My New Favorite Movie: Coco

Have you seen PIXAR's newest film, Coco? NO? You must see it! 

I've been looking forward to blogging more for sharing on fun little obsessions like this. I've been so into this film. I remember seeing a preview for it months ago and while typically it takes a lot to catch my attention in previews (with the exception of a superhero film) I turned to my brother and said, "Holy crap! That looks AMAZING!!!!" 

Fast forward to sometime in mid December. I had just come off of a super fresh and spontaneous decision to fly to Disney World on Friday. It was Monday, by the way. I  had been to AAA and bought a park ticket and a 1 night stay at Disney's All Star Music Resort. I drove around that week listening to the Disney pandora station and dreamt of Florida sunshine. Winter in the midwest can be tough, who's with me?

Oh, why was I going just for one day? I was meeting Ben in Florida to drive an RV back to Indy with him and make some fun stops along the way. Ben films a lot of RVs with Element 3, and when I decided to buy a 1 way flight out to Florida after a campaign they were shooting to keep him company on the drive home, I thought, "Hey! Why not go out a day early and spend the day in Disney World by myself?!" I am not even joking. This was one of the best fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants decisions I've ever made. I had a freaking blast! 

That same week I went to see Coco at Flix and because I love to eat junk food while I see movies, I soaked up every single second of Coco over a beer and potato skins. Lol. Signs I'm doing life right, am I right?


The movie follows  12 y/o Miguel as he accidentally is transported to the land of the dead. The movie is based on the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos - the day of the dead. Much to his family's chagrin, Miguel explores his passion and love for music and experiences quite a few surprises along the way. In the end, his journey brings him closer to his family. 


OKAY. For one - THE COLOR IN THIS FILM! Holy smokes! It's a no brainer why I was drawn to this movie when watching the trailer. The electric color reminds me of my brand and was visually spectacular. How freaking cool to be one of the artists that helped imagine this landscape!? The landscapes. The life. The LIGHT! All amazing! 


The soundtrack is incredible. Any Disney soundtrack that features Miguel is RIGHT. UP. MY. ALLEY! Can I get an amen? I can turn this soundtrack on and within seconds I feel like I'm walking around Epcot at night with a warm summer breeze. It just makes me feel happy. Plain and simple. Plus it makes me want to give my family one big fat hug. If you are new here and haven't gathered this yet, I'm a family gal through and through.


What I loved most of all about this movie is the comfort and peace it made me feel around the idea of losing my loved ones. I've never viewed death in such a colorful and uplifting light. This idea that our loved ones are always with us, that it's important for us to remember them and our time together for their memories to last, filled my heart so much. It also made me happy to see an afterlife where our loved ones still experienced a heck of a lot of joy! 

This movie made me feel good. It felt like therapy. I laughed. I cried. I was a snotty freaking mess by the end and I'll always, always come back to it! 

If you haven't seen it - do me a favor. Pour yourself a glass of wine, pop some popcorn, grab some tissues and plug back in by watching this gorgeous film.