, one of those things where I didn’t really know much about him, other than what my sister told me after telling her that he was engaged to Ashley, “He is literally the nicest guy I think I’ve ever met!” So, yeah, you meet them and spend 5 minutes with them and you’re torn as to who is sweeter. They are just the kind of people you want in your circle, plain and simple. I’m so glad to have them in my photo circle now.

I have such a love/ hate relationship with blogging weddings because it’s just SOOO impossible to post all that I want to. I’d be behind this glowing box clicking away for hours. But the beautiful thing is being able to share a few of my favorites and give everyone a good feel for the day. I wish every single one of you could have been a part of this day!

Jon & Ashley, I cannot thank you enough for everything. Seriously, every thing along the way. It’s been an honor to be a part of this special time for you guys. Wouldn’t have been anywhere else for your big day! Looking forward to keeping in touch in the years to come!





I adore this couple and hope I bump into them a lot. The way they love each other makes me really happy. Plus, how handsome is Jon in this photo? There’s something about having the groom hold his wife’s flowers. Tell you what, it never gets old to me!



I think I’ve commented on Jon’s eyes a few times past inappropriate. Lol, but really! Those blue eyes!



I could not love this photo any more…..


Jon’s sweet mama : )


For such a simple photo and message, to me this perfectly encapsulates Jon and Ashley. As photographers, whenever we see anything on anyone’s wrists (especially hair ties for girls), we always make a point to have people take those things off. Lots of times people just forget. I asked Jon about taking this off before he turned it around so I could see the message. Love that he kept it on for the day.




Ashley and Jon had a just a few flower girls : )


The next 3 photos were taken within 30 seconds of each other. Seeing his bride for the first time….


Love so much!


Marriedddddd!!! Yessss!




I can’t help but think of their kids someday looking at this photo. I don’t know why this one in particular makes me feel that way. Maybe the black and white? As a photographer, taking thousands of photos every year, it’s easy for the importance of just one of those to get totally lost on us. Think that just happens when you do something repeatedly. Just thinking out loud here. Back to this happily married couple…


Such a fun group!!! Fun fact: Ashley’s little brother, Logan, on the left … the last time I had seen him I think he came up to my waist in height. It had been a little bit. Fast forward to months ago when I ran into him on the street (with Ashley and Jon) after a Pacers game, and Ashley was all, “You remember my brother, Logan, right?” And I was like, “Yeah, of course!….Whoa!! Yeah!!!” You know that feeling when you haven’t seen someone since he or she was much younger and your brain is trying to register that person now being a grown adult. Can’t say how fun it was to reconnect with the Mournighan group!



I’ll end on this note! Classic <3


Special thanks to Katie Destry for your wonderful help that day! I appreciate you!

Also to Ashley and Jon’s super talented vendors who make for an incredible celebration…

Flowers: Colby Palmer Designs

Catering: Thomas Caterers

Desserts: Circle City Sweets, Cheryl’s Cookies, Just Pop In, A Cup Above Coffee

DJ: Lakeside Entertainment

Videographer: Rewind Documentaries

Ceremony: Immaculate Heart of Mary

Reception: Scottish Rite

Summer Engagement: Chris & Katie

June 8


I should start this post by saying this is part 1 of Chris & Katie’s photos. The next half will come soon when I get some more scans back but for now, would you just look at this beautiful couple! Spoiler alert: I went to high school with Chris. When we initially met in the the colder months to chat about their wedding, not only did we hit it off immediately but I reminded Chris how he once teased me in Chemistry class for the pink Yankees jersey I was wearing at the time. Isn’t it funny the things we remember? I’ve healed since then. No I’m kidding, I actually told Chris I would have made fun of me too. I only got that jersey because it was pink and I love sports. Not at all because I like the Yankees.

These two and their families are the real deal. Chris’ mom even came along the first half of these photos to help get their dogs to look at the camera AND she had a cooler with bottled waters in tow! You’d think after years of shooting I’d know to bring water with me and I promise you I forget to 85% of the time. Thanks for the assist, Carole!

I really had a blast with these guys. Sweethearts to the core. They really made me love this job even more. Stay tuned for part 2 (those involve a hot pink dress!) but for now, let’s admire their impeccable style and good looks and then take serious notes. Talking to myself here. Chris and Katie – so excited to be there in September! You two are a blast!










