The Reeves Family: Josh, Ali, Evie & Wyatt

**As a quick note, I'll be blogging several sessions from 2017 to fill this space with some sparkly content. There's no way I'd be able to cover everything, but here goes! Can't wait to fill this space with content - old and NEW!! 

Please welcome the Reeves family to the blog. This sweet little family happens to be our neighbors. I loved being able to photograph their family in their new home that Josh is remodeling! 


Welcome to the new blog!

Hi friends!

So good to have you here. Welcome to my new blog! I've known that a new site and blog were on the horizon for CSP. My last blog was designed back in 2011 when I did my rebrand with Emily Ley and Lara Casey. While I loved that blog very much and it definitely served me well, I knew going into the new year and a new season in my business that it was time for a fresh start.

Emotionally it wasn't easy coming to the decision to let go of the old blog. Seven years of blogging is NO JOKE. Literally hundreds of hours spent story telling, cropping, writing, resizing, tending to these photos I share on the internet. As I matured and grew in my business, and as I started to feel like a new and improved version of the 2011 Caitlin, I craved a clean slate.

I've worked hard at honing my skill and my voice. Moving forward in my business, I wanted a website and a blog that was simple and let my work speak for itself. The most beautiful part of rebranding with Emily Ley and Lara Casey was that together we created a logo and feel to my brand that to this day I still LOVE - truly a testament to the work we did as a team. Instead of feeling stuck 7 years later in a brand that didn't fit me anymore, I've had the luxury of growing and molding alongside my brand. 

I look forward to blogging much more here as I continue to grow. To be honest, it felt like blogging fell off the trendy train there for a bit but I think it's coming back around. I've missed sharing about my personal life so you can be sure to expect more of that as well as new work I've taken on in recent months. In addition to weddings and families, I'm now accepting commercial work which you will see more of here too.

THANK YOU - every single one of you - for your support in this endeavor. It has meant the world to have some of the best cheerleaders out there. I look forward to connecting with you here and sharing lots of (photo) magic. xo