Riviera Maya Wedding: Liz & Mike

May 24


Hi friends! You might remember this sweet couple. Seems like forever ago that they first emailed me about flying out to photograph their Riviera Maya wedding. I remember where I was when I got the email. I had my laptop with me and was working from Cakebake that day. Just a glorified excuse really to buy myself a hot chocolate and macaroon. I’m not that fancy but that place makes me feel that way. Anyway, it was a cold day with tons of sunshine pouring through the window next to me when Liz’s email found it’s way to my inbox. I clicked my way through and saw she was a close friend of a past bride (hi Amy!) and knew that meant she was good people. I met with Liz and Mike the next week, hit it off and marked off May 7th, 2016 in my calendar to photograph their wedding.

Their wedding was nothing short of wonderful. Heartfelt is really the word that comes to mind for the entire weekend. When you have dozens of people fly out to Mexico to celebrate your wedding with you, you know you are well loved. That was the case with Liz & Mike. I felt completely at home with them and their friends the entire time. What’s the saying – you are the company you keep? 100% the case with Liz and Mike’s awesome family and friends. The first full day we were there, I had friends and family come up to me at a pool party saying, “You’re Caitlin right? We’ve heard so much about you!” I was blown away honestly. As a vendor, when someone treats you this way, you really just want to knock it out of the park even more for your clients. Such sweet people. Every single person at this wedding made the celebration that much more enjoyable.

The real stars of course being Liz & Mike. I’m having a hard time coming up with words special enough for them. There was a time, years ago – maybe seven or eight, when I first entertained the thought of pursuing photography seriously. I once dreamt about what it would be like to have a couple fly me out to their photograph their wedding in a beautiful place. All I can say is I couldn’t be happier it truly happened for the first time with Liz & Mike. In an industry that is so saturated with so many photographers, it has meant the world to me to be with you guys during this time. Thank you for the honor of documenting your special day. You guys are the best of the best. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you guys!

Special thanks to El Dorade Royale for the accommodations and for helping Liz & Mike’s wedding run through perfectly. Also special thanks for the many, many cheese quesadillas. You’re the real MVP.

For those keeping up with things around here, you know I just invested in a new film camera. When some of my first scans came back like this one below, I was pretty giddy with excitement for what’s to come. The most beautiful thing about film? This image is untouched.










A film shot of the stunning bride that I love so, so much. I can imagine her kids seeing this some day and honestly being blown away by how gorgeous their mom is. You know when you get old enough to care about these things? I can remember coming to an age where I’d come across a photo of my mom in her younger years, and it may be that I’m drawn to photography already, but I just remember thinking, “Dang! My mom was a knock out!” I feel like this could be one of those photos for Liz & Mike’s kids. So timeless and effortlessly beautiful.



Meanwhile, handsome Mike getting ready in front of an orange wall that I love very much.





Cheers! It is certainly not very often that I have a beautiful beach to photograph so I took full advantage even in full sun.


Mike looking so handsome. The guys spent the first part of the day hanging out in the pool having drinks. Not a bad way to spend the morning of your wedding.





Liz’s dad was with her all day : ) what’s better is that’s Liz’s mom holding the bouquet. I love small details like this.


Moments before her brother walked her down the aisle..



Liz, you looked flawless.






Look at all of those beautiful people that came out for this celebration!!! Seriously, if this isn’t a testament to how wonderful this couple is, I don’t know what is. These guys were a blast!!! And that view? Take me back!







The new Mr. & Mrs. Seidl! : )





Towards the end of the night, we were told about surprise “fireworks”. I was told they’d last 15 seconds and if I’m being completely candid, I didn’t know how impressive they would be seeing as we were on a resort. But then this intense flash of light started, sparks were flying and these two were dancing around like crazy. Everyone was cheering! It moved SO fast and all I could think was how awesome this moment was for them! All credit goes to my assistant, Ben, for capturing this awesome moment. What a way to end the night!


Thank you so much to my talented second shooter, Ben, for all of your wonderful help. Have a great night guys! xo

PS Liz & Mike’s engagement session at Oliver Winery for a trip down memory lane.

PPS I appreciate you!

Coast of Riviera Maya

May 20


When you get your first film scans back from your new camera. This is gonna be fun, you guys!!